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Ditch your baggage—live light, pack lighter.
Ditch your baggage—live light, pack lighter.


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Okay, let me know if I'm insane, or if you've experienced this too:

You're traveling abroad. Carmen SanDiego, Anthony Bourdain style.

You jump into an UBERpool, sit down at your hostel breakfast in Costa Rica, or stand next to someone on the train in London and get to talking.

You start a conversation and you guys just CLICK. Like you're joking around immediately and feel so comfortable with each other, and you're full-on Step Brothers, "Did we just become best friends?!".

You're chatting and relating about how weird it is that people can like peanut butter but hate peanuts when, poof—the Uber pulls over, the train reaches their stop, or they get called away from breakfast to go catch their flight.

And you're left there like... what the hell.

You didn't get their Whatsapp or social medias, but maybe it would have been weird to ask anyway after only minutes together. Maybe you didn't even get their name!

But then why are you left feeling so... anticlimactic?

Check out my new article 👇 on why I think travelers have more of these missed connections that most people, and how to stop feeling so disappointed by them!

And comment if you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about, and when/where it ever happened to you!

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Most people are surprised when they hear that I was NOT looking forward to going to Thailand...


Well first off, everyone and their mother, father, sister, brother, and neighbor's dog have been there. Sort of takes the magic away if you feel live you've already seen everything there is to see through hundreds of other people's Facebook photos, right?

Secondly, I didn't want to go because it was too perfect. Literally.

Every photo of the elephants in the jungles of Chiang Mai, or the gorgeous wats on the river in Bangkok, or the way-too-blue-to-be-true waters of Ko Phi Phi convinced me that it was all just Photoshop and exaggeration.

And I didn't want to waste a Spring Break getting disappointed if "the magical islands of southern Thailand" were actually just home to a Señor Frog's and muddy brown water.

So did Thailand disappoint like I thought it would? Did I waste a week of vacation time drinking overpriced drinks at a Senor Frogs?

Take 7 minutes and see for yourself!

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When I heard that my friend's wanted to go to Thailand, my first thought was, "...WHY?"

See why I had no desire to visit this country, and if I still felt the same way after I actually went!

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Meet this week's Millennial on the Move, Kiara Mijares, age 22 from the Phillippines!

Kiara's interview specifically focuses on her struggle traveling 1) with a Filipino passport, which is much more restrictive than western passports, and 2) as a young, solo, Filipino woman from a conservative household.

Her story is interesting and inspiring, check it out if you need a little push this week.

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Welcome Millennial on the Move, Danielle Ellis! At 23 years old, she's a solo, female traveler. Originally from Javea, Spain, she is also a certified millennial vagabond!

Click the article to read more about her life and see tips on how she beats the solo-travel blues. (Also see how to get featured yourself)

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Review of my safari experience with Happy Adventures Tourism company.

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If you come to #Dubai, UAE, you NEED this bucket list!

Dubai has many cultural, educational activities like museums, historical districts, art galleries, etc.

But, lets be honest—people come here for the FUN! This bucket list has every fun, exciting, adventurous, and oh-so-Dubai activity you can imagine on it in one place so you can make sure you're living your Dubai experience to the fullest!

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When I moved to Dubai I had a LOT of worries, misconceptions, and questions... Some of them were crazy, but some of them turned out to be true! 🤐

Mostly, I was really surprised by what I found life to be here.

So here are the things that surprised me most living in Dubai after being here for 3 months!
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