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It is just air escaping from under the shell. A Lobster does not have vocal chords so there is no way it could scream.
No matter what species you are I imagine boiling/cooking to death are both bad ways to go. :p
+Hogan Courrier Oh that's interesting, I was mistaken I actually thought lobsters did have a nervous system. Come to think of it I guess the shell doesn't count as a spine. Damn you taxonomy! Shellfish did take a very early separation of lineage from us. But they developed a different set of traits that influenced the instinctual decision all animals share which is to avoid damage done to their bodies. They don't feel pain the same way we do, their sense of damage being done is entirely different. Doesn't mean they don't feel pain in some form, but it also doesn't mean it's something we really need concern ourselves with. Good catch on the nervous system.
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