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I wrote an article about Google's upcoming algorithm change (Mobile-Friendly) schedule on April the 21st.

Check it out, feedback is appreciated it.

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Mercedes-Benz unveils the F015 Luxury in Motion, a self-driving concept car.

  #mercedes   #selfdrivingcars   #ces2015  

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"Is Your Website Ready to Perform Online in 2015? " 

#inboundmarketing   #websitedevelopment  

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How does Google use Percolator, Dremel and Pregel?

Mr. Cutts talks about the Technical side of Google indexing and the infrastructure behind it.

#Webmastertools #Percolator #Dremel #Pregel

Getting everyone to use the same project management software is a challenge, but everyone seems to have a Dropbox account. Sitedrop Turns A Dropbox Folder Into A Visual Workspace Where You Can Collaborate With Others. 

Visit their site here:

Read the article here:

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NEWS: Major security alert!

Heartbleed is a major security flaw identified in OpenSSL that left people all across the Web vulnerable to having their passwords and other sensitive data stolen. 

What should you do about it? 
Simply change the passwords of the services you consider important (email, banking, shopping) and continue with your normal life. Select passwords with 10 or more characters and use at least upper and lower case letters and numbers. 

We heard rumors that iOS was not affected by this but you should change your passwords just to be safe. 

Android Users here's how to check if your device is at risk:

Please share this with your friends and family  

#trending #heartbleed #news #hackalert
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