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quality London smurfing

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Why, yes, I would like a double Resistance gin and tonic, thanks very much.
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Just a very little feature request: it'd be really nice to be able to group my to-do list by city. I live in London and will routinely do banners in London. But when I spot a banner that looks interesting in a city I'm going to visit, I add it to my to-do list as a way of bookmarking it for when I visit that city.

Being able to separate out my to-do list into stuff I can do now (because it's in my home city) vs. stuff I want to do when I visit some other city would be really helpful especially as I have banners on my to-do list that are in America and other places that are quite a long journey away.

Players: what we really want is all the spoofers and cheaters and weird stalkers banned, plus it'd be really nice to be able to reorder our missions and badges, and either get rid of, or massively reform, the damn Guardian badge as it causes too much nastiness and drama.

Niantic: so, what you are saying is you want more global shards? 👌
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Yesterday, I finished the EXO5 2000 badge. I was up to around 635 on Friday night, then a visit to Kew Gardens with the kind and generous assistance of +Elliot Corner got me up to 1366 by the end of Saturday. On Sunday, I went back there to help get +Aurélie Zahm and ElectricWheel to the 500 level badge as well as finishing off my 2000.

I got a ridiculous amount of AP, and am glad I got the badge. My Mind Controller stat is now much closer to Platinum.

Fields thrown: 2,000
Links made: 1,848
Resonators deployed: 4,201
KM walked: 84

I think this badge was definitely a case of +Niantic seeing how much they could push players to the extreme (the fact the second tier badge is also black is proof of that). The previous Magnus Builder and Via Lux event badges were pretty tame in comparison. I do hope that the next event badge is a little less "grindy", but I'm glad I finished it. iOS, lacking the hardware 'back' button of Android, has no way to skip the fielding animation. This makes throwing 2000 fields rather slower than it does for Android users.

I now really want to go to Kew Gardens scanners down and see the place properly. Good luck to anyone attempting to finish it off today.
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This morning, I reached Level 16 in Ingress, on the 365th day since I first started playing. I wanted to commemorate this achievement by writing up a few things I've done while playing this amazing game.

Some American friends had been playing Ingress for a year or two and banging on about it endlessly in a chatroom I was in. On May 2, 2016, I downloaded this game. Despite a life of working and playing with technology, my skepticism towards technology won the day and I chose to play for the Resistance.

The same week, there was an Ingress First Saturday event in London, at St Katherine's Dock. I met players from both sides, and my team mates helped me level up and loaded me up with kit.

It took a while for me to actually get involved with the London Resistance: the process of getting approved was a little onerous (no longer!). In the meantime, I was added to a local group of players in the Victoria area.

I remember early on when I got home after a long day at work. I popped to the local shop and while I was there, I got a message on Hangouts asking me to go down to Millbank and throw as many blocking links as I could across the Thames. I wandered up and down Millbank making microfields and throwing random links, and collecting keys. I crossed over Lambeth Bridge and started shooting links over the river. The portals on the other side quickly got JARVISed. I went back to Millbank and got more keys and started throwing back over the river. My portals quickly got vapourised. As I walked down Millbank, I realised that there was an ENL player following me. They were so many frogs in the area, the operation that Hangouts told me is going ahead must be. Now I've got this guy tailing me. What should I do?

I crossed over Vauxhall Bridge and looped around the station and tried to lose my frog friend in the crowds, before double backing and silently grabbing a whole stash of keys from as many blue portals as I could. Back over Vauxhall Bridge, I sat by a portal for an hour or two, waiting until the ENL took down one of my links and then just throwing another to a different Vauxhall portal.

During that time, other RES players had been dispatched to add more blocking links all across south London. It got to about midnight and I had to go home. The ENL got the field up, but they missed the checkpoint and couldn't throw it from their original starting point, instead having to redo all their plans and throw from Heathrow airport.

I attended more events including Via Lux in Birmingham, and Cologne. I've done Mission Days and First Saturdays in London, Brighton, Cardiff and Cambridge. When I visited Brazil, we met up with local smurfs and in one evening, we literally made a whole city blue. The next day, they made the whole state blue.

During the Via Lux Adventures badge, I went over-the-top and got 1,826 uniques, having visited Cologne for the anomaly, and Brazil, I was desperate to not be stuck with the lower tier badge, so overcompensated.

Missions have been a huge part of my Ingress experience: I'm now up to 758 completed missions, including some ridiculous banners. I did the London Resistance banner over a weekend and got the bug. Since then, I've done the London Shards, Team Kraken and Köln Cathedral mega-banners, as well as lots of others including Blue Heart of London, Soho Rainbow, the UnB Resistance banner (A Universidade é livre) and so on. I hope to submit my first banner mission very soon. Keep an eye out for it.

Other fun things I've done during my rise to 16: I found Klue cards during the London dead drop. During the double AP event, I battled through the freezing cold to get to L15.

The most recent big field I participated in was due to the Herculean late-night fielding efforts of Maestro179, QueenOfLions, Grolt2015 and my partner ElectricWheel.

I'm looking forward to a whole lot of new challenges. I'm going to keep on collecting black badges (next up: Trekker and Illuminator), work on getting a whole load more platinums (very close to Platinum Pioneer), and I'm looking forward to more anomalies and mission days. This month, I'm helping Smurf the Earth (you should too!), and I'm excited by the 13MAGNUS Builder event.

London's Ingress community hasn't been without its fair share of conflict, so I want to thank a whole load of players, both RES and ENL for being amazing, including: +Tim G, +Evelina Falconer, +Mark Whittingham, +Stig, +Boobookitty wtf, +Zoe Duhig, +Elliot Corner, +Silvia Carrus, +Matt Cuzner, +Michael Pills182 O'Donnell, +Kevin Gibson, +rosie morland, +Rob Herbert, +Pete Bentley, +David S, +Tania Jennings, +greyinferno, +Althara Dawn, +Bruno Tolosa, +Caroline Leslie, +Ck Dc, +Ekan Vitki, +ford tippex, +Julie-Anne Badier, +Nicholas Cornish, +Rob Martin, +Angelic Demon, +Gideon Hallett, +Daryl Whelan, +MissVix Star, and many many more.
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Two new badges this week: Platinum Explorer and Onyx Guardian.

It's been three attempts to get Guardian: the first time, I got to 78 days with a portal close to my home. Yeah, it took 78 days for an ENL player to go touch it (portals in that street now tend to get turned over every week or so). My second attempt at a Guardian was similarly accidental: a portal I deployed on in Brazil managed to live until 80-something days before being killed. I had no idea which portal and couldn't charge it from London. Third time lucky.

I've been kind of nonchalant about Guardian. I knew the likelihood of getting one to 150 days was low, and wasn't worried about it. I'm glad I have got it, but I ultimately would prefer it if the Guardian badge were to disappear to remove all the drama of Guardian hunting, scrapers and creepy stalkerish behaviour that the badge encourages. Not to mention, the "oh my god, why did you Jarvis my Guardian?!" messages you get when fielding.

Explorer, on the other hand, is an actual achievement. Back in September, I did 1,800+ uniques for the Via Lux Adventurer challenge and was rewarded with the Odyssey badge. Since then, I've been going all over London, and to loads of small towns, grinding every portal I can find for uniques. Platinum Explorer is a long slog. Finding 20,000 more unique portals is going to be a challenge.

My next challenges: Black Translator, Black Sojourner, Platinum Pioneer, and Level 16.
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Added photos to #IngressFS : London - 4th March 2017.
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This. +NIA Ops really need to communicate with players.
Dear +NIA Ops​​ please give us some dates! Some of us have to plan vacations for whole year in January allready. And some of us want to plan family vacations and non ingress related trips etc. But we allso want to take part of anomalies. Is there any anomalies this year? You don't have to give us names of the cities or countries give us dates and parts of the world. Give us something!

+Anne Beuttenmüller​​ +Matilde Tusberti​​ +Niantic​​ +Ingress​​ #IngressAnomaly #giveussomeinfo

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In March, there's going to be an Ingress First Saturday event. Come along! I'm the RES lead and +MissVix Star is the ENL lead. It'll be lots of fun.

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After quite a while without a London First Saturday, +MissVix Star  and me are happy to announce that FS will return to London in March. This time, the play area is the parks, streets and alleyways of Soho.
Part social, part competitive, Ingress: First Saturday is an Agent-organized meetup that happens on the first Saturday of the month. Come and join us in Soho on Saturday 4th March for a friendly #IngressFS event!

This is a Cross-Faction Event for agents of all levels, and is a great opportunity for newer players to level up, for the veterans to pass along their tips and tricks learned from experience, and for both sides to meet and have some fun.

*Further details TBC - watch this space!*

So, what's the plan?

Meet in Soho [location TBC] to check in - resistance agents check in with the Enlightened scorekeeper and vice versa. 

12PM - 1:30PM : GO GO GO!
Go! The clock starts ticking - get out into streets, squares and spaces of Soho and get capturing, linking, fielding and hacking as quick as you can! The aim is to gain as much AP as you can.

1:30PM - 2:00PM : TALLY UP
Stop! Return to the starting point to record your final AP.

Announcement of the winning faction and level-up legends and the chance to share the best and funniest parts of the day.
Celebrate all the things! There may even be prizes....

For those so inclined, there will be some post-event celebrations involving food, BEER and of course delicious CAKE.

We look forward to seeing you there, from level 1 to 16! Any questions, just ping us here, contact us via hangouts or g+ or grab us before the event. This is a public event so please do share.

ENL Contact: MissVixStar -
RES Contact: Py Arb
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