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Top 20 Floral Arrangements to Light up Your Christmas

Christmas is the season where the spirit of giving and making people feel special can be felt in every household.  This is a season of joy and unity between families. A great way to make every member of the household feel the spirit of Christmas is a floral arrangement. With lots of different twists to the traditional design, these Christmas themed floral arrangements suit the holidays. There are a variety of creative ways to design floral arrangements and here are the top 20 floral arrangements to make your holidays bloom. 

20. Christmas Margarita -

Let’s drink to that! A margarita themed for Christmas is perfect for employees or businessmen to remind them to take some time off and squeeze the Christmas spirit into their busy schedule. This Christmas Margarita is composed of roses, lilies, candy cane designs, and more.

19. Christmas with Candles -

Some still prefer a traditional Christmas centerpiece because of its beauty despite its simple appearance. This beautiful arrangement of flowers with candles could bring you back on a nostalgic trip to Christmas holidays in the past.

18. Golden Sleigh -
Ho! Ho! Ho! This modification to Santa’s sleigh may make him blush with delight. This creative arrangement is a sleigh full of evergreens and filled with larkspurs tied with a star of Bethlehem as a ribbon. This unique design adds a creative twist to your holidays and guests might just want to take it home! 

17. Happy Holidays! -
The Happy Holidays arrangement is composed of poinsettias, holiday evergreens, and Christmas ornaments. It is a perfect gift for your friends or relatives to add a great decoration to their homes. The ornaments make it a mini Christmas tree to place above your household tables. 

16. Jolly Ol' St. Nick -
Creating a floral design as a tribute to St. Nicholas, popularly known as Santa Claus, has been a popular tradition for floral designers. Santa’s popular clothing inspired the basket case while several flowers were designed in harmony to make St. Nick proud. Truly the spirit of Christmas could be rekindled with this piece.

15. Make Merry -
Spread your Christmas joy with this festive centerpiece designed with an assortment of blossoms with pine cones, ornaments, and candles. If you want the world or your loved ones to feel the same Christmas joy as you have then this piece is perfect for you. It has all the elements of Christmas in it and when placed within your home it would definitely make your holidays merry.

14. Frosty's Candy Basket -
Frosty the snowman has come to sweeten our season! This lovable snowman has inspired a candy basket for our pleasure. Full of assorted chocolates, this arrangement might not be floral but it has the means to make our holidays special especially for the children. Children and even adults would have a rough time grabbing their favorite chocolate bar in this basket yet they would make memories in the process. It is also a beautiful centerpiece as is. 

13. Holiday Basket -
Another traditional arrangement is the Holiday Basket. This piece is filled with evergreens, roses, carnations and mums while accents of pinecones, berries, and a holiday ribbon complete the look. A traditional basket was used as a perfect bin for a mix of flowers that are popular during the holiday season. Berries and pinecones are also placed into the mix to add more elements of Christmas into the piece.

12. Christmas Cactus -
If you are feeling low during the holiday season, the Christmas Cactus may be a great highlight to invigorate your Christmas spirit. This flower is placed in a hanging pot and is neat to place outside to welcome your guests and family members. Christmas Cactus’ is so called as it blooms during December.

11. Double Poinsettia -
Poinsettias have always been known as one of the most popular flowers during the Christmas season. Double the fun celebration with a couple of poinsettia arrangements with ornaments and an elegantly tied ribbon. The bright red color of the poinsettia would attract the attention and it would make the household or office more festive.

10. Christmas Tradition -
Do you want to warmly welcome your guests or loved ones back home? This Christmas Tradition piece is a perfect floral arrangement for that setting. It is also lovely to place this arrangement in the center of your dining table. With an assortment of flowers and specialties, it would surely make the Christmas a charming occasion.

9. Poinsettia in Plaid -
You can never go wrong with choosing Poinsettias for Christmas. This simple but attractive Poinsettia in Plaid is straight through as with its title. Wrapped in plaid, the poinsettia stands out and looks great for the occasion. The plaid makes this piece excellent for gifting to your loved ones or placing it as a decoration to symbolize giving and sharing.

8. Christmas Topiary -
Fun Fact, a topiary is a practice of cutting shrubs or trees and turning it into a decoration. This piece is designed for Christmas to add a twist to the traditional topiary creation. Besides Santa and other themes in Christmas, a topiary is a creative way to enlighten your Christmas holidays.

7. Poinsettia in Red -
The popular poinsettia is at it again with this beautiful piece. Poinsettias are place in a red basket case to further add color to its already vibrant red shade. For those who do not want a simple poinsettia arrangement, this piece would be a good fit for you. You would still have your beautiful poinsettias with the addition of a unique red basket case.

6. Poinsettia -
Ever wondered why the poinsettia is very popular during Christmas? The shape of the poinsettia looks like the star of Bethlehem which is very symbolic of the birth of Christ. Poinsettias also bloom during December and its beautiful red color also matches the colors of Christmas. It is a perfect gift for your loved ones and a great household decoration. 

5. Christmas Feast -
Christmas always offers delicious feasts for the family or for everyone. To add to that delicious flavor of the season, this Christmas Feast would stand out in any household. With an assortment of flowers and ornaments, this piece of red and lime accents would surely boost your Christmas spirit.

4. Roses at Christmas -
Roses at Christmas? Why not. Roses symbolize love and beauty which is prevalent during Christmas. The season of giving is full of love and Roses at Christmas is a great floral arrangement to represent that feeling. Besides its symbolic meaning, roses are always beautiful for any occasion. 

3. Fruit Basket -
Yum! There is a lot of food for the family during Christmas Eve. This fruit basket is an arrangement that would make your Christmas feast colorful. It is also a healthy approach as a lot of food would be laid out during Christmas Eve and this piece would remind you to take a bite of something healthy.

2. Hurricane Centerpiece -
It is called a Hurricane Centerpiece since it is larger than your normal floral arrangements. This big piece of decoration has a lot of flowers and ornaments neatly tied with ribbon. It catches the attention of people and is good for big family or Christmas celebrations. 

1. Boxwood Christmas Tree -
The Boxwood Christmas Tree is a popular floral arrangement for the season. This arrangement is a simple boxwood tree with bows and berries. This miniature Christmas tree is a great decoration to your household. It symbolizes Christmas and colors your household with a great dab of green and red. 

Besides these floral arrangements, there are other pieces like Let it Snow, Christmas Ornaments Arrangements, Christmas Glow, and tabletop trees available at floral shops. You can also make your own creative arrangements to suit your needs. It only takes a good amount of Christmas spirit to make simple things happen for your season to be jolly. 
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