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A couple OPENINGS left for TODAY! Sat 6/18 Osterville: 1:50 or 3:30 mani and pedi Mashpee: 2:20 or 3:50 facial opening waxing openings 2:30-5:30 3:00 hot stone pedicure opening OR get a petite pedicure and fit in a petite mani as well! call now 508-477-3222 OPENINGS this MONDAY as well

We love the soft, serene feel of the #ZoyaWhispers collection

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We'd love to help you get ready for your independence day celebrations! Open Mon-Sat with lots of evening appointments available throughout the week in both Mashpee and Osterville

Why not have some fun?

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Check out this beauty, #ZoyaAzalea - a classic spring pink with a captivating white and fuchsia flash The flowers are starting to bloom- are your nails ready?

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OPENINGS this SATURDAY 5/28 OSTERVILLE: 8:30am manicure or pedicure opening 10:20 manicure and pedicure opening 11:10 TWO side-by-side manicure and pedicure openings 1:30 TWO side-by-side manicure and pedicure openings MASHPEE: 9:50am Lemongrass Luxury Pedicure Opening 10:40 or 11:10 Signature Hot Stone Pedicure Openings (or there's room for our petite signature pedicure and petite manicure) PLUS LATE-MORNING OR MID-AFTERNOON OPPORTUNITES FOR PARTY OF 3 OR 4!! call now 508-477-3222

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Looking for FREE MANICURE and PEDICURE models for a training day this Tuesday May 10th 9:30-3 at our Osterville location. Please email pictures of your hands and/or feet to mashpee at to apply for a spot. These services will all be performed by experienced licensed manicurists, we're just refreshing everyone's memory on our Painted Red Nail's signature techniques and service protocols to get the rust off for the re-opening of our seasonal Osterville location for some of our new or just back for the season staff. I will need multiple models during various spots from 9:30-3, so share this opportunity with your friends, and make sure in the email you state your specific availability during those Tues hours. Pedicure models will need to have at least 2 weeks of growth since cutting toenails, and I also want a picture of your heels please. I am looking for various length and conditions on hands, so make sure you send a good photo of the nails if applying for the manicure spot.

Looking for a new career? looking for a couple more students to fill the manicuring class at UCT this semester. It's only a 100 hour licensing program and you'd be licensed by the time the big summer season hits. Painted Red Nails is looking for more help and I'd love to talk with you about the opportunities!

Sorry for the excessive posing recently. The glitch has been fixed. :)

still loving last year's satin matte collection. versatile through the seasons! But oh, the current fall collection, just delicious! #ZoyaCinnamon #ZoyaFaye & #ZoyaJem
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