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fooooolish man. but you'd never expect that to happen though >.<
Lorena Bobbit has some competition
I think it's pretty stupid of her. Very unprofessional. And now can lose her licensing over this issue. She should have exacted her revenge in another way, so that her career wouldn't be on the line....
+Laura Waller agreed but she must have been suffering from temporary insanity! I would never lose my mind like that I guess its true what they think hell has no fury like a woman scorned
Yes, but sometimes you can retain your license while in jail, depending on the charges and the state they're issued in. She's just screwed herself royally...
I say she was just looking out for him, now he don't have to worry about any future cavaties. Right??
Since this happened in the UK, I have no idea what the laws and rules are.
She'll end up as the first SAS combat dentist - specializing in painful extractions...
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