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Join me on Kiva - here is $25 to get started!
Join me on Kiva - here is $25 to get started!
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Female #Startup #Founders in SF 6/4: Free Speed Advice Clinic

Hi there, #femalefounders of #SanFrancisco  area #startups -- and their friends.

Got a micro question holding up your progress? Here’s an answer to get you on your way.

My fellow startup veteran +Shefaly Yogendra  and are offering a free speed advice clinic for startup up founders when Shefaly’s in town from London next month.


What: Speed Advice Clinic for Female Founders
How: In 20 minute slots, the two of us will listen deeply to your problem and offer possible implementable steps
When: Thursday June 4, from 11am to 3pm
Where: A central spot in #SOMA -SF

As you probably know, I just spent a year leading early growth, product strategy, community building and operations at a visual story app in SF. I also bring extensive global media and content experience including NYC tech journalism and Hollywood entertainment.

Shefaly recently exited her fine jewelry venture, and has 2 decades of international business building and CXO advisory experience. She's been named a top writer at Quora for the past three years.


~ product strategy
~ content and community building
~ branding
~ market outreach
~ governance
~ global growth


In the comments below or by private message, let me know you want to come. We’ll get you a spot, and tell you exactly where we’ll be. We’ll also take walk ins, so even if you're not sure you can make it, reach out now to get the address.


Time permitting during the clinic, we’ll also reply on the #founderclinic tag to your tweets directed in advance to @anastasiaashman or @shefaly on Twitter. Try that right now!

Let’s do this. Share this with someone you think will like it.

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Sensorimotor Regions of the Brain Become Overconnected in Children with Autism

Full article at

Researchers find that in children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder, the connections between the cerebral cortex and the cerebellum appear to be overdeveloped in sensorimotor regions of the brain.

The research is in Biological Psychiatry. (full access paywall)

Research: "Cerebro-cerebellar resting state functional connectivity in children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder" by Amanda J. Khan, Aarti Nair, Christopher L. Keown, Michael C. Datko, Alan J. Lincoln, and Ralph-Axel Müller in Biological Psychiatry doi:10.1016/j.biopsych.2015.03.024

Image: These fMRI scans show regions of over- and underconnectivity between the cerebellum and cerebral cortex in young people with autism spectrum disorder. Image credited to the researchers.

#autism   #neuroscience  

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"Imagine a world where every female can actually realise her right to live free from violence, to go to school, to participate in decisions and to earn equal pay for equal work. " -Annie Lenox

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