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Guess: Who Will Be Pakistan's Captain For T20 & ODI?
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aghar to misbha ko khilana hai.. to phr.. to isi ko hona chahye.. aghar nhn khilana to yah to sab say achi bat hai.. phr.. hafeez hi sahi hai.. afridi bhi .. ki qismat bhi pakistan ki tarhan hi hai.. buri.. is lye unhain bhi nhn hona chahye..
Ofcourse Afridi coz he deserves to be a captain...
Young one like Azam or U-Akmal for T20. Afridi for One-day. Misbah for Test.
Hafeez deserves a chance
He is far better allrounder than Afridi (although afridi's fan will never admit)
Afridi can only be captian of T20, ODI format needs a serious captian
That would be interesting option coz Hafeez do have patience which sometimes is missing in afridi and aggression which is by far lacking in Mishah. Would be worth a try. Good luck Hafeez. May ve he turns out Smith of SA.
i think muhammad hafez is best becous he is young and give good perfomance in present time
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