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to all of the responses as to my age, i just turned 21 for the 3rd time. so i been there, prolly done more than you, my life back then was out of control. janis rules, as does jimi. i nursed on the Stones. iron butterfly, steppenwolf, etc.

so go sit down.

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and you wonder why the divide is still there? nobody owes you a damn thing, if you are good enough, you will get your rewards. i used to like chris rock, but his latest comments say that he has a lot of bridge crossing yet to do himself. Jada ain't gonna win nothing with that racist attitude.

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totally awesome discovery, thanks for the share, Taaha.
Drums (Pete Riley) Sax (Zak Barrett) Guitar(We all know who he is :)) Bass (Seth Govan, Guthrie's brother)
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