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PST offers MadgeTech data loggers for VACCINE MONITORING

Vaccines are key component in the prevention and containment of diseases. It is vital that vaccines are carefully handled and kept in the correct conditions and at the proper temperatures at all times. The CDC enforces stringent guidelines for the storage and monitoring of vaccines.

When vaccine refrigeration is required, the temperature must remain between 2 °C and 8 °C with a set point at 5 °C. To ensure that the appropriate temperature is maintained, a data logger is recommended. Data loggers can be configured by the user to take readings at particular intervals to create a complete overview and detailed record of the vaccine storage environment.

In order to assure accuracy, the temperature probe of the data logger must be kept in a liquid filled bottle (such as glycol) in the center of the refrigerator. This is ideally done with the probe continually remaining inside the refrigerator while the data logger body is outside of the refrigeration unit for instant access to current readings. The probe wire should have a small enough diameter to allow the door of the refrigerator to close upon it without impacting the integrity of the refrigeration seal.

Once data has been collected, by regulation, an electronic record should be retained for at least three years. The MadgeTech Data Logger software automatically saves all recorded data to an internal database file and provides extensive reporting tools to easily share information to satisfy validation needs.

For Orders & Inquiries please contact Sales on 1300662720 or email us on
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PST offers a wide range of MadgeTech data loggers specifically designed for geothermal applications.  The loggers can assist you to measure & log temperature , pressure and flow date.

Some fun facts and information about geothermal energy, to learn more, please explore the infographic below.

For Enquiries Hot Line: 1300 662 720 :  Email:
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PST offers Madgetech dataloggers for Steam Sterilization

MadgeTech's steam sterilization data loggers which can be used to monitor, record and validate each cycle. This rugged product line includes devices capable of withstanding temperatures up to 150 °C, as well as enduring the sterilizer’s high pressure environment. Each device records data at a user-selectable interval, providing validation for the entire cycle. The MadgeTech software makes it easy to create validation reports and document compliance with federal regulations.

Steam sterilization validation is necessary to ensure the accuracy of the sterilization process. When precision is needed, MadgeTech steam sterilization data loggers can withstand harsh environments as well as organic and chemical materials. Appropriate for any industry in need of submersible, durable data loggers, this diverse collection is built for long term use and monitoring.

For inquires and quotes please contact our Sales Hot Line 1300 662 720 or email us on
Steam Sterilization
Steam Sterilization
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PST offer a  full line of food processing data logger solutions to assist in making compliance as simple as possible

In order to ensure the quality and safety of the final product, it is important to monitor the conditions in which food is processed and stored. MadgeTech data loggers can be used to monitor and record the cooking, shipping, and storage of food products. The product line features devices which can be placed in an oven to monitor the entire cooking cycle, wireless models which can measure, record ,and wirelessly transmit data, and even devices with LCD screens for real-time monitoring.

for more details visit our online store or call us on 1300662720
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Have you checkout the New High Temperature MadgeTech Data Loggers and Accessories! PST has in store

-  HiTemp140-FR, Ultra-Fast Response High Temperature Data Logger

MadgeTech has designed the HiTemp140-FR, a high temperature data logger with an ultra-fast response time. This makes it ideal for recording temperature during rapidly changing thermal processes such as oven profiling, steam sterilization, chamber mapping, flash freezing, seafood processing, as well as many other applications

-  HiTemp140-FP, Flexible RTD Probe Data Logger

The design of the HiTemp140-FP offers users the flexibility of using a thermocouple type sensor with the convenience of a stand-alone data logging system.  The loggers can withstand temperatures up to 140 °C with an accuracy of ±0.1 °C. This makes an ideal solution for monitoring the interior of an autoclave during a steam sterilization cycle in real time. 

-  HiTemp140X2 Dual Probe Data Logger

comprised of a stainless steel data logger body that feature a combination of two remote temperature probes or one ambient and one remote temperature probe combination, offering extreme flexibility for high temperature monitoring applications. This product line is ideal for applications such as oven mapping, surface temperature monitoring, autoclave validation, sterilization processes, food processing applications and much more 

- CF100, Canning Fitting for the HiTemp140 Data Logger Series

 The CF100 secures the HiTemp140 data logger to cans, jar lids or other enclosures. The fixture allows the logger probe to be inserted into the can or container to monitor internal temperatures.
Made of durable Silicone, Stainless Steel and Viton® Rubber the CF100 has the ability to withstand temperatures up with 150 °C, making this product ideal for a variety of canning applications across a wide range of industries and environments 

-  MultiMount-Z, HiTemp140 Mounting Stand Accessory

gives users additional stability and placement control for a wide variety of applications. Made of durable 316 Stainless Steel, the MultiMount-Z can withstand extreme temperatures and environments making it a great addition to this data logger series and allowing users the flexibility to use it in more locations, such as autoclaves, smokehouses, ovens and more 

For orders please call us on 1300662720 or email us 
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PST offers a range Milwaukee devices for Pools and Spa Testing. 

The swimming pool is an excellent environment for the transmission of contagious diseases.

It is therefore very important to maintain proper water quality. Water testing plays a vital role in ensuring that pool or spa water is kept at its best!

Milwaukee instruments measure pH, Chlorine, ORP, Conductivity, TDS, Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature, Turbidity, Iron, Chloride, Phosphate, Ammonia etc. and are specifically designed for the Swimming Pool and Spa markets.

Many of our instruments are Waterproof and combine 2 or more parameters providing added versatility and excellent value for money! All of our instruments are supplied with probes, electrode holders, buffer solutions and are complete and ready for use.

call us on 1300662720 or

download the leaflet for more product related information from the link below
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contact us for more details P: 1300662720 |

The devices are used while storing or processing
- Powder and bulk solids such as cement & AGGREGATES
- Feed & Grain
- Pulp & Paper and wood products
- Pharmaceuticals
- Biofuels & Chemicals
- Plastics
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Does your equipment need calibration which is paramount for your business? PST provides calibration services with equipment calibrated by NATA accredited laboratories as primary standards and is therefore traceable to the National Standard of Measurement
"Are you Uncertain – now be sure “

Our Services
- Temperature probe and other instrument calibration range up to 650 degC
-  Infrared thermometer calibration range up to 500 degC
- Pressure calibration range from 0 to 700PSI
-  Sound calibration 94 dB & 114dB at 1kH
-  Humidity calibration from 20% to 90%
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thank you for your support in 2014 

Best Wishes,
the PST Team
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Every Aquarium needs individual attention, are you planning on setting up your Aquarium this holiday?

PST has a wide range of PROFESSIONAL INSTRUMENTS for fresh & Salt Water Aquarium to ensure excellent repeatability and measure of pH, free & total chlorine, iron, ammonia , Salinity ,LUX , Dissolved Oxygen ,phosphate and temperature

Visit us at or call us on 13002720

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