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Fall is just 12 days away, and even though the hot days of summer are gone, we will all be turning our furnaces on soon. Maintenance Neglect is the #1 reason for furnace failures. You may not realize it but your furnace has been running all summer.. Call Today and schedule your Furnace Tune Up.. (815) 909 - 5272

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Its never a bad time for a great deal.. Call POZITIVE heating, today for your end of Summer Special.. (815) 909 - 5272

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Change your Furnace filter to help maintain an even distribution of air flowing through your vents. Air filters can help you save on heating an cooling costs and should be changed every month depending on the type of filter.

To change your filter, follow these steps:
1. Turn the power to your Furnace off off.
2. Remove and discard the old filter.
3. .Mark on the filter the date you replaced it.
4. Insert the new filter with the arrows pointing in toward the blower.
5. Turn the power to the Furnace back on.

How would you like to have a new A/C installed and not have to pay for it till next year?? Call POZITIVE heating & cooling Today and ask how.. (815) 909-5272 Service calls still just $69.00 24/7 through the month of Aug.

Proactive maintenance is important because it can reduce your utility bills, prolong equipment life and maximize safety in your household.

An Annual POZITIVE Maintenance Agreement provides you with a complete precision tune-up of your heating and air conditioning equipment, ensuring lower overall operating costs and greater year-round comfort. You'll no longer have to remember when to call for your maintenance. We'll send you a reminder to schedule your appointment at a convenient time. With your cost minimized and the peace of mind from knowing your equipment is running perfectly, it is a great value.

POZITIVE Maintenance Benefits:
Two annual maintenance visits
Certified HVAC technicians
Priority service over non-plan customers
Fast response & 24/7 emergency service (no overtime charges)
Maintain & validate manufacturer warranties
Reduce risk of costly breakdowns
Increase efficiency & reduce energy costs
Increase equipment longevity
Maintain safe operation
Improve comfort and reliability
Discount on heating & cooling equipment
20% discount on heating & cooling repairs
Discount on HVAC accessories
Discount on service fees

AC Filters
Keeping the dust and dirt out is critical to your AC system’s ability to work effectively.
Clean filters allow your air conditioner to run more efficiently, which can save you money on energy bills and help you avoid a costly repairs or replacement. Plus, a clean filter promotes a cleaner living environment by improving your home’s air quality.

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Did You Know??
…a Contactor is the main switch that supplies power to your Compressor.
A Contactor is the major killer of compressors. A contactor with pitted or corroded contact points, is the #1 cause for compressor failure. Ask the experts POZITIVE heating & cooling: Replacing a Contactor older than 5 years will extend the life of your air conditioner. (815) 909-5272

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Temps in the 90's this week, if your A/c goes out don't sweat it, help is just a phone call away.. (815) 909 - 5272

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Have your very own POZITIVE experience today...

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Its never a bad time to humidifier your air.. Call and schedule your humidifier installation today.. (815) 909 - 5272
Tired of waking up to a sore throat, itchy eyes??? Humidify your air with an APRILAIRE powered humidifier.. Call today (815) 909 - 5272
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