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His wife is seriously injured. She was hit by a car as she swooped low across the road.
He brought her food and tended to her with love and compassion.
He brought her food again but was shocked to find her dead.
He tried to move her....a rarely-seen effort for swallows.
Aware that his mate is dead, he cries with adoring love.
He stood beside her, saddened by her death.
Finally, he stood beside her body with sadness and sorrow.
People cried after seeing these pictures when they were published
in the leading newspaper in France. All copies of the paper were
sold out on the day the pictures were released.
And many people think animals don't have emotions.
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Crystal M
OMG this brought tears to my eyes... :(( beautiful
I don't know about you guys, but I get so angry when people say that animals have no feelings or that they don't understand sadness. It boggles my mind how someone can seriously think something like that.
This poor fella lost his mate. I guess its only choice it to fly off into the wild blue yonder. I will never accidentally hit an animal and feel the same. I never liked it. I have seen something of the same thing with racoons. Dead one on the road. His buddy sitting there trying to figure it out. Too sad.
With you +Lou Stoilas some animals are particularly sensitive. Wolves mourn the loss of pack members, sometimes for weeks.
A seed to be nurtured by thought. Group Hug!
My dog used to have nightmares. She would bark and run while lying on her carpet, asleep. Yet people believe this to be just a story when I tell them :/.
My dogs love each other. Living on a farm I see the animals all bond together and play and chase. They love each other. It is cool.
Just another reason for me to remain a vegan.
Oh no :'(
Poor little birdie!!
Although in the second picture it looks more like they're fighting..
But it't still really sad.
superzen lee, whats the truth? (cant read there, not in english)
Easy to anthropomorphize and project your own feelings on these series on images, but a lot of assumptions are being made (i.e. how do you know they're a mating pair?).
At first it was very cute and sad, but then the cold hearted old prick in me decided to see it as though even human love is just another product of survival instinct. Damn what age has done to me.
To be honest, first I thought that they were DOING something else.. Then I read text... now I feel bad.. :(
tha birdie...
i feel bad fer tha birdie...
Don't show children that hunting is a "Activity of Men" we are KILLING our shipmates (earth)! Sad =(
this is why i want ot be a vet D: things like this kill me inside
Did you take these pictures, witness this, and write this yourself? I'm impressed!
I hash tagged it a #FBFIND as I found it on facebook on some random page that someone I know liked and it was in the ticker thing that scrolls all day long and you have no idea why you are seeing what you are seeing as you have no relation to any of it. I was glad to see it and shared it here.
The pictures and text are several years old, at least.
You took all the love out of it. Aw man. Can we not all dream here?
Touching indeed... is everyone going to hate me if I point out that, based on the coloring... I'm pretty sure the dead one is the male, not the female as eluded to in the writing.
He is doing that isn't he? I will never see it another way. Animals!
It's more common than most people know, but most birds regularly mate for life; they partner in their 2nd or 3rd years of finally being able to reproduce and contoinue to have offspring for the next (and last) 10 years of their lives... The very core indicators that drove them to couple in the 1st place remain the major reasons for this life-long pairing; only splintered by such an unforeseen event as such and in the lesser cases driving them to not couple ever again, although females are more likely to be the repairing widows out of virtue to keep the subspecies going... depending on what sub-genus they herald from^^ Amazing Post, THANK YOU =)
Any of you above who expressed sadness and is a non-vegetarian is a hypocrite. Go figure!
aweeeeeee thats so sad.... pooor birdy and who ever says other whise SHUT UP
Undeniably powerful images, no matter what the cranks say.
realmente conmovedor...acaso es que ellos aman solo desinteresadamente :(
Am I the only one that feels worse after looking at this photo?
All the money in the world can never replace something like this!
its my first time to talk with American,its cool.
god,where are you from
Wife? I don't see no ring on no finger!
What's up???? American here as well. Nice to meet.
I m speechless for that bird is such a loyal good u know what happened to him after her death?
I could not and cannot comment on this post by our mutual friend Brian Wright, simply because I have never been a bird or animal.
But speaking for myself as follow:
Nor have most other people. But what I can comment on or say is that I have experienced many similar situations with animals on or around my cottage!
And I think most will agree, animals do have emotions
this rips my heart out.

om mani padme hum

May all sentient beings be free from suffering and the causes of suffering
aah..............!!! its touch my Heart really ............ :(
Wake up, world. There are intelligent and compassionate beings all around us and most of them are not human and deserve care and protection.
funny that bird had it comin sittin there like a jive turkey
wow i wonder what all those animal haters saying animals have no feeling thinks now
Nobody who has ever had a pet would say animals don't have emotions, but they sure don't have them in the asinine way you describe them. When a tree falls on a house is it because it's mad at it too?
Lily S.
wow that is really sad. amazing, but sad.
Animals have emotions and they care. My dog knows when I am sad and when I am happy. He can tell right away. All animals have emotions and feelings. Very sad story.
No, he did not try to move her. He was practising necrophilia!
My dogs care. Mine knows when I am talking about her. I swear she does. She is very aware of what I am doing and loves me.
You can say one is "projecting" human emotions to them, but what makes human emotions so special anyway? If you wanted to be completely technical then you should say that your own emotions are of no value because they are just the result of biological processes and brain activity for the sake of survival/reproduction. Going to get "deep" here, lol. All matter is essentially energy(electrons, neutrons, etc), so since your cells are coming and going yet your consciousness stays where your mind is, you can reasonably say that our experience of life is more than what can be observed because the electrons and protons of the brain are no different than those of the dead skin cells you just scratched off.
However, I do agree that animals have emotions :)
Very very sad, you can feel his pain in the last 3 frames ;.(
I like how it says wife. Do animals marry? Or do they partner?
nice clik....touching......
Yes, animals have emotions. That is why some people do not eat them....
i wonder if animals get jealos
touching ...
excuse me
what about killing people in afghanistan and iraq and in palestine
u broad minded people can not know what is love, care and respect
All of God's creations have spirits and therefore have feelings they have inteligence in their own realm of existence. My Dog is my friend not my pet
Hahaha , thats nothing I worked for Faccenda chicken and used to rip their guts out lol lol . Hate Comments to MY PAGE please :).
Animals have more feeling than people do.
:( i hope he dies to.. so they can live together in heaven...
Look in eyes can tell you emotion. I look their animals eyes yes they do have emotions.
Life is beautiful, no matter if u walk on two legs or fly with two wings...
What I see is a human being taking pictures of a bird painfully and slowly suffering from a major injury. That man was taking pictures instead of taking action. The correct answer would be: to kill, thus putting the bird out of it's misery. Such motionlessness is likely a sign of a broken spine.

And now people watch and admire, "Birds have emotins! Emotions exist!" How santimental. I haven't been so chocked up since a hunk of moussaka caught up my throat... Is that an audience or mosaic? © Hello? As if you really needed a proof like that anyway? It's your emotions you only care about, right? Not some birds pain? And how about thinking?
Personally im surprised he didn't take off in relief and find a younger chick. 
No...the birds are putting on a skit for the camera. :o)
So sad!!! They eat dogs in china. So I guess people have no heart in that Chinese province where they do that.
most birds have one partner for life,they stay with that partner,also true of ducks
Some birds do mate for life. So it might be anguish over he end of the blood line
Nav H.
angry birds. :(
where exactly is the food which is being brought by the male...and if the dead bird did not eat the first time are you saying the male still went to look for more food and then supposedly tendered to the dead bird....and how do we know which one is female or male...i think the photos are great but i have issues with the interpretation...
Hue Man
animals do not always get the credit they deserve. and yet, us humans, forget that we are animals. emotions are natural
Humans are arrogant to believe we are the only intelligent beings or the only ones with emotions.

Just because they don't communicate the way we do...
Nature can be so cruel and yet so beautiful at the same time, just likepeople posting on the new Google+
It's overinterpretation of (selected) photos of the series TBH. The bird was trying to mate with the other. Animals have feelings, but these photos are nowhere near the proof of it.
Mr. E !
I must not mourn...
Maybe the photographer take care of the body or someone knows the sex's of the bird.
Awe,this is so touching,did you burry her,I watched crows having a crow funeral ,they amassed in the hundreds around a murdered crow baby,and when I burry it they all watched quietlythan left quietly!
im just mad i wasnt there to kick that bird get a life guy shes gone on to the next one hahah f uc king bird
This is mostly a load of shit. You're anthropomorphising two birds.
Ohhhhh. I think the bird gave her a good last few moments of life.
It is proof that the male DNA no matter what the species thinks about only one thing. (joke...dont get mad)

But I like the authors version of this...regardless.
awwwwwwwwww its so sad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ohhhhh where the resque team when we need one, right
Love comes in all forms, we humans can learn from the birds of the skies, the animals that resides with and among us and if we really get to know each other we may love each other as we should.
cute, but unless i'm mistaken, those are two males.... females don't have the same feather coloration.
And people say animals have lesser souls
the beginning of angry birds
Edvar S
Beautiful and touching.
Oh, and +Chad Mullen - don´t be a dick all your life.
quite touching when you know the story behind it
even the animals and birds have feeling, It is sad moment when u see people kill each other

- that is so sad!.. you can actually see this bird's pain, amazing..I'm such a animal lover..
Wow... I never thought birds had feelings like these... :'( pobresito pajarito
Animals certainly have emotions. I see it everyday. Also you've got to remember that this is in the middle of the road. That sparrow stayed with his mate despite risk to himself. We should learn to be just as selfless.
Um I am sorry for interrupting but this is just stupid who cares about some flying rats (pigdeons) having a fight
Ge Bai
Yep, animals do feel. Unlike a scarily high number of people.
Conclusion: Animals have emotions, alright, cool.
I still see animals as very complexly programmed computers, but its still a really nice story.
that's natural and pure love guarded by emotions
+Arsalan arain I'm sorry, but what you said there makes no sense. This was an illustration of the truth that animals, who are said not to have "human" feelings, have something that appears to be very much like them, and that it's as foolish to claim they do not as it is to claim that they're exactly the same thing.
As for Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq... what's the point, that the people who are moved by this picture are unmoved by the hundreds of years of suffering that people of all sorts have inflicted on one another? You cannot know whether they are or not, as individuals. As society, as a very general group? You may be right about the collective. But. It's very much the human condition for people to know love, care, and respect, but to withhold those things from people who they don't know, or for some reason have generalized into something that isn't real. For instance, your remark could hardly be taken as an expression of care or respect, yet you are worthy (as all people) of those things. And many of the replies above show the other side of things: a spiritual deformity that lets them dismiss the suffering of other living things with casual cruelty.
Think about it this way: If people can feel sympathy for these allegedly soulless, unfeeling creatures, who have demonstrated that they DO have feelings, then it will be harder for them to just dismiss the suffering of other humans.
Nell S
SO SAD!!!!!!!! :(
Horrible so many people are evil raagg
This happens daily in poverty stricken counties. With mothers and their children instead of birds. This is a beautiful picture of animals expressing emotion, but we need to be concerned with improving human life primarily. I don't mean so that everyone has a mercedes but so that everyone can live with food shelter water and community connectedness.
Awwww. That's so sweet cuz he's taken care
I know that some birds mate for life... probably with a higher success rate than humans
Mark M
I feel so sad, somebody help them, help them find a new home.
I see stuff like this and I think of that Grizzly man guy that got ate by a bear. We have no freaking idea what animals are thinking. I can have an idea what people are thinking but I am wrong about that a lot too.
becareful when you drive.
awwwwwwwwwww what happend oh duh its died
Animals have more compassion and feelings than most humans
I ain't gonna lie, I DIDN'T cry. But it is pretty deep and beautiful.
Aww, so touching when animals show their "humane" side.
waooo gran imagen conmovedora.
I Sooo miss read that and thought the two birds were fighting. Look like the one bird was doing a American History X on that birds head.
I saw the same exact thing happen here yesterday with a pair of robins. It was soooo sad
Owww That is really upsetting :'(
i'm not a big animal fan, but i always think of how they would feel before doing something that involves them. this makes perfect sense, but people these days just feel sense animals can't talk then they don't have to think about their fellings. well that's wrong. i feel bad about the death of that bird and i HATE when animals die but it happens. only if that bird wouldn't of flew so low then maybe that would of been the bird to awaken me today. : (
Be fair guys, you are so emotional for the animals and not for the people killed every single hour in different parts of the world. We just need to think about them and call for their rights.
thiS situation represent a very small part of ALLAH mercY.
+Douglas Michael Aiken "Adam, get real,and get your facts cause you don't make any sense!" OK, so I got some facts.
The photos were (most probably) taken in 2004 in Taiwan by Wilson Hsu. Here is the series on a Taiwanese site and you can get exif info from the photos there (2004-03-20, Canon 10D, 600mm lens for instance) which make the photos look legit to me. Here is the author's interpretation in English: - as you can see, the interpretation of the photographer is different than the interpretation here (no food). Here are some comments by scientists: and
I don't know what really happened, but a little skepticism is better than believing everything you're told. The story is "all around the Internet" with slight modifications. Some claim these photos were taken in France, others that in Ukraine. Practically nobody mentions the photographer's name and nobody gave a link, or even a name of this alleged "leading newspaper".
As I said I know animals have feelings, but the whole story here seems far fetched to me.
That's his mistress, not his wife. He wants to get her out of there before his wife sees him with her. What he doesn't realize is that his wife is with another bird and could care less about his adulterous activity since she's already decided to divorce him.
I own birds and it is easy to see the emotion in them.
Love is not a handball thin
It is not a deep kiss ..
And love is not a clash hands
And not taken from the words of songs ...
. And love is not a stone used to build a palace Ouhama ..
Sense of the heart ... Love you afraid ..
Gives you a smile when you harden this world ..
Tskink look at the fantasies Allamarovh ..
Love you sense the most important person in the life of your lover
God so often uses his creatures to show us our failings. Yes we are worth more than the sparrows or other birds but it shows that God who is love is in all creation and ALL CREATION IS VALUABLE TO HIM.
HA BIRD GOT IT'S ASS KICKED.but it's still sad lol
So sad
Paige, I totally agree that animals have emotions and right now i am close to tears
We are not worth more than anything. God made each creation equal. We are not the the powerful, but the creation itself with us as connected can be peacful and god will speak to you while u meditate and to make to best desicion so you have a good and happy life. Thats a love that can never be broken.
Are you sure he didn't kill her and made it look like an accident?
hmmmmmm so itched and phorensic analysise
I have actually seen that happen here in the United States with a couple of sparrows. It was heartbreaking. The little male tried SO hard and for such a long time to get a response from his mate. :(
Who deleted who's post? I didn't delete anything.
You cant say that birds don't have emotion. You can tell by how they Act and React to certain things.
Ken Xie
It is really sad...
this day and time it seems animals have more love than we do.
If only humans were half as caring sometimes.
lol @ +Scott Mansfield for losing track of his post and then blasting the OP for deleting it. I mean, these things happen, but you should come back and eat some crow.....and maybe apologize to her.
gaaayyyum. cant believe ppl cried over this. its called nature.
my opinion is people who took these pictures should bring the injured female bird to animal hospital instead keep watching her died. you could really help like you see your pet is dying you send it to a doctor.
poor bird complaining beside her partner... I almost cry!!!
Of course animals have emotions
Love birds can die if their mate dies :(
boo hoo, we all heard of humpty dumpty lmao...jk but awww :[
If animals have feelings, and God created them. What kind of God do we serve, that would make them aware of their lower existence on the earth. They can be eaten or killed by us at any given time and if they have feelings then you give them an awareness of reality and existence as we all know it. I don't know about you, but if I had an awareness of feelings and reality and that brought to my mind an understanding of my place as a lower life form, who can be eaten and caged and shot by humans, I would form an army and fight for my existence to continue.
well what would u do great story
i was thinking that one bird just killed the other bird in a game of survival of the fittest..
Fred L
This is quite old... Still sad and tragic, tho.
I saw a raptor with a robin in its talons yesterday!
This is a sad story. I hope it's an eye-opener for anyone thinking animals have no feelings / emotions. Just because we can't openly converse with animals, some people assume they are inferior. How do we know they aren't thinking the same about us?
That has made me love animals even more. I can't believe that people don't believe in animals having feelings. Just cuz you don't see it much that doesn't mean that it doesn't happen. 
i accepted their living on the edge .
I definitely would comment the person who instead of trying to save the bird..took its photos instead
Love is beautiful. Pretty birds
It's sad but you have to remember, It's life, God's plan. Things die, but think of it this way, they are making space for beautifuller creatures.
i heard something like this but it was with people and there was a guy with his dad and his dad was off track knocked out stuck between 2 metal poles and the son found him and he tryed to call 9-1-1 and his fingers were so cold it didnt work so his dad almost died...
….Do y'all know what anthropomorphism is?
i thought the male was killing her
Didn't know birds get married.
every time i see a dead bird or animal i allways think of how some people dont acully care they see them but cary on driving its kinda crule,you don't really see animals runing over hummans :L
that makes me wanna die in sadness
It's amazing to think that they are Sooo caring, most people thought animals don't have feelings (including me, until now) and it has changed the way I think about animals now, so thanks for sharing this post
Poor helpless bird. I didn't know they would help each other like that.
I think Sparrows and Pigeons can get married legally in WA, however Robins and Crows are not yet allowed.
Animals have feelings like people....
The only thing is, people don't act like animals, we are animals. sad. When u do things normally every day & take care of someone constantly & they die, the sadness is great. Animals do have a connection to one another and at times serve to show us that they even have & show love & compassion to one another. :-(
Aw, how sad. It always upsets me seeing injured or dead animals. It plays on my mind. 
Oh my gosh i feel so bad now. :( the poor thing.
Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
Galaxies have emotions too. When they are getting dimmer and dimmer, this is because they are sad, because they get farther and farther away from each other. It's impossible to deny that galaxies are very emotional beings. Even our sun knows this - she is preparing to grow to a red giant at some point. It's so hard for me to believe that people see nothing but a cosmic fusion reactor in the sun.
+Grace Otomo Longoria Grace stop talking rubbish the male lion only kills the cub of other male lion when I pride his taken over, to establish his bloodline, he does not kill his own blood. Also he does not do it because he is horny otherwise how do lions grow up!! He does it so the female can come in season again as they do when they don't have any young. There lesson for you, go watch wildlife again.
Omg so sad! I have always known animals care and have feelings, sometimes than the human race. 
well crap... i liked it... but i took it from 1111 likes to 1112....
That's awkward! Looks like the bird is humping the other ne HAHAHAHA!!!!
+Grace Otomo Kishirow when a male lion become a dominated male lion he will kills the cubs that doesn't belong to him before he mate theirs mother .
i feel bad for that bird and i wish it was still alive and did not die
their humanity lives in their heart
where is ours?
i would like to give my apologies to the bird
and i think we should have a moment of silence
thank you, that is all
That's touching and tragic.
So sad made me get goosebumps. Some people think nothing of hitting a animal. Sometimes its just someting you can't avoid.
Imagine that, you can kill people indiscriminately with drones all day long and illicit ZERO response from "the civilized world" and they cry over a bird practicing necrophilia and buy up all the newspapers. go figure.
This is a version of Angry Birds that I don't like...
very sad and touching pple shld know that love is everywhere, even animals  love each other more thn humans!!!!
Hmm odd, I got a notification after all this time.

anyway, you can stop your crying, the behavior isn't mourning as originally purported by the photographer.

After this picture was posted it came out that birds often continue to have intercourse with their dead partners. 
I can't believe people can still find this post. It haunts me. the sad part. 
oh, that is so sweet!!! How sad that she died!!!
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