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PPP Taking Care Personal Alarms
Helping you to live well, remain independent and embrace a healthier and a more active life.
Helping you to live well, remain independent and embrace a healthier and a more active life.


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How Personal Alarms Work | Telecare Products
If you or a family member is considering a personal alarm to help them remain independent, you might be interested in the short animation explanation of how personal alarms work.

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*Personal alarms provider - introducing PPP Taking Care*
PPP Taking Care help older adults live independently and healthily through telecare and personal alarms.

Customers can get help at the press of a button with a personal alarm and enhance the service they receive with a fall detector, bogus caller button, home sensors and key safes. The alarms can be worn as pendant alarms or around the neck.

Find out more about PPP Taking Care at

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How Can We Improve The Transition Of Patients From Hospital To Home?
Over the last ten years, episodes of adults aged 65 and over being admitted to hospital has increased by over 2 million, equating to 62% of hospital beds occupied by those in this age bracket.

In combination with the vast amount of people being admitted to hospital, there is also an estimated cost of £820m to the NHS for those who no longer require acute treatment but have not been discharged.

Substantial cuts to budgets have hit the adult social care system hard and with that, occupational therapists (OTs), who are at the heart of transitioning patients from hospital to home, are finding themselves too stretched to meet demand.

Read more at #health #wellbeing #OTs #occupationaltherapy #TEC #homecare #healthcare #telecare
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How the analogue to digital telephone transition affects telecare
Today’s telecare relies on the current phone network. The analogue-to-digital telephone transition will affect the services provided by telecare providers and local authorities. Read about the challenges and opportunities. #telecare #digital #analogue #localauthority
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Caring for carers – rising to the challenge
Research from @CarersUK says there's 2.4m people with caring responsibilities for both children & elderly relatives. If you're an employer, this can have a dramatic effect on your staff's wellbeing.

We look at what you can do to help in this free webinar 'Caring for Carers':
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Free Webinar: Caring For Carers
AXA PPP health expert Dr Vicky Mason and PPP Taking Care's Naomi Snell discuss the growing trend of employees taking on caring responsibilities and how this can impact them and your business in this free webinar.

The webinar explores:
- The reasons why this is a growing trend
- The impacts on both the employee and the business
- How organisations can build robust strategies and policies to provide support for employer an employees
- The role of Occupational Health
- Services that can help employees through the care ‘maze’

#sandwichgeneration #carers #caring #worklifebalance #webinar
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Employee Benefits Live 18
We're at the Employee Benefits Live exhibition on 2nd - 3rd October. Pop along to stand A22 to learn how our Taking Care helpline can support employees who have caring responsibilities.

#EBLive18 #Carers
PPP Taking Care
PPP Taking Care
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Case Management Service
Our Case Management Service provides personalised, practical and co-ordinated advice from a dedicated Case Manager. We can help with challenges ranging from how the health and social care system works and benefit entitlements, to the different types of care and certain legal matters you may need to consider.

Your Case Manager is a trained health and social care specialist so you can be confident they are trustworthy, experienced and will give you reliable advice.

We’ll discuss your individual situation to understand your specific needs and any issues you’re facing. You’ll receive personal advice and guidance on the wide range of services that are available to make life easier for you and your family.
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Wellbeing Check Service
It’s surprising how many people can find that a day passes by and they haven’t spoken to anyone. You know your relatives care deeply about you, but other pressures can get in the way. They may be struggling to balance work commitments and demands from children, making it difficult to ring.

With our Wellbeing Check Service, you’ll receive a 20 minute phone call once a week by a designated member of our friendly helpline team.

We’ll ask you how you’re feeling and generally get to know you. You can talk to us about anything you like, your hobbies, how your week is going and about any concerns you may have, the choice is yours. Chatting together can often reveal problems you are facing, perhaps a household chore is becoming a bit difficult, or the heating is playing up. We can offer you advice and recommendations, or if you wish our helpline team can keep nominated family up-to-date.

You might have some things you’d rather not worry your family about and would prefer just to talk it through with us. And that’s OK too.

If we identify any health or wellbeing concerns that we feel need further investigation, we’ll suggest you contact your GP or another healthcare professional, or our medical helpline if you receive this service. And if you choose, we’ll make sure your family contact is kept fully up-to-date.

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Safe Home Assessment Services
Living independently in the home you love is often top of the list for many people, especially as you get older. Feeling safe and secure can make a big difference to you, and the way you live.

With our Safe Home Assessment service, a trained assessor will visit your home to ensure that you’re living in an environment that is safe and suitable, and that all your care and support needs are met.

We can normally arrange a visit within days which means you are not reliant upon where you live or time constraints that may be in place with local authorities or other organisations.

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