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I'm always amazed at the abilities of elephants. This video (and the joy on the trainers face) is a delight.
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Wow... the elephant can work a tiny phone with a big trunk... and my well trained fingers mis-typed my password at least 6 times today. Gotta get myself together... maybe watch this video few more times and take some tips from Peter...
Haha he really seemed to be enjoying it! at the beginning I thought it would be fake. But looks pretty convincing haha.
Really cool to watch!
... that's it. I'm getting a pet elephant.
Elephants, by far have the most sophisticated and most intelligent minds in the animal kingdom
Pretty heavy promotion of the Samsung product, and clearly an attempt at viral marketing. But I must admit, the video is a joy to watch!
Very interesting. : )
The message is mixed. I don't know if elephants are really smart or if I need to be an elephant to use this phone. dunno, just dunno!
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Finally! A phone big enough for elephants!
OMG I LOOOOOVE this I wish I could + infinity!!! This is so cool!
made me smile :D thnx for that
So cute, so clever <3
I got the phone and I love it. Now I need an elephant.
Sooooooo cute!
I am not sure but i think elephants are considered more intelligent that chimps. I remember reading somewhere but it could be wrong.
Honest! unbelievable....Did you tot her/him?
nice......... I like it........
dorio x
wow, wow, wow
I do not understand why there are people saying this is a Samsung Ad, all smartphones look the same to me, one big screen, press press press.
that was surely cool thank you
I built crates to haul elephants! Google maggie the elephant....only elephant in alaska! Bob Barker paid the Air Force $250,000 to move her from alaska in my crate built to go inside an Air force cargo plane.....I have pictures in my profile, it is an awesome time being around those animals!!!
Love my Galaxy Note. And the elephant was pretty cool too. :)
Just watched it twice and laughed and pined for an elephant. So cute. Great share, thank you!!
wow! i did not know elephantas are so cute and smart!!!!! cool! thank you!
Wow cute and very smart elephant 😃
Elephants are very smart. They are the animals with the best memory.
~Beautiful!!! This would be a #1 commercial for the Superbowl!!! Precious!!
Ah-maze-ing!!!! These elephants are so smart! 
Who knew that tablet computers would be as big an evolutionary leap as opposable thumbs?

Once the whales and dolphins start networking with chimps, bonobos, elephants, and those super-smart border collies with 1000 word vocabularies, it's going to be all over for man.
Never knew pachyderms have such nimble trunks
and I thought you were talking about the Toronto Maple Leafs at first glace
Hmmm ... Did you see the subliminal message?
Galaxy Note: Smartphone for Dumbo.

Nice Advert!
i don't know what the big deal is, the IT guy at my office is an elephant. elephants are known for their aptitude with technology. wow, peter can play a fake xylophone. why don't you get a job and contribute something to society you deadbeat pachyderm.
Looks like a viral ad for the Samsung Galaxy to me.
I dare you to watch this and not smile!
that would be some great marketing for samsung :)
I hope the phone comes with the pen and the elephant. That's brilliant.
"In the news today, an enraged elephant had to be tranquilised when it discovered its new smart phone was only offered with 12-month data plan contracts..."
Smart ass hahahhahhaa lollz..
Elephants are actually one of the smartest animals in the world, rating up there with dolphins as they both are the only two animals, other than humans, that we know of that can identify themselves in mirrors and go through similar psychological developmental stages throughout their lives. They can interpret and remember behaviors of humans, though this video really did blow me away
John S
Hmm, someone need to tap the ass on that smiley girl.
these large brains are creative...................
Wow animals know more and can do way more than we ever give them credit for.
This reminds me to keep an open mind.
Amazing what animals can do. Why do we think we are the smart ones? Sometimes, I wonder.....
wonderful,intelligent and amazing elephant.Cannot forget this
Galaxy Note will be bought by lions tiger elephants and even ants
so fucking awesomeeeee!!!
i just love it!
im gonna get a elephant<3
That is truly amazing... I had heard that elephants are very intelligent... and they do have long memories... but this is brilliant.
Gr8.. phone :) experiencing it
Also dis video is awesome
Wow! now we can see the benefits of eating peanuts.
That's why elephants are the best animal.
Ken M
That's amazing 
My word! I love elephants! All my devices have them on the wallpapers. Good HD video. Now to find that perfect frame to become my new wallpaper on my SGN :D
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is quite clever............ :D
An elephant reached in to my car and stole my pretzels once. Prehensile trunk is prehensile!
That advert looked like one of the most wonderful instances of inter-species friendship and communication I've ever seen. Great stuff!
the smartest elephant in the world XD add me people
i have always said elephants are beatuiful intelligent animals, and we should all take great care of them
I want to see an octopus with one now!
This is an amazing video,my daughter loves elephants and my galaxy note! I never ,even in my wildest dream, thought that I could show her elephant using Galaxy note. She probably has watched this ten times since morning. she's happy and I am happy as well :-)
wow this is amizing vidio i like elephant it create recreated on my mind ,wqhen i see at at morning i im happy
A happy Elephant & Trainer & a very nice publicity for Galaxy Note.
Very nice publicity for Samsung galaxy
wow this is amizing vidio i like elephant it create recreated on my mind ,wqhen i see at at morning i im happy
You should visit Sri Lanka and see these beautiful creatures .
I got my note a month back. Loving it.
Coolest thing I've ever seen in my life.
the elephant is using that phone better than most iPhone users do :)
I'm pro iPhone but it's a really cute video.
Smart elephant + a cute trainer = Winning combination.
Hasta un elefante podría usarlo!!! jejeje

I Love My Galaxy Note!!!!! ;)
the elephant are so nice..^^,
hi am Siya from East London[S.A] Its nice to see that most people like animals
very nice for music all leaving and non-leaving things respond
fuck dogs i want to have an elephant.
Wow, people are finding all kinds of ways to play with the note.
The elephant are my favorite animals They are smart
It should say "no animals were hurt making this commercial" but that's not really true : Apple sheeple's feelings were hurt, cause no way an elephant can play with their teeny-tiny phones...
I've always have loved elephants.there all over my apartment.
i need your nake show me and i show a good time fuck
Very cute! And great marketing!
Чем больше общения с людьми, тем больше знаний...не только у слона.
So intelligent are Elephants,it's incredible!
swarnam mohan dass - super ! wunderbar!!!
Seems like a pretty small target market for that phone. How many elephants really need phones? For the rest of us, the Galaxy Note is too big to carry as a phone.
Super cool! For some reason the wave at the end with the trunk really stood out to me. Seemed so very deliberate and natural. And the dexterity of the trunks is fascinating. 
He couldnt do that if it was a MICROSOFT ME device control+Alt+delete is too much even for Peter to do! Pretty fun video though- Thanks!
god inpired it. but animal can develop it with in short tgift. in the world alpeople had been given 6th sence. no body developed it.
Meeting and getting to know an elephant is on my bucket list!!
Smart Elephant...Good job.
I know that elephant is quite intelligent, at least more intelligent than people gave them credit; though I'm quite surprise at their creativity.
You miss it, he also whispered now give me a big hug!
Elephants have long been known to be one of the most intellegent creatures living,, they have very complex social interactions with each other and very strong emotions and attachments to other elephants,, just watch films of when one is sick or dieing,, the other elephants linger around and try and nurse it back to health,, and when one dies they go thru a grieving process much like humans
Wow, elephant can also hold a pen and enjoy it so much, this is real fun, it makes my day!!!!!!!
Its amazing and unbelievable.
BT Tee
It is not elephant's natural self to dance, draw or play with a phone.
They are 'trained' from young to succumb to human authority for our own entertainment. Google for these 'training' videos.

Here's a video on how baby elephants are forcefully taken away from the mother, then caged for days with no food, water, sleep..subject to 'poking' so he succumbs to human authority.

And elephants dont draw. The trainer uses a stick to hit its trunk till the elephants draws in the right direction. Then, they show it to us like its the elephant's own talent.

Torture in Thailand
i like the elephant ,not galaxy note, hen ving
wow!!!!!! amazing!! it's credit also goes to it's trainer to train about soft handling.
Wow! i love this.. pretty cool!
woooowwww.... cooooolllll....
may be some trick behind it , who knows?
Amazing creatures. Heard it is an amazing phone. Can I have both?
Loved the "Bigger Is Better" logo as he walked away - so lol!
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