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The Truth Behind Sinus Pressure and Allergies

"If you struggle with either of these chronic health conditions, you may feel trapped. Many find themselves caught between either suffering or suffering slightly less while taking daily medications. Medication is the traditional method of treatment, and sometimes it can be tough to go against the norm. In fact, TV ads perpetuate the system by making medications sound like a cure."

#UpperCervicalAnchorage #AnchorageChiropractor #AnchorageSinusPain #AnchorageAllergies

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Help for Sciatic Pain

"If you have ever had sciatic pain, you know it is nothing to laugh at. The sciatic nerve runs from the spine through the buttocks and down the leg on both sides of the body. Sciatica is a disorder that causes pain in the buttocks or legs that becomes worse with squatting, standing, or sitting. What are some other symptoms? "

#UpperCervicalAnchorage #AnchorageChiropractor #AnchorageBackPain #AnchorageSciatica

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Migraines and Anxiety Connected to Neck Injuries

"While most medical research focuses on drug therapies for migraines and anxiety, Upper Cervical chiropractors look to signs of physical restrictions at the base of the skull."

#Migraine #Headache #Anxiety #NeckInjury

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What Is a Silent Migraine? And What Can You Do about It?

"The main symptom of a migraine is head pain, right? Not always! A silent migraine is a type of migraine that has many other migraine symptoms without the head pain. "

#Migraine #Headache #NaturalRelief

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Can arthritis Effect the spine?

"Arthritis of the spine is known by several names, including osteoarthritis, degenerative joint or disc disease and subluxation degeneration. It is actually quite common - but do you know what it is or what causes it?"

#Arthritis #Spine #Osteoarthritis #BackAche

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Caring for Chronic Neck Pain in Anchorage, AK

"Neck pain can be difficult to cope with. Some experience a cracking or popping of the neck that goes along with the pain. Chronic neck pain is pain that is there on a consistent basis, never letting up."

#UpperCervicalAnchorage #AnchorageChiropractor #AnchorageNeckPain #AnchorageNeckAche

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What Is BPPV and What Can Be Done for It?

"BPPV stands for benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. About 70 million of those in the USA suffer from some sort of vestibular issue, with BPPV being the most common one."

#UpperCervicalAnchorage #AnchorageChiropractor #AnchorageDizziness #AnchorageVertigo

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Migraines Affecting Those Living in Anchorage, Alaska

"Migraines can be devastating to those suffering from them. The only thing one may be able to think about at the moment he is experiencing one is how to get rid of the pain."

#UpperCervicalAnchorage #AnchorageChiropractor #AnchorageMigraines #AnchorageHeadaches

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Your Job can be Hard on your Back

"If your job requires you to sit at a desk for several hours a day, you might not think too much about the long term effects. You may think work place injuries are something only people who work in construction or other manual labor jobs need to worry about. The truth is even people who sit at desks for the better part of eight hours a day may suffer from workplace injuries."

#UpperCervicalAnchorage #AnchorageChiropractor #AnchorageBackPain #AnchorageBackAche

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Drug-free ADHD relief

"This link between ADHD and sleep correlates well with the findings of many Upper Cervical doctors. Upper cervical research has shown positive effects in kids who are suffering with ADHD symptoms."

#ADHD #AttentionSpan #Children #BadSleep
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