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Pali Madra

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Hey thank you for the great video. Rookies like me now can claim to make some awesome gif animations.

I wanted to know which version of Adobe After Effects can be used? I do not have a 64 bit system :-( therefore cannot use the versions after CS4. So is there a possibility to make gif's using CS4?

Thanks in advance. 
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Thank you for getting back. 

I'm going to dive in and try it with CS4. Will let you know how it goes. 
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Pali Madra

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Introduction to SVG for web designers and developers. This is a series which is easy to understand and get you up and running in using SVG in web design which is gaining popularity and will become mainstream soon. 
This tutorial series goes through the majority of SVG's (Scalable Vector Graphics) features.
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Pali Madra

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One of the issue with old YouTube accounts and channels is that you cannot customize the URL for the youtube channel that was created with the username. For example mine is 'palimadra' being my username. I cannot customize the URL. For more details check the YouTube documentation at

However, if I were to create another channel using my Google account I would be allowed to customize the URL for that channel. 

This might be the reason for the problem users like +BeautyParadox & +Katie McKay  are facing when they are trying to customize the URL of their YouTube channel. 

Hope this helps and if not please let me know and I will try and help out with it. 

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thanks for ur advice
i dont want to make a new channel
i want to change my channel' URL
if u have another way plz let me know
thanks alot
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Pali Madra

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Alibaba seems to be hiding behind a smoke screen. The numbers are too good to be true. 

Having tried the website a few times my experience has been similar to that of +Laurence Moore . Also the website does not seem to be well organized. Given that ebay and other sites are not mentioned as web design inspirations but sstillthe websites seem to work.

A profit margin of 40% also seems like a fairy tale. I'm sure all of us have heard that though China is cheap but the profit margins are not that high because of competition. This coupled with the fact that 85% of the revenue is from China about whose economy very little is know in the rest of the world.

For the moment I would give full credit to Alibaba for the largest IPO in US history - 227 billion is lots of money.I do look forward to see how the Alibaba story pans out.

Would like to know what others think.
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Pali Madra

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Great tutorial. Thank you for the information.

I'm an amatuer at best at electronics therefore such tutorials are very helpful. I had been looking for someone to solder a usb port on a board and while trying to find the right guy for the job I came across this video and was helpful. 

The products on the site are very good and I was pleasantly surprised by the range offered.

Keep up the good work.
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Hello Pali Today We Have Completed The Low End Soldering And Desoldering Section Sorting On Lynx Website .Thanks For The Encouragement
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Pali Madra

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Respect to Arif Lohar for experimenting with other genre. Very few artists are as good as Arif but even lesser number go ahead and experiment. Arif is possessed (in a good way).

Lyrics for those who are interested.

The first line is the actual links and then the English translation follows. 

Hujray shah muqeem dey eik jatti arz karay 
A woman from the Jatt caste appeals at a shrine

Mein bakra daindiyaan pir da meray sirr da kaunth maray 
I will sacrifice a goat if You rid me of my bad luck

O hatti sarray karrar di 
That Hindu’s shop burns down which lights up the whole street

(Balle Balle, Shawa Shawa) - (Repeat 4 times)

(Repeat the first paragraph)

O hath utha fakir ney o mangi ai dua 
The fakir raised his arms and prayed for the woman

Jaa bibi ghar aapnay, aaj karsi fazal khuda 
He then turned to the woman and asked her to go home

O sargi larka jamiya
O sargi larka jamiya, tey keeta fazal khuda 
Her prayers were answered the same day and she was blessed with a boy

Uss apnay zehan kiyas toon, ditta Mirza naam rahaan 
The Jatt woman christened her newborn Mirza

O jiss din Mirza jamiya, uss din aie jumaay di raat 
It was a Thursday night when Mirza was born

Unnon gutti mil gaye ishq di 
And Mirza was only weaned with love

(Balle Balle, Shawa Shawa) 4 times

O Kech-nagar da Punno shahzada vich Bambhoreen aya 
When Punno, the prince from Kech-nagar, came to Bhambhore

Laggi suchaat ishqay wali sir tey bhuchka chaya 
He was blinded by his love

Nazak badan malook safee da ki mein karaan kahani 
What can I narrate.. suffice it to say, his beloved was so fragile and delicate

Sassi tassi vich Thallan dey margai bajoon paani 
But Sassi died in the deserts of Thal just waiting to have her thirst quenched

(Balle Balle, Shawa Shawa)  - (Repeat 4 times)

O Farhaday vi ishq kamaya, zaati da lohar 
Even Farhad, a blacksmith by caste, earned love

Khaatir Shirin vaikhan karn, suttay patt pahar 
And moved mountains to meet his Shirin

O Ranjha takht hazaray wala, zaati da au jut - (Repeat)
Even Ranjha, a Jutt from Takht-Hazaray

Jaan siyaali chaak sadhaya hoya chor chapat 
Became a servant in Siyal for his love

(Balle Balle, Shawa Shawa)  - (Repeat 4 times)

O koorh makaan fana da, ithay baith kissay nahin rehna - (Repeat)
This world is an illusion, nothing here is forever

Inna teriyan mahallan oday haur kisa aa baina 
The palaces you build will be the abodes of someone else tomorrow

Melay hon jugg tey joondiyaan 
This world is colored only by the people who reside here

(Some head banging!!!!!)


Aaaaah! (This time around make sure you release all your energy in your scream).


Thanks and Reference
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Pali Madra

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Had taken on the task of helping my daughter (who is in grade 7) with maths and was immediately worried whether I had done the right thing (having not fared well in Maths in school).

Once I came across this site #mathsisfun website not only was I confident about helping my daughter but was having fun (and I'm 46 years old! - I'm not supposed to get excited learning maths at this age).

Would like to learn more about Rod Pierce DipCE BEng. If anyone has more info about Rod Pierce DipCE BEng please share it.
About Math Is Fun. The Idea. We offer mathematics in an enjoyable and easy-to-learn manner, because we believe that mathematics is fun. General. The site aims to cover the full Kindergarten to Year 12 curriculum. Quality. Quality is important to us. Mathematics Teachers, Mathematicians and many ...
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Pali Madra

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Dell, Samsung and others are not making the kind of money Apple is making from the resources.

Neither did the BBC mention that workers in the Intel factories are better protected and the suppliers are doing much more socially (locally) inspite of the fact that Intel makes less profits from Apple.

Therefore it is wrong to say that other companies were not mentioned who are also working in that area.  

Yes the problem is bigger than Apple and Apple alone cannot solve it. However, Apple is in a position to influence government decisions by pulling out from countries like China though that would hit their profits.

Further Apple should not claim that one of it's chief responsibility is "Every worker has the right to safe and healthy workplace" because it is not true. 

The program was to create a awareness that enough is not being done by Apple who is one of the most profitable business who uses the resources even though it is the responsibility of Apple to take the lead on things. 
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Pali Madra

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Pali Madra

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Thank you for the tutorial. Hungry for more!!

Is the code for this tutorial available on
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Pali Madra

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How to be successful on the Internet. 
HOW GOOGLE WORKS is an entertaining, page-turning primer containing lessons that Google Executive Chairman and ex-CEO Eric Schmidt and former SVP of Products Jonathan Rosenberg learned as they helped build the company.   The authors explain how technology has shifted the balance of power from companies to consumers, and that the only way to succeed in this ever-changing landscape is to create superior products and attract a new breed of multiface...
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Pali Madra

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The best way to open the drive is to use a plastic pryer. They are pretty cheap about $2 to $3. Just search for plastic pry tool and you should find them. If you are feeling too lazy go to

Use the pry tool between the joint of the top of the case and the rest of the case. 

Start from the end where the casing is not bent. 

You do not need to open the case as once you have separated the top cover you should be able to pull out the drive. If you do manage to separate the top cover no harm done in that case as well.

I advise using the pry tool as precaution, though I was able to open the casing with a blunt blade.

Once you get the drive out most probably the USB port needs to be soldered back and once you do that you are back in the game. 
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The phone number is a wrong one and on the other phones no one responds. Pathetic service. You can imagine the kind of service a travel agent who does not respond to calls will provide. PS: I did not realize that there is a lunch time during which no one is available at Bjaj Travels Chandigarh and that was the reason there was no response. The customer service gentleman was kind enough to call me back but by that time someone had left for the Chandigarh office. I would like Bajaj travels to update their contact information here and also provide the websites they have created for travelers. Based on what happened I have change the feedback from one star to 4 star (since I did hear back from them)
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Recommended web development services provider. I had got a WordPress website designed by the team at Webapps Interactive. They provided prompt service and executed with precision. I would definitely use them in the future and recommend them to others who are looking to develop a website.
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Great place to learn about Microsoft Technologies
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7 reviews
Great place to learn about Fashion Design, Textile Design and Interior Design.
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Great people to work with.
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Name changed to old name Goldies Roost though it is nothing out of the ordinary as it was before. If you have not been their the go for it as it is worth one visit.
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