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Our Indiegogo Campaign for Uwingu is making progress. I hate to be that person, but... We're trying to raise money to create a new funding agency for space science, and if we can get over the setup costs (G'Ah - Business insurance! Lawyers! Accountants! Servers!) we can quickly get our selves into a position to start giving out money instead of begging for it.

I've learned, Congress does not want to give NASA a Penny. It needs evidence that NASA can do awesome things with 0.44¢ of every tax dollar. Ok, fine. NASA is working on that, and MSL is one H E Double Hockey Stick of a great start. JWST is next. While NASA proves to Congress that it is so awesome it needs a budget increase, you can help us fill the gaps for scientists who can't wait for Congress to fill the gaps with an increased budget.

Anyways.... enough begging. Please just go to
and consider a $10, $100, or $1000 donation in support of science and the powers of 10.
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Wish that I could donate more. Need employment first, so I have disposable funds :( 
+Tom Nathe  Just forwarding the information can help. Can you share on other social media and to your circles?
Shared it a day or two ago. I'll re-share again in a few days at a different time in order to try and catch a few more/different people. 
there's also the thought of a Mars mission run on Kickstarter. :)
That was an inspiring video, Pamela. Well done and best of luck. I'll share this wherever I can.
I didn't mean on what will they spend the money; almost any science is money well spent. I meant geographicaly where
Hi Owen, from what I understand this is a "Apply and prove you're good" rather than an "Apply and prove you're American." There are Canadians in Canada working with the project already.
I was thinking more along the lines of Europe; India; Brazil and other non Continental North America. As they too have space science projects worthy of funding and interest
I already donated back around day 1.  I really hope this works out because I think it is very important to find non-governmental funding for science.  With any luck this project will pave the way for other sources of private funding.

So far I think the two biggest things slowing this down was getting the word spread far and wide (I shared it but no one pays any attention to little ol' me) and a lack of details.  The basic idea seems to be "start a company to make a profit and use the money to fund science."  People start companies to make money all the time but their success rate is fairly low.  Having a great idea is important but so is a solid business plan, supply chains, manufacturing plant, distribution channels, yadda, yadda, yadda.  It's difficult to get people to kick in a lot of money to back a mystery.  Hopefully you can get lots of small donations and spread the risk around.

But, like I said, I'm already a funder and want this to work.  But even if this one project doesn't work it's an important first step down a path that we really need to get on.  I hope I can help even if it's just donating some money.  Good luck!
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