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Pamela Abi Najem
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Community Manager at Google+

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Meet the Moderators

Hello everyone!

My name is Pam and I will be your Arabic moderator.  Here’s a bit about me- I am a Californian born and bred. I graduated from the University of California Santa Barbara with a degree in Global & International Studies. I love traveling, trying new food, debating international affairs and meeting new people. I am really looking forward to working with you all! :)

P.S. For those of you that speak Fusha, feel free to check out my intro in Arabic below! 

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Legos, Burgers & Fries! Oh My!

Calling all Lego and burger lovers alike! This burger joint in the Philippines serves up my two favorite things under the same roof. This calls for a field trip to the Philippines-- +Shelly Corbett and +Leanne Osborne are you with me? 

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International Sloth Day

In case macarons weren't hard enough to make, how about some sloth inspired ones? Then again, I can't think of a better way to honor these peculiar yet cute little creatures than to stuff ones face with delicious cookies (sloths enjoy a healthy diet of leaves), crash from the sugar high and then curl up for a cat nap. Fun fact-- sloths sleep on average between 15-18 hours a day.

Happy International Sloth Day ya'll! 

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Bringing the new Google+ to more people

I began working on Google+ last November, nearly 2 weeks before the initial roll out of the new G+. Over the past year, I have been fortunate enough to be part of this wonderful team that has worked tirelessly to improve the design and features of G+. Today, I'm thrilled to share that all users will be upgraded to the new Google+ experience by default!
Bringing the new Google+ to more people

Last November, ( we introduced a preview on web of a fully redesigned Google+ to make it easier for people to discover and connect around unique and interesting things. From a Japanese astronaut sharing his experience in the International Space Station ( to food lovers sharing their passion for breadmaking (, people are using Google+ to explore their interests more than ever.

Since introducing the new version, twice as many Collections are followed per day and there are 1.6 million daily new Community joins. Many of you have also shared feedback and requests, and we’ve been listening (

Today, we’re announcing three new updates for Google+.

First, some new features. You can now have richer conversations by adding links and photos to your comments. We’re also offering Community owners and moderators more control over who posts what with approved posting. Finally, we're launching a new notifications center on the web where you can see and manage your recent activity on Google+. These features will be available across the web, Android and iOS in the coming weeks.

Second, if you haven’t yet previewed the new Google+, over the next few days we’ll upgrade you to the experience when you sign in on the web. You’ll still be able to toggle back to classic Google+ for the time being.

Finally, businesses have told us that they’ve found Google+ to be a valuable way to help employees share ideas and expertise via Collections and Communities, and we’re looking forward to making it available to more organizations. Today, Google Apps users already using Google+ ( will also see the new experience ( when they sign in and in the next few weeks, Google+ will become a core Google for Work service.

From the interesting (, to the surprising (, and the delightful (, we hope Google+ continues to help you discover amazing things from passionate people.
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To Die for Desserts in the Big Apple

Plan on visiting NYC anytime soon? If so, this list is your one stop shop for some of the best desserts the city has to offer. There are 28 sweet spots on this list to check out and I can unashamedly vouch for nearly half!

Happy desserting! :)

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Baalbek International Festival

For the past 60 years, a month long international festival has been held in historic Baalbek, Lebanon. At its inception, the goal of this festival was to encompass the most positive elements of globalization by bringing together a lineup of international talent set to the backdrop of the ruins of Baalbek.

Past performers have included Earth, Wind & Fire Experience, the Ballet of St. Petersburg, Deep Purple and Lebanon’s own, Assi el Helani. This year will feature artists like Mika, Lisa Simone and Lebanon’s renowned traditional dance troupe, Caracalla.

If you want to get a taste of some of the delicious dishes being served up at and around the festival check out +Azlin Bloor's Middle Eastern food Collection:

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Let Them Eat Donuts!

When it comes to donuts, I don't discriminate. What better way to honor the humble donut than with this +Thrillist list of the 33 top donut shops in the U.S.! I believe you can never go wrong whether its a humble bag full of donut holes to one of the more intricate creations of Voodoo (not featured on this list). If you are in the U.S., I hope at least one of these shops is nearby or in a city you plan on visiting soon! I will shamelessly say that I have paid a visit to 5 of the 33 donut shops on this list (and would highly recommend them all!).

Happy National Donut Day!

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Will You Spend the Rest of Your Life Eating Cronuts with Me?

No Collection about delectably delicious junk food would be complete without mentioning the cronut. Dominique Ansel's croissant/donut hybrid took the junk foodie world by storm a few years ago. To this day, the lines outside the small Midtown bakery continue to wrap around the street. In fact, for some New Yorkers, nothing seems to say I love you more than a cronut. A few weeks ago, one man popped the question at Ansel's bakery. Oddly enough, the bakery has become a hot spot for proposals. In 2013, during the great cronut shortage, one man even delayed his proposal.

If you have yet to try a cronut, I highly encourage you to do so. If you don't live in NYC and have access to the real thing bring the cronut home with Ansel's (not so simple) recipe:

p.s. I hope you're ready to break out the butter! ;)

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Sushi or Burger? How about a 2 in 1?

Have you ever craved both burgers and sushi at the same time? Well now, you don't have to choose between the two because sushi burritos are officially a thing. Sorry sushirritos, despite being delicious, you are so last year.
Although, the mechanics of it all does have me a bit curious...if anyone has tried this new delicacy, care to enlighten me as to how messy these things are?

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If you live in or are visiting the Windy City, it may be worth stopping by Alienea. The food is apparently incredible but the 3 star Michelin restaurant also serves up dessert in balloon form. 
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