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Madame Cell en XuntAs
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+Anne Beuttenmüller  +Matilde Tusberti  +NIA Ops  +Hank Johnson  +Joe Philley  +Brian Rose  +Brandon Badger    and Niantic people,

I’m the owner of Ingress Enlightened Galicia (Spain) g+ community, as I’m currently one of the veterans still alive in our faction. I’ve been in contact  all this time with every single one that has joined Enlightened. There is an agent in our hostile zone that is brilliant, far above the mean. She and her son have been fighting bravely for months against an insane outnumbered army of enemies.

My intention is to speak on her behalf as the situation is strongly unfair.

Once Niantic announced officially that every player using unofficial software was going to be banned, I, personally, started to warn our agents in all groups to cease the use of apps as IITC or broot. I do know that she gave up using this software both in the PC and the mobile. Some weeks afterwards, she was banned. We gave her advice about writing an apology letter to you, Niantic, and, finally, she recovered her suspended account. The Enlightened community at Vigo, our city, became happy again, as our beloved agent was active, again, bursting the Resistance portals. Some days after, she became inactive, no logging, to save ammunition for a future operation.

And then, after some days of inactivity, her account has been suspended again!

We do need to know what happened… has she been reported again with false charges? has she been hacked? what can she do to prove her innocence and definitely clean her profile?

Please review this dossier… this dossier called @aranttxa… a brilliant agent that is no longer playing with us shoulder by shoulder.

She is tired, feeling hopeless… help us, Niantic, we trust your judgement.

Thank you for bringing alive such a immersive game providing a universe around our lives.

Thank you in advance for your consideration


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