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Field Goal at the AT&T Stadium in Dallas, TX!

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That's a lot of Chromebooks!
Here's why Microsoft is worried about Google Chromebooks

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Published my first iPhone app; it's got room for improvement but a good first crack at it I think :) #work

Just checking out the updated Facebook Messenger, very impressive app in every regard.

Let's not forget all the projects it built on.... (from the three thousand line long licenses screen)
achartengine (
ActionBarSherlock (
Android Source Code (
Jakarta Commons Logging (
Apache Commons Codec (
Apache Commons Exec (
Apache HttpComponents Client (
Apache HttpComponents Core (
Apache Commons Lang (
Apache Commons Logging (
Apache JAMES Mime4J (
Apache Lucene (
appirator (
apps-for-android (
atinject (
bitvect (
Boost (
Code Generation Library CGLib (
chrometophone (
Chromium (
custommenu (
dependency-shot (
ejs (
expat by Expat maintainers
FFT by Mark Oleson
Google Breakpad (
google-guice (
JetBrains Grammar-Kit (
guava-libraries (
gyp (
Hamcrest (
ImageViewZoom (
intellij-community (
Jackson Annotations (
Jackson Databind (
JacksonForSmile (
Jackson Datatype Guava (
joda-time (
json-simple (
JSON-java (
JSONPath (
jsr-305 (
libjingle (
libjpeg (
libphonenumber (
libsrtp (
GNU C++ Library
libvpx (
libyuv (
linux-syscall-support (
llvm (
NineOldAndroids (
Objenesis (
pmtk3 (
portaudio, Ring Buffer Utility (
protobuf (
Roboelectric (
Roboguice (
smack (
spreadsort by Boost
STLport (
Twitter4j (
ViewPagerIndicator (
Java Language Binding - DOM Level 2 (
WavIO (
WebRTC (
XML Pull Parser (
yasm (
ZXing (

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Published my first Android app today! #work #sylectus

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New Nexus's!! #google   #nexus4   #nexus7   #work  

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Hot Chocolate @ Dineen Coffee Co. in Toronto

It's a dark day for me and +Google.

First I had all kinds of errors trying to register for I/O (500, Chrome Crash and then finally a MasterCard merchant error in Wallet). +Google Developers 

Now I read that Google Reader is being retired, I rely on this for my day to day news reading. #googlereader   

I feel especially bad for the people over at +TwentyFive Squares as they just finished a beautiful Google Reader client.

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#ifihadglass I would create a +Dribbble screensaver. #cooldesignsallday #canada  

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