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No health care ruling today, but this big one from the Supreme Court.
The Supreme Court on Monday rejected a constitutional challenge to a central provision of Arizona’s anti-illegal immigration law, clearing the way for similar legislation to take effect in other state...
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gotta get the "papers please" provision tossed out as well.
Arizona is vying for worst place to live in the country. It's already a burning hell hole so an overreaching law force and bureaucracy is just flavoring.
They underestimate the usefulness of immigrants beyond words. Their stupid Governor is laughable, to say the least!
I feel sorry for the innocent people amongst them. 

@KeithOlbermann: BTW Native American groups need to see proof your ancestors got here legally. Hope you have it on you RT @THESuper...
 a President should serve the people he has sworn to serve first. This is now a law serving election campaigns and the whims of an incumbent President to generate the Hispanic vote.
+John Hargis Sr , just because he isn't serving your interests doesn't mean he isn't serving the interests of the people at large.  There are serious constitutional issues with the AZ law.  

You raise an interesting point about electioneering, however I think the unconstitutionality of the law renders that argument moot.
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