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Pam Adger

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Vacuum sealed for maximum freshness.
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Pam Adger

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I made this during the show on Friday.
Jasper, waxed cotton and a vintage button. 7 1/2 or 8 1/2 inches long 
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Very nice. :)
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Pam Adger

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We are live!
Our Android Week 4/22/2014  


•  LG claims its Android Wear smartwatch has an “always-on” display
•  Samsung's Android Wear watch and Google-less phone coming this year
•  Amazon’s first smartphone leaked, has 3D display powered by multiple cameras


•  Hangouts 2.1 for Android: SMS improvements and a homescreen widget
•  Google Releases Android Camera App With Selective Focus
•  Chrome Remote Desktop for Android brings the big screen to the small screen


•  For The First Time, Android Passes Apple's iOS Mobile Ad Traffic - Report
•  How Android 5 Can Lock Manufacturers Tightly Into Google's Ecosystem

Coming up Friday on Google Plus Week

  •  (Update) Plus Post Ads open for all pages and profiles with 1000+ followers   •  What is “guest blogging” and why is Google punishing it?   •  Someone claims Google Maps has discovered the Loch Ness Monster

Plus Our Recommended Apps of the Week!
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Dan McDermott. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Our Android Week 4/22/2014
Yesterday, April 22, 9:10 PM
Hangouts On Air

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Pam Adger

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Leftover roasted vegetables
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is that chinese cook way? need to improve.
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Pam Adger

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I had the "get off my lawn" mentality since I was in my 20s.
I wonder what it's going to be like when I am in my 70s.
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I secretly fantasize about being that old crony who shakes her fist and yells, "Get off my lawn!". Every now and then, I'll offer up freshly baked cookies instead, just to keep people on their toes...
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Pam Adger

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TMI Tuesday
I had a boyfriend who lived in south San Diego County, pretty close to the border. I went to visit him and his roommate was being an ass. So we went outside walking through a tomato field. We started to kiss and one thing led to another. The border patrol agent who found us was very nice. He seemed more concerned for our safety than our state of undress. 
Your turn. 
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+Ilyanna Kreske, lol @ "giving hand jobs on the DC metro" :-D
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Pam Adger

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+Michael Baker Made this beautiful necklace.
I can't wait to wear it in the wild.
 I purchased it. Yes I know the beauty face function didn't do my neck. St
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Very gorgeous lol +Pam Adger
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Pam Adger

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+Kathryn Huxtable my work shoes.
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If "flip flops" refer to what I call thongs ... a cord between the first and second toe..and plastic type flat squashy under your foot type thing...they are FANTASTIC...OK, they force you to use the so called intrinsic muscles of your foot, and they maintain the arches...I totally approve.
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Pam Adger

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My coworker bakes. She made mini corn muffins for our earth day chili cook off.
Sadly, I can't eat any of it. I do get to smell the chili while setting up. 
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those look utterly lovely.
butter and some honey and GONE.
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Pam Adger

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I want to see him when he's 70.
Via +Duan Dao
Awesome ! 

#geekandbuzz   #piercing  
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Whatcha eatin? 
Oh I see, carry on.
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Scientist, Project Manager, Posts Humor, Science and miscellaneous crap.
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