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I like writing documentation more than i'd like to admit.

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Rain makes everything better.

Guys, short question: is it a bad idea to try to uninstall plymouth by removing the hook, kernel parameters, etc, AND executing "find / -name plymouth* -delete"?

Come on, +Google Drive. We want #driveforlinux .

Hi guys,
I have the HD partitioned in 4 partitions. sda3 is mounted in /, sda4 is mounted in /home. Which is the best way to remove the partition holding /home (for other purposes) and move the content in home and the mounting point to sda3?

Really, really liking the new Spotify.

Typing Dvorak; no turning back?

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Off-canvas menus. :)
Off-canvas navigation tutorials seem to be overly complicated online, so I decided to write a simple and lightweight one!

Hopefully you enjoy, bit of a long one, but worth it if you're looking for a simple way to accomplish it!
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Noticia triste del día: Murió la batería de mi computadora.
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