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Of Concern to Photographers...

This was written by Getty Images, but it's of concern to all photographers, especially professional photographers. If you live in Europe, you might already know the antitrust investigation there lasted well over two years -- and it ended in Google making concessions. I'm not sure they actually admitted wrongdoing, but concessions usually are an indication of wrongdoing whether an admission is outright or not.

"World Dominance" is never a good thing, in my opinion ... whether it's Google, Amazon, or "forced democracy" ... just sayin'. (I don't want a political debate, just making an observation.)

The following is a call for action, but it's the background info I wanted to share, not necessarily a request on my part for you to take action.
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+Blake Zimmerman and +Alan Hearnshaw
Yes, Getty has a shady past. That's why I made that stipulation. However, this applies to all photographers.

Blake, that isn't what the document says at all. What it says is that Google's search is returning images that are "Google products" and eliminating others. To test this, I just did a search for one of my own images that is on Google Maps, using a private browser window and forced parameters (keywords). If I'm using a browser window and signed into Google, the image shows up in an image search. If I'm using a private window, the image does not show up in an image search even with forced parameters.

By "Google products," my interpretation, verified by the EU antitrust investigation, is products listed in Google Shopping. Not sure if you're aware, but it isn't possible to list any copyrighted work in Google Shopping without having each individual work approved by Google Merchant Services. There isn't even a category for photographs. Not that I would ever entertain the idea of paying for AdWords, because most people have ad blockers on their browsers nowadays, but I was curious.

I would encourage you to search for your own photos, but unless you are not signed into Google and have your cache cleared (ie, private browsing window), it is not a valid search.
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Pam Boling

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One World Observatory

...through the window of the Staten Island Ferry
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Thanks +Nick James! Sorry I've been absent for a while.
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Pam Boling

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Dancin' at The Park

Gina Pero and Angel Morales at The Park Vegas, under Bliss Dance, Thursday evenings from 7:00 p.m. to 10:45pm

Photography by Pam Boling Photography
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+Pam Boling nice pics, makes me wanna dance
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Pam Boling

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Center of Attention
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Thank you +Shelly Gunderson!
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Pam Boling

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'56 Caddy... oh, and Elvis. As seen at the "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign a few years back.
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I read it, a woman won more than 10 M. at the Wynn.
I will give my best :-)
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Pam Boling

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Ghost Bike

#NYC #GhostBike

Spotted this Ghost Bike across from the Guggenheim Museum.
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+LUIS Sanchez It's NYC, across the street from the Guggenheim Museum.
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Pam Boling

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+Nick James Thanks! :-)
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Pam Boling

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Never Forget
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Pam Boling

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Classic Pepsi

Jake's Place, Bear Lake, Utah
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Thank you +TicketsFox. :)
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Pam Boling

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I've got chills... they're multiplying...

Yep, this is what came to mind.
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لا تخافي من القشعريره انها شحنات كهربائيه مفيده للجسم.
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Pam Boling

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The Park
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
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Thank you +Priscilla Ballinger !
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Pam Boling

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Queen Kong...?

Admittedly, I have a very twisted way of seeing things. I saw Bliss Dance for the first time at The Park in Las Vegas on Thursday while out with +Alex Lapidus and +Linda Villers. Great fun, thank you again, Alex and Linda. It was good to see you again!
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Thank you +Conanfanta
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