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Paige Vest
Paige from New Mexico: author-stalker extraordinaire
Paige from New Mexico: author-stalker extraordinaire

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You know you want to choose a side...

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For what few followers I have here that aren't on Twitter and/or Facebook... if such a person exists. ;o)

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Elantris poetry.
I received this fan mail from a teacher. (Last names have been removed for privacy.)

My ninth grade English students read Elantris this year. I only had four major questions for them that spanned the length of the text, but we did do some other activities. One of them was called Found Poetry. We used lines from Elantris to make poems. Some of them are quite good. Here is a sampling. I thought you might be interested.


by Sarah

My rage was like a river
The pain swelling with each passing day
I stared absently with morose eyes
At the trees that sparkled like jewels
In the winter daylight.

My forlorn voice rose and fell
Like a well written symphony
As leaves floated slowly
Spinning in a hazy circle
Around a column of narrow-dust filled light.

Something within my heart healed
As I remembered to be my own master,
Finally discovering the simple explanations
For what I had sought for so long.

Dilaf's Rant

by Emma

I hate them
Beasts made of Gods
Foul, loathsome creatures
Thinking of them makes my heart sick
My mind feels tainted
Chaos, killing, riots, and panic
They used people as slaves
They lied to us
They are unholy
We listened to them for centuries
But we were rewarded with impotence
Vile cripples
I hate them


by Stacy

They gasped in wonder at its beauty
The creature growled at it
It was lined with delicate spiraled arches
And crafted of pale, white marble
It was something large
Something impossibly immense
The air bled at its light
Dissolving into pure whiteness
It brought bumps to her arms;
And a sent a shiver through her body.
It's a chapel.

City (A Haiku)

by Alexander

The city of the Gods;
Elantris was beautiful.
Then the earth shattered.

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After some months of drought, finally I have a book review to share. Along with a giveaway to celebrate my 1-year blogiversary and 10K views!

On to it... my review of Jim Butcher's 13th Dresden Files book, Ghost Story in which I discuss... duh, ghosts... as well as guilt, fortitude and the power of memories.

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Are movies desensitizing us to the violence and horror of rape? Long article but definitely worth a read!

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