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A.O.R. & Westcoast Radio
A.O.R. & Westcoast Radio


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01-We belong [Midnite City].
02-Am I the one [Iconic Eye].
03-Tighttrope [Vandenberg's Moonkings].
04-Andrea [Adellaide].
05-Bloodsucker [Pink Cream 69].
06-Un noche más [El Desván].
07-One to kill [Annihilator].
08-Living a lie [Bernie Shanahan].
09-Born in fire [Steve Walsh].
10-Cassandra's curse [Shakra].
11-Cross that line [Michael Kratz].
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01-I'm burnin' for you [Blue Oyster Cult].
02-Slip away [Gardner & Fuller].
03-Reign again [Jeff Scott Soto].
04-Dream on [4 Sale].
05-Warsaw [Steve Walsh].
06-Vagabundo [Isthar].
07-Lionheart [Serenity].
08-Warrior [Stan Bush].
09-Do you believe in love [Phantom V].
10-I won't be your hero [Code Red].
11-Dreams come true [Bill Hughes].
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01-Tell it to my heart [Cry Of Dawn].
02-Broadway Joe [Keven Jordan].
03-Meet me in Montana [Dan Seals].
04-Million miles away [Phil Cristian].
05-Once in a lifetime [Andy Rock].
06-Helping hand [Lit Lizzard].
07-Miento a la nostalgia [Rafa Martín].
08-Alley cat [Seventh Wonder].
09-Perfect imperfection [Tomi Malm].
10-Austria [Robby Musenbichler].
11-Liar [Red Dawn].
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01-Lion's den [Adellaide].
02-Out of control [East Coast].
03-Island [Robin Beck].
04-All I want is you [Dan Hill].
05-To the moon and back [Moritz].
06-Un minuto más [Santa].
07-Pumpkins united [Helloween].
08-Favor [Tomi Malm].
09-The sun ain't gonna shine anymore [Russell Hitchcook].
10-Cold as ice [Houston].
11-California dreaming [Rick Price & Jack Jones].
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01-Hard to kill [Heaven & Earth].
02-Sugar [Degreed].
03-Don't surrender [Revolution Saints].
04-Anything for you [Oxygen].
05-Nights in Japan [Adellaide].
06-Lodo [Tierra Santa].
07-We can not be silenced [Panzer].
08-Walk the earth [Europe].
09-Dangerous love [Houston].
10-Heat of the night [Code Red].
11-If this is love [Drive She Said].
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En ¡Seguimos creciendo y estando presentes en más plataformas de radio!.
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Programa especial de ViriAOR Radio Show donde desgranamos el cartel del DD Fest 2, festival de rock melódico que se celebrará en Madrid los días 13, 14, 15 y 19 de octubre.
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Ya puedes escuchar Planetario AOR en una nueva plataforma.
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01-It hurts [Coldspell].
02-I lost my mind in America [Autograph].
03-Sandy [Tony Carey].
04-Tight wire [Target].
05-Rough diamond [Scherer & Batten].
06-Es una selva ahí fuera [Tarzen].
07-A heart as black as coal [Nocturnal Rites].
08-For those who love you still [Java].
09-Live your dream [Stan Bush].
10-I can't tell you why [Boulevard].
11-Star ferry [Noriyuki Makihara].
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