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Amazing that something so crappy could be so popular! Once in a long while, I can handle one of their sausage biscuits... but I have to be Really hungry...
Rob Go
Burger King can suck it.
Rob Go
Wendy, too.
Could that be why McDonald's has been one of the most consistently high-performing stocks year over year for the last decade?
Sill K.
wow, just a big WOW
They don't exist for you if you never visit. I've done this for years - over a decade!
Apparently someone is eating there.
My daughters when I can't talk them out of it!
I'd like to see this with an overlay / heatmap of childhood obesity rates across the lower 48.
hmmm, maybe the reason they succeed is that they offer a consistent product that is just about the cheapest eating-out experience you can have. People tear them down for all kinds of things, but they aren't any worse health wise than most other restaurants (including most sit-down places). I guess people like what they offer.
disgusting crap is what they serve...never go there..well except for one thing only their
Sorry, +Kevin Barnes, but numerous studies have proven they actually ARE worse than many other restaurants. I'm not saying they're the worst, but they're up there. Especially considering how pervasive they are, I believe they have a social responsibility they've been ignoring for far too long.
Perfectly honest then: Happy as hell not to have contributed to any of their profits in well over a decade. Eat that.
Rob Go
Based on taste alone, +Kevin Barnes has a point. I went to an "upscale, hip" new burger joint recently and their $8 burger and soggy waffle fries blew. All hail, Ronny Mc!
+Dan Ruiz - I know some of their stuff tastes great, but I don't like the idea of eating something containing more preservatives than the container it's served in.
+Dan Ruiz Somehow, looking at the graphic as a "heat map", I'm inclined (with you) to think like Billy Joel: "We all started the fire..."
There are more subway locations, and let's not forget that often there is at least one competing fast food joint within 200 yards of a McD location 90% of the time. I preferred Wendy's until they changed their fries to the "me too"version of McD. At last they actually grill their burgers instead of using warming baskets
+Jason Bovee numerous, wow well then it must be true. Saying numerous is much better than actually citing one since now I know what all the experts think. My informal review of restaurants I actually go to suggests that McDonald's has smaller portions than just about every other fast food restaurant. I guess this guy screwed up by using publicly available nutrition data as well: Still, I must be wrong because you said numerous. Jack-in-the-box for lunch then.
It looks like they set America on fire... A fire fueled by human fat...
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