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E(_8(|) need some hair :P or c(_8(|) idk cant chose which of these make the better hair :/
Sam K.
hahaha very funny
(_8(I) --> Mmmmm... Beer!
lol haha thts cool
nice one
Get ready to see this on every text message I send from now on (I hate saying "going forward") (_8{l}
Ha ha how creative, Homer my man :))
I don't know that I will remember it after this post dissipates. I need to practice more.
LOL... close enough, learned~
oh I know!!!!! c<(_8(|) Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!
LOOOOOOOOOL, it could also resemble to a monkey
I wonder if u can make him smile.... (_8(])
Haha this makes me happy. You guys are funny. D'oh
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