Our Indiegogo Campaign for Uwingu is making progress. I hate to be that person, but... We're trying to raise money to create a new funding agency for space science, and if we can get over the setup costs (G'Ah - Business insurance! Lawyers! Accountants! Servers!) we can quickly get our selves into a position to start giving out money instead of begging for it.

I've learned, Congress does not want to give NASA a Penny. It needs evidence that NASA can do awesome things with 0.44¢ of every tax dollar. Ok, fine. NASA is working on that, and MSL is one H E Double Hockey Stick of a great start. JWST is next. While NASA proves to Congress that it is so awesome it needs a budget increase, you can help us fill the gaps for scientists who can't wait for Congress to fill the gaps with an increased budget.

Anyways.... enough begging. Please just go to http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/180221?a=707906
and consider a $10, $100, or $1000 donation in support of science and the powers of 10.
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