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I don't always wince but when I do it's because.......
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Thank you. I'm a graphic designer at a newspaper who is also a spelling/grammar savant, and every day I'm fighting facial twitches. Just today I was instructed by a client to change a misspelled ad back to the wrong version. The customer is always right, but dear god, this is why I drink....
+thomas powell , one of these days I'm going to take a Sharpie into Safeway, and only stop when I'm dragged away shrieking. :-)
To be fair, "effect" is also a verb, but means "to cause" or "to bring about". "Affect" is also an adjective. :-)
+Pam Adger , you never tell the client they're wrong. The first ad proof, I had corrected her spelling. She looked at it, and decided she liked her version of English better. She's paying for the ad, therefore... the client is always right. (Cardinal rule of graphic design: do not piss off the person writing the cheques.)
Affect is also a noun used to describe facial expression. However the most common usage is as described in the card above. If I were to make the rule to only use affect as a verb and effect as a noun, I could get by.
I used to make 30 and 60 second commercials (wrote, shot, and edited) and the person writing the check is always right. Even when they trash your concept because they want a classic BMS spot. BMS=Buy My Shit. That's where you show all the shit they have for sale and basically tell people to come buy it. I drank so much when I used to do that.
Yes! Especially #5 - that one drives me nuts.
+Cara Schulz "buy my shit", thanks! This will now be the new motto of my graphic design department at work. :-)
Hmmm +PJ Perdue that could be why I don't work with customers anymore. I couldn't do that. I would have told the client they would end up being the butt of a joke on Facebook if they insisted on spelling the word incorrectly.
You know your client is going to request a BMS spot (or ad) when they look at your storyboard or mock up and they say, "Hmmmm....I don't get it." No. You don't freaking get it.
+Pam Adger , but that's the fun of the job. Making fun of them on Reddit or Facebook. (I must like this gig; I've been designing ads for newspapers my whole life!)
I normally don't get too upset with stuff like this. One thing I can't stand is when someone pronounces idea as idear.
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