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Pakistan Solar Services
Solar Solution, On-Grid, Off-Grid For Home & Business Industries
Solar Solution, On-Grid, Off-Grid For Home & Business Industries


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Solar Panels
Poly / Mono Crystalline

High efficiency solar panels from German, USA, Japan and China (European Inspired). Mono Crystalline and Poly Crystalline solar panels.

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Solar Inverters
On-Grid / Off-Grid

HPAKSOLAR deals in on-grid / off-grid solar inverter world's top brands like SMA, ABB, Schneider, INVT, Voltronic Axpert and SolaxPower

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Charge Controller

PAKSOLAR carry a wide selection of charge controllers by top quality brands from USA, Germany and China. These brands are Morningstart, EP Solar and Schneider Electric(Xantrex)

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Solar Battery
2V/12V AGM/Gel Deep Cycle

We offer VRLA AGM / Gel batteries for Stand by, Communication equipment, Emergency lighting systems, Solar powered and Wind powered systems, and other Special applications.

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Wind Turbine
On-Grid / Off-Grid

#PakSolar #Services deals in Wind Turbines which patented Permanent Magnetic Generator in-the-hub technology is zero maintenance, low heat emission.

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Solar Street Lights
Stand Alone / Integrated

We can manufacture a wide range of solar street lights pole from 4 to 15 meter and lights solution 10w to 400w LED power i.e Stand Alone or solar integrated system.

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LVD Lights
Smart Dragon / Saturn / Venus

Super long life, 5 years warranty, maintenance free, High power factor > 0.99, high energy efficient low voltage discharge lights as compare to other FCL bulb.

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#Solar #Tube #Well
Submersible / Centrifugal

A solar-powered pump (submersible) is a running on electricity generated by solar panels or the thermal energy available from collected sunlight as opposed to grid electricity or diesel run water pumps.

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#Mounting #Structure

#PAKSOLAR focus on structural safety, we design project by project to meet the wind, sand and rain loads and other local specific conditions, which make us different from others.
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