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Managing an active and successful Facebook page with a thriving community can be a daunting experience. Here are some hidden Facebook features that will help you gain new followers, create engagement, and improve your bottom line.

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Struggling to master Facebook marketing? Here are some powerful Facebook page tools that can help!

Pam Dyer

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If you want your social media images to have an impact, they need to be the correct size for each of your platforms so they maintain their clarity and proportions — otherwise you risk appearing unprofessional.
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Pam Dyer

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Check out these classic infographics about social media marketing ...
These infographics communicate essential information to help marketers make sense of social media and how people use it to share information and ideas.
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Pam Dyer

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Your headline is the first — and maybe last — impression you make on your audience.

Pam Dyer

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Check out this great text editing tool for Google+ ...
Announcing The Plus Editor 2.0!

+The Plus Editor is a simple, yet powerful text editor for Google Plus, allowing you to add formatting such as Bold, Italic, Strikethrough & Symbols to your text, and then convert it for sharing on Google Plus.

What's New with 2.0? (22/5/14):

Tons of new symbols!

►◄▲ « » < >★♥♣☺☼♫ ♪¶× √® © ™€ £ $½ ¼ ¾¿ ¡ ¢

Clear Formatting Option:

Paste text from Word, Google docs or the just from the web, and hit the Clear Formatting option. Then start formatting the post for Google Plus.

Bugfixes and performance enhancements.


All Symbols by Category:

Arrows: ►◄▲ « » < >

Fun: ★♥♣☺☼

Music: ♫ ♪ ¶

Checkmarks: × √

Corporate: ® © ™

Currency: € £ $ ¢

Measures: ½ ¼ ¾

Other: ¿ ¡

Like this? Go ahead and visit

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Post edited and formatted using +The Plus Editor for Google+.

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+Google Plus For You // +The Plus Editor 

Created By +Daniel Futerman 
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Thank you, +Pam Dyer!

Pam Dyer

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These social media analytics tools can help you make sense of how well your social media marketing efforts are paying off and identify areas that need improvement.
Want to know what's working on social media? These 9 free analytics tools can help!

Pam Dyer

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Events are a great way to attract new customers, so make the most of them with social media.
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First impressions are quick, powerful, and enduring — it’s very important to do everything you can to make a good one. But sometimes things go wrong, even though you’ve tried your best. Changing a first impression is doable, but it’s best to avoid making social media marketing mistakes in the first place.

Avoid these 8 social media marketing mistakes and make a good first impression on your customers and prospects.

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By now it’s clear that whether you're promoting a business, a product, or yourself, social media is essential in determining your success or failure. It’s more important than ever to master the essentials of how to attract and retain an audience for your brand. These 15 books will help keep current on best practices.
This collection of 15 social media marketing books will help you attract and grow your audience, and get the results you're looking for.
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Pam Dyer

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From idea generation to improving the quality of your prose, these 9 tools will help you become a writing ninja. 
Need help with content marketing ideas? These 9 tools will help you up your game and engage your audience.

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Wow, huge change in virility of photo posts on Facebook!
In a major shift, Facebook photo posts are now the worst performing of all posts by Facebook brand pages.

It wasn't too long ago (last April, according to, and as recent as September according to +Stone Temple Consulting), Facebook photo posts were the King of Facebook engagement.

Yet the new Socialbakers study shows that between October 2014 and February 2015 video posts were the main engagement drivers on Facebook.

For a detailed breakdown of stats, see my LinkedIn post

Mentioned in the post are posts by +Business Insider +Marketing Land and +Stone Temple Consulting .

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More marketing news:
In a major shift, Facebook photo posts are now the worst performing of all posts by Facebook brand pages.That's according to data provided to by the social-media analytics company .It was less than a year ago (last April) that photo posts were still driving major engagement on Facebook — 87% of interactions on the top 10% of the brand posts. That's when Socialbakers declared "Photos Are Still King on Facebook".Here's a screenshot from that post t...
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Indeed it is, +Pam Dyer; thanks for sharing!

Pam Dyer

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Events are, by nature, social affairs -- so make the most of them with social media!
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Pam Dyer: Strategic Marketing Leader - Brand Evangelist - Forbes Top-25 Influencer

Pam Dyer is an integrated marketing executive dedicated to helping companies grow via innovative branding and audience engagement programs. She delivers results by leading teams to create forward-looking strategies and translate them into measurable tactics, iterating as needed to achieve corporate goals. She is a big-picture thinker and relationship-builder who thrives in environments where collaboration is embraced. Pam has a passion for achieving business results through supporting people, growing teams, and sharing success.

Pam authors an award-winning blog, Pamorama which helps businesses optimize their brands, create customer engagement, and drive sales by using social media channels and content marketing programs. She has educated thousands of people about how to create, manage, and measure outreach initiatives on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, and other social networks. Pam has a global footprint and routinely receive questions and comments from her audience, the majority of whom are in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, the Philippines, India, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates.

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