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P. Kim Bui
Nerd. Journalism. Social Media.
Nerd. Journalism. Social Media.

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Ohhhh....I will use this.

I'm a little frustrated with my stream in Facebook. So, hello, Google friends. What's shakin' today?

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I've seen this. Have you?

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Just because there is a picture of a wax Colin Farrel. Oh, and it's a good story.

We've got a open hangout going on at the LA Auto Show with +Matthew DeBord right now. Head to the +KPCC page for more!

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KPCC is now on Google+. Say hi!

Help me built a list of people at #occupyLA or covering it that I can trust. Leave your suggestions in the comments.

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Something just happened here. Most outlets in LA reported that the City Council voted unanimously to support #OccupyLA. We retracted it. No one else has.
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