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Check the cover of Q Magazine OUT NOW >>>
More about what's in issue Q311 here >>
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Might just have to grab myself a copy. First time in 10 years I reckon! Hope it's as amazing as your 1Xtra interview.
very languishing look bewitching)
Plan B xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I wanna marry u
plan b!!!<3<3xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx He's fit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+PLAN B thanks for adding me to your circle scream i love yours songs...Es un secreto and Tarde En La Noche are my favourites <3 <3
plan b scared me but its quite a good song...
Such a good insightful article, says it how it is love that. 'engaging with these kids' 'I believe in people' we should encourage kids to have a mind of their own and to feel they are a valuable part of society not worthless. Positivity and help to nurture our children in society to go for their dreams and not feel like they are out of reach. Bloody love Plan B more please:) x
Tell, whether there will be Plan b concerts in August? Can be there will be concerts in clubs? I will arrive from Russia, specially on a concert! It is my big dream! I last year, in July started to dream of him! I came to London from Russia in September and November to see Ben. But at me it turned out nothing. ((Please, transfer him greetings from me and tell that my dream nearly a year it is simple to see his and to receive the autograph and the photo! Thank you!
Hi Swata, please don't worry about that, your message takes me to go to catch and meet with him, the concert will be happen in your city, wish your dream would become a reality soon, i thought probably you must be happy to get his autograph! cheers!
Thank you very much, darling. I will go on concert in 25 July 2012 on Ibiza!!! I m happy!!!
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