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Pamela D Lloyd
Works at Pima Community College
Lives in Tucson, AZ
Eclectisist: Interested in almost everything.
For the past two decades, I've been a resident of Tucson, Arizona, where I live with my husband, three step-sons, several dogs, and far too many cats. My two adult sons also live in Tucson.

Tutor and Instructor

A CRLA Level II certified tutor, I tutor English and math at Pima Community College, where I assist students with reading, writing, ESL, and pre-algebra. I also serve as a resource person for students struggling with a wide variety of computer-related issues; for example, how to create a blog, format an essay or report in Microsoft Word, or prepare a presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint. Prior to becoming at tutorI worked as an instructor of study skills and career development at the college level and as a technical writer and editor.

I love teaching and tutoring. I think these are the best jobs in the world, as they allow me to help students understand the strengths they have, so that they can not only be the best students possible, but also continue to grow and develop their skills and competencies throughout their lives.

Writer and Editor

I am a freelance writer and editor. A generalist, I've done editing and proofreading, technical writing and editing, marketing copy writing, and fiction writing. My career as a technical writer and editor includes over a decade working primarily within the computer software field.

My writing career also includes fiction writing, which I've been working on for much longer than my nonfiction and technical writing. I'm not prolific and I don't submit as often as I should, but I've had a few short stories published. Most of my fiction is either science fiction or fantasy, although I occasionally stray into other genres. To learn more about me as a writer, visit my website, A Writer's Space: Pamela's Place.


We are all part of one big family, so I look at everyone I meet as a member of my extended family. I have a genealogy blog, called Searching for Roots and Branches, where I enjoy posting bits of my families history, tips, poems, stories and essays; I often take inspiration from other genealogy blogs. 

I am a member of the Kiva Genealogists for Families team. Please join our team and create a new family tradition. We believe that our small deeds make a big difference to families who are less fortunate.

Politically Opinionated

I am a liberal who is unhappy with the vast majority of our politicians and concerned for our future. I firmly believe that if we don't protect the environment from our own actions, that it will someday no longer be habitable for humans; the many, many species that go extinct each year are our canaries, their demise is a signal that our existence is threatened. I have a hard time deciding whether I'm more worried about our governmental Big Brother, or our myriad corporate Big Brothers, but since they act hand in glove, maybe that doesn't matter.

A pacifist who sees war as a crime, I am a member of the Google Peace Circle. To show your solidarity for peace on Google Plus, join the peace circle by going to and add your name with a plus one.


See my post To My Followers to learn more about me and how I handle following and interests.
Bragging rights
First published story: "In a Tower High" in Realms of Fantasy Magazine, April 2004.
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Tucson, AZ
El Paso, TX - San Antonio, TX - Charlottesville, VA - Brooklyn, NY - Lake City, FL - London, England - Cambridge, England - Edinburgh, Scotland
English writing, reading, ESL, and math Tutor
  • Pima Community College
    Tutor, 2010 - present
  • IBM
    Senior Information Developer, contract with CTG, 2010 - 2010
  • Pima Community College
    Volunteer Tutor, 2009 - 2010
  • Tucson College
    Instructor, 2009 - 2009
  • Misys (aka, Sunquest Information Systems)
    Technical Writer, 2006 - 2007
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SURNAME RESEARCH: Lloyd, Rote, Herrington, Craun
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Pamela D Lloyd

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We just love this card and have had a lot of fun coming up with a story for it. Please visit and feel free to share your own explanation. :)
It is remarkable just how few people today are aware of the actual facts behind the story known as Cinderella. Yes, the real Cinderella did live in a rambling old house with a cruel stepmother and stepsisters. And yes, she di...
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I'll say! Just the ability to choose which portion of the photo will display would be helpful, although I would also love to be able to show the entire image.
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Pamela D Lloyd

commented on a post on Blogger.
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I wonder, given the fact that much of the genealogy being recorded online is not just made available, as with "Public Trees" on, but shared, as with and WikiTree, how long tree data will be seen as copyrightable. After all, if a tree is no longer a work of authorship by a limited number of people, but a collaboration by an amorphous set of people, most of whom work on only a small subset of the whole, the entire issue of copyright, at least when it comes to the whole, seems pretty meaningless.
In the first part of this blog spot, What to Share, and How, I suggested that if collaborative Web sites were designed to accommodate creative works, rather than mere trees, then it would better accommodate family history, an...
Tony Proctor's profile photoPamela D Lloyd's profile photo
My mistake in referring to family trees as copyrightable, +Tony Proctor. My intention was to suggest that the move to open collaboration, made easier and more common by our new technological tools, will make such issues far less likely, as the sense of group ownership, rather than personal, becomes the norm.
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My wonderful husband gave me this vintage postcard with an illustration from Die 7 Raben, The 7 Ravens, which is one of my favorite fairy tales. Love this image!
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We haven't been able to make it out clearly, +Michael Conner, although the first letter might be an E, which seems to be followed by a large numeral 5, although that could be a stylized S, and the name may end in "gold" or "göld." I've done a general search for artists who've illustrated the story, but I haven't found any whose name or work matches this. If I learn more, I'll share the info.
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Pamela D Lloyd

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From the article: "Modelling a range of different scenarios, Motesharri and his colleagues conclude that under conditions 'closely reflecting the reality of the world today... we find that collapse is difficult to avoid.'"
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Pamela D Lloyd

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Doll's woodland fantasy images, or should I say Reutlinger's woodland fantasy images featuring the model Doll, are just so lovely and romantic. They make me long to escape into a magical wood.

This is a new image, just posted to our shop. Her images tend to disappear quickly, so if you're a collector, you should hurry on over.
We love these woodland fantasy cards. It's like a little glimpse into the world of classical myth in which nymphs might emerge from trees and streams to interact with humans.

Just magical!
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Sibling Day & Throwback Thursday Coincide
Here's a picture of me with my brothers. Pamela, Donald, and Craig Lloyd
Here's a picture of me with my brothers. Pamela, Donald, and Craig Lloyd
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Thanks, +James Stansell.  
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Pamela D Lloyd

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Hello. Hola. Bonjour. Yειά σου. Pozdravi. 
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Wow - NASA is researching warp drives, tricorders are being developed, and now Google is working on a universal translator! Gene Roddenberry is doing the happy dance somewhere!
Google is paving the way for the universal voice translator, formerly a thing of science fiction. But will they actually help us communicate?
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Pamela D Lloyd

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While Wilde’s fairy tales are often a bit too bleak for my tastes (as are many of Hans Christian Andersen's), they are beautifully written and an important element of any fairy tale collector's stash.
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We've got an ifttt feed from our Etsy shop to our blog, but I haven't figured out how to automatically post from Blogger (or anywhere else) to Google+. Would really love to be able to do this for our Google+ shop page, which languishes, due to time constraints.
11.00 USD, by redpoulaine via Etsy
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Pamela D Lloyd

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Students don't need grades. In fact, grades can actually prevent real learning because students come to equate success in school with getting good grades, rather than with increasing their understanding of the subjects being taught and the world around them.
We know this. Not only has this been identified as a problem by educators for decades, but anyone who has ever started school as a curious child. excited by the prospect of learning, only to discover that school is boring, that school makes them hate learning, regardless of whether they get good or bad grades, knows this.
It's time to end the carrot and stick approach that is grading and begin giving children and their parents real feedback that promotes learning.
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