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Pam Adger
Scientist, Data Governance, Posts Humor, Science and miscellaneous crap.
Scientist, Data Governance, Posts Humor, Science and miscellaneous crap.

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I volunteered to make a few dishes for my parents to freeze and just thaw and heat.
I'm thinking lasagna, orange chicken and beef stroganoff.
I'm not sure how the egg noodles will hold up but there are options for microwave rice.
My mom is going to be laid up for a while. I'm trying to make it easier for them during that time. 

Seen at the gym...
Young guy (younger than 30) to older woman (older than 40)... Do you come here every day?
Older woman... are you taking a survey?
Young guy...No, just making conversation.
Older woman... I see. Well, I'm here to work out. Please excuse me.
She walked off. He muttered bitch under his breath and I said... Really dude? She's a bitch because she's here at a gym to work out rather than talk to you? Have you considered that weekdays at 6:30 am might be the wrong time to hit on women at the gym? He sulked off. 

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+Rodney Adger​ This Old House says 6 hours. I'm thinking 48... What do you think? Wanna permanent pond?

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Our road trip being planned for May doesn't include Washington this time but if it did...I'd so go eat here and happily pay full price.

Via +Leighton Photography & Imaging
Do your best to be an educated consumer because we do our best to be an educated producer.

I have bags and circles under my eyes... The glasses hide some of it. I tried using techniques in a you tube video and not much improvement. But I didn't have all the stuff so I'm off to the store to get the missing parts. I'm not expecting miracles... Just a bit of improvement. I'm not sure I can haul all this stuff to and from the gym/work every day. Usually I go without makeup, or creams/lotions. It's been a routine I need to get into. My face probably needs moisturizer at least. 

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Same plant... Completely different coloration. 

I'm not a fan of pasta... any pasta. Yes I've had homemade pasta, every shape and size. I'm not a fan. I'll eat pasta every once in a while but it's not a something I would order at a restaurant or make for guests. I rarely make it at home anymore.
Is there something you don't like that the majority of people do like?

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Google did a thing with one of my pictures. This is a lavender plant in our backyard.

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Via +Mark P​
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