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So we are supposed to pick the one that doesn't fit right? 8 does not belong because that one is actually kinda true. :p
Haha you're right, 8 is kinda true.
This is great!

You, my dear +PJ Perdue , have been elevated to my "Totally Awesome People!" circle for consistently posting awesome epic-osity. Welcome!
Point 6 may be valid. I believe there's at least one biblical reference saying you can go to hell for infertility; so as far as religious marriage is concerned, it should get exactly the same treatment as homosexuality.

EDIT: The first reference I can cite is Deuteronomy 23:1 - "No man who has been castrated or whose penis has been cut off may be included among the Lord's people." (Good News bible)
one reason to tolerate Gay Marriage - LIBERTY
you got to be kiding me...
You guys are the biggest jerks ever i hope you have time to bury your self. Gay people are amazing they well probably be the nicest people you will ever meet so you should just shut your mouth.
I've always hung around tall people (especially when I was younger) and I have definitely become taller over the years so number 2 must be true :)
+Angel Wedge, I think there's enough stuff in the bible to discount just about everyone from being "the lord's people". So thank you for showing me that someone can go to hell for being accidentally chemically castraded.
If no 2 was true I'm definitely looking for tall friends tomorrow!
+ashten lee this image, if you weren't paying attention, is dripping with sarcasm. I am a firm supporter of GLBT rights, and find this image very humorous and effective in getting the point across with its use of sarcasm and hyperbole.
...and Long rhymes with schlong. Don't be rude to the host.
Wow, all great points... Should be banned indeed! asap....
+Carlos Juarez well #2 is kinda true if you talk about fat people. If you hang out with fat people it can make you fat...
if god loves everyone then he loves both men and women and he accepts everyone no matter what so if your trying to say that he sacrificed him self just for straight that completely UN-holy like. i know my god and he would not care what you do as long as its from the good of your heart and soul that he will support you and guide you no matter what sure it says only men and women should marry but does it say he will hate on those who love the same sex?
Let the gays marry each other, is just a paper contract anyways. The only problem that I see in all this; is the hell of a time when adopted children will have trying to explain to their school friends, why they have two dads or two moms... Big taboo in there, but someone has to suffer first.
Mike J.
Excellent list, thx for sharing.

BTW, if you think gay marriage is confusing, wait until we get to the next stage...bisexual group marriage! It'll be complete PANDAMONIUM!! (Yes, I'm ignoring the whole 'pet marriage' thing)
Honestly I Think Some Reasons Are Dumb. Like 7 Isnt True. I Have An Aunt. She's Straight And Has Two Gay Children. If People Want To Be Gay Let Them Be Gay. Gay People Are Not Animals. Their Human Just Like The Rest Of Us. We Have No Right To Judge Them. If They Want To Get Married, Let Them. It's None Of Our Business How They Live THEIR Life. #gaymarriage
+Mike J. I never thought of bisexual group marriage...where would that lead us eventually? Communities of people rather than families? If that became socially accepted, would it be better for the kids or worse?
Once you got gay marriage, you'll have bisexual marriage, then that opens the door for polygamy ... and once those people can all get married, they'll be adopting or having kids, and then you'll have kids raised to believe all those things are acceptable! It's a slippery slope ...
well, +Angel Wedge I do agree that someone has to keep the long term picture in mind despite how easy of a transformation the next natural step seems to be. However, it's not necessarily a bad thing. Society is evolving naturally and it has been beneficial and has made sense so far.
(In case anyone takes my last comment seriously, that argument can be abbreviated to "If it's OK to be gay, then ... kids might think it's OK to be gay." Somehow, too many people treat this as a rational argument)
gay marriage is an unnatural act and because of this is prohibited in all religions. God has given sexual desire to human beings and all other animals and also have guided us how to fulfill this desire in a meaningful way. The main philosophy of sexual desire is to get married and giving birth so that the human race continues and we may not face extinction.
+Zaigham Abbas One day the Earth will cease to exist and we will all be extinct. Why not live life for the time we have on this planet together and stop trying to follow some made up nonsense from centuries ago?
Please don't breed if you took this image seriously.
I've got a real reason for you - because it's immoral. Of course, if you have no values or morals, then what would you care? Nice poster. You make that in tech school? LOL
gay people cant make other gay people to chicks can screw till the cows come home they aint makin no baby and didnt god make us all in his image hmmmm
According to all religions man is eternal and will not be destroyed after earth's extinction, however if supposed earth will be extincted it's not a good logic to live an unnatural life.
See, there's the problem. You believe in fairy tales.
+Zaigham Abbas I think there's a few typos in your post. You've written "all religions" twice when you meant "my religion."
I don't follow your religion; I only believe in gods who've actually spoken to me. You stick by your beliefs, I'll stick to mine.
@Hannah moraga "let them be gay"? How very kind of you to allow same gender attraction. Please may I be straight? I'm not that into sausage and my gag reflex won't let anything longer than a baked bean down the back of my throat.
+Zaigham Abbas homosexuality exists in over 1500 different species, it's definitely natural. Homophobia only exists in one.
This is off topic but I yearn for the day people will finally understand that all religions are made up.
Can you give an example of homosexuality in any one of these species?
Politicians lie and make stuff up to be popular but they have nothing on those who made up religion.
In case it is found among animals, we are human beings and we have a number of virtues. God has created us with human values and also has guided us how to spend our life so that we achieve prosperity in our life.
+Zaigham Abbas said "Can you give an example of homosexuality in any one of these species?"

Dolphins are probably the species most like humans. They've been observed indulging in oral sex (or nasal!).

Black swans are a good example; long-term monogamous homosexual relationships, nearly 1 in 4 pairs are male-male. They even adopt eggs.

Penguins of several species have formed same-sex couples in zoos around the world, and have been known to hatch eggs found in their nests and care for a chick as their own. When separated by humans, "gay" penguins seemed uninterested in females.

Elephants, lions, polecats and hedgehogs ... need any more?
+Zaigham Abbas We are not born with any virtues...A child can be raised to believe anything. There are inclinations toward certain traits but that is a result of natural selection promoting those traits over millions of years. And stop bringing God into everything...think for yourself.
(un)happily same sex marriage is on the brink of legality in the UK, and there goes my last hope of never getting up the aisle. With my girlfriend wanting to get married I was considering converting but if gay marriage becomes legal (as it should) then I am totally screwed from both directions!
And i'm sorry for bursting any bubbles but..... Since God is undoubtedly a human creation, does that not make us the deity? That being the case, God can damn well go to his room and think about what he has done!
+Zaigham Abbas I'm not even going to start on the "God has created us" rubbish. The fact is that a homosexual couple causes you absolutely no harm what so ever whereas your ranting against homosexual couples based on stories causes them a great deal of harm.
Human being are born with certain prosper virtues such as love to justice and beauty and truth.
pffft 'we' nailed the dudes son to a stick, how virtuous was that?
They are born gay sometimes though
Clash between human values and satanic counter values is present all over the history, but it is certain that final victory is with human values.
And for polygamy see 'greed'. Or a sadistic need to be henpecked
+Zaigham Abbas that's just clashes between people, and if there was no religion then far fewer of them would have happened
All religions are not same, only pure religion can save humanity and distorted religions can't help mankind in his basic problems.
+Rob Wyland If interracial marriage is legal, then it also makes sense for gay marriage to be legal, no? Just food for thought....
+Zaigham Abbas finally someone is talking about human values. You meant love, respect and understanding, right? I absolutely agree with you, human values are the most important! All these satanic gay haters with their messed up values should rethink their position... People should be free to love each other either gay or straight way!
Come to think about it, Jesus spent most of his time surrounded by a bunch of dudes :)
loving human values results in hating homosexuality because its against human virtues
+Zaigham Abbas
Gay people will form couples marriage or no marriage, so why not let them marry? I mean, we no longer consider it okay to own slaves even though the bible says it's okay as long as they are from another country. We no longer feel the need kill people working on the sabbath. We no longer feel the need to gather the whole village to stone people to death for wearing garments of two different fabrics. Also, eating shellfish is no longer considered an abomination, so why is homosexuality considered one?

So, why not just embrace the message of loving your next and get rid of the hate? That is after all the main message that Jesus teached, to love one another.

Oh, and by the record: People are not born with virtues, but rather we inherit them mostly by the ones that are close to use when we grow up (usually our parents). And don't start saying something that homosexuals lack virtue, rather it is the one that decide to hate and oppress that lack virtue.

As for polygamy weddings I say why not? The western society is the odd one out living in an individualistic society while the majority of the world live in a collectivistik society. And no, letting couples getting married, as is already allowed, won't open any real door for poly-weddings. The only change is from "almost all couples may marry" to "all couples may marry". What is strange about that?

And a side note on unnatural things: Many christians tend to say "homosexuality is not natural" but when proven that it is indeed very natural you come up with the lame excuse "but humans aren't animals". But thing is: If homosexuality exists amongst humans, that must be natural, right? It's like how it's natural that some have blond hair and a few have red. It's natural to be left handed. Just because it's not in the common norm doesn't make it unnatural, it only makes it unusual. See the difference.
I have dated two girls that were gay and are now straight and have met more than a ton of gay people that are to young to have relocated to a gay friendly community (but they live in one already) to know that for some people homosexuality is behavioral choice. So when I read #2 where they compare a behavior to a physical quality I kind of laugh. Homosexuality is not a physical quality and if it was it would have bred its self out of every animal by now since it would have created no offspring. If I have a tall mother and a tall father chances are I am going to be tall and no short friends are going to change that. If I have a mother and father that are bad at math and all my friends are math nerds.... chances are I might be better at analytical thought than both my parents. It doesn't mean I will be for sure but the chance has surely been effected.
I would love to rub people's noses in this. Unfortunately sarcasm is lost on them all; they just would not get it.
+William Trevino
I agree with you on that one partially. It's not so much a conscius choice, but ones sexuality can indeed change with time. And I vaguely believe that if people where less closed and afraid of not being heterosexual more people would embrace and be comfortable with a bit of change in their sexuality. But right now social norms and fears does strongly supress this, and a note that suggest that is partially biological is that people have been bi-/homosexual even in times where it was strongly forbidden and you feared going to hell for practicing same-gender sex. So it's not all in the head, but neither is it all in the genes. Like with many traits in human beings.
+William Trevino you do know that you can carry the genetic code for a wide number of physical traits without actually having them yourself?
+Zaigham Abbas, I'm guessing since you're British, that means you're catholic as well. Building off of that, if homosexuality is so wrong, why do so many of your priests molest their alter boys? Not that that's right but I mean that is your religion right? The ones preaching the word of your god. And then the church thinks its fine to pay the family and move the priest somewhere else to do it again to more boys.
+Andy Dodd Society is trying to repress some of our natural traits which is by itself unnatural.
This is sooo true! Please please please America, DO NOT MAKE THIS INSANITY LEGAL!! The reasons are right in front of you. 
the problem is that you don't believe on God and that we are His creature and must spend our life according to His will because He knows what is good for us and what is bad for us.
+Zaigham Abbas I think the problem is that you DO believe in god. There's no proof that God exists. If you think you're following a deities will then you're deluded, people wrote all religious texts. You're funny :)
+Jane Flowers true. I'm in the UK and we have civil partnerships for Gay couples I'm pretty sure gay marriage will follow. What I find funny is that some straight couples are fighting for the right to have a civil partnership instead of marriage. This is understandable as it's a legal bond not a religious one and many people just don't believe in religion.
the fact is that there is no proof of God nonexistence.
Ok, take religion out of the discussion. LGTB people should have all rights at the state level, including marriage. However, if a church refuses to marry an LGTB couple based on religion that is fine, but a Justice of the Peace, or Judge may not be allowed to refuse as they hold the letter of the law, free of religion. The two are not the same, but to protect freedom of religion, they must be allowed to refuse, while the secular state may not.
+Thomas King I don't think catholocism has much a following in the UK anymore, 72% of people said they were christian in the last census but only about 1% attend church regularly. I would think +Zaigham Abbas is more likely to he Muslim or Hindu. Or an Aethist with a bit of spare time :)
the main problem with Christianity is that it is loosing its real religious texts because they are almost deteriorated.
+Andy Dodd Treat marriage as a piece of paper which connects people together. Socially, religiously... doesn't matter, just a piece of paper. If people want to be together they will be married or not.
+Andy Dodd and if the genetic code (while active) lowers the chances of procreation (in this case it almost completely eliminates it since you are not attracted to the sex that would allow you to procreate) it slowly (get this) BREEDS ITSELF OUT OF EXISTENCE
But it is not good logic for a human society to get rid of religion from its social life, you must search for a pure religion with real religious and Holy texts.
The definition of marriage should be that you are allowed to marry one living thing that knows exactly what marriage is and that one living thing loves you more than any other living thing in existence. The feeling has to be mutual and they have to express that with intelligence. That's what I believe. It can't be two people or more because that is not what marriage has been defined to be. I believe there should be a new kind of union and word for people who want to declare that love for multiple people or intelligent animals. You just can't marry bacon. 
+Jane Flowers I think the issue here is more about how the state sees them, no marriage means very little rights
Also, all people with brown eyes must die out since blue eyes are much more attractive for the opposite sex hence a better chance for procreation...
+Jane Flowers that is called evolution. Unfortunately some people dislike blue eyes and some prefer brown. 
+Edwin Avila then evolution somehow made some attracted to the same gender... God, evolution - doesn't matter. It happened, it exists then it should be for a reason.
What religion provides love can provide as well. So you can have a society without religion. It's very possible. 
+Edwin Avila The point is that even if only blue eyed people bred you'd still get babies with brown eyes or red hair or who were gay and that could all be rationally explained by genetics.
+Andy Dodd I don't see how having red hair lowers you chances of procreation????? Did you not read my post or did you just reply blindly in ill hopes to win any argument regardless of it applies
As it happens they have already proved that genetic make-up is altered (or rather influenced) by experience and environment. Your DNA can change in response to external stimuli
I don't understand your point +Andy Dodd ? This is beside the point but wouldn't eventually only blue eyed people be born. Like breeding. 
Nvm Trevino answered my question with his penultimate post. Also this doesn't really matter. We should allow them to marry. Whether they die out or not. 
+Jane Flowers in what world are blue eyes more attractive to EVERYONE. personally give me some dark eyes any day over blue eyes :)
+Ron Ellenbecker I know a lot of men (and some women) that behave the same way. Always been a bit jealous of them :)
+Ron Ellenbecker but you shouldn't allow people to marry things incapable of knowing what marriage is. you can't marry a pillow because of that. This is a flawed argument. What would be a better argument is to show that other animals can be gay. Which is a fact. Either way marriage should be betweent two beings who completely understand what marriage is. So two men or two women should be allowed to get married. 
+Edwin Avila No, Brown eyed people or Gay people won't die out because they don't breed.
Why not just make a new kind of holy union that will function the same way as marriage only it won't be called marriage but some other more beautiful word for gays since HISTORY has defined marriage as one male and one female? 
+William Trevino It doesn't but the gene is recessive, meaning (ish) you need it from both parents in order to have red hair. If you assume that homosexuality is genetic then a lot of straight people would be carrying the genes to make gay children and as such pass it on.
By your logic gay people just pop into existence and don't have straight mothers or fathers
Marriage shouldn't concern genetics. Marriage should be purely on love that is it. No religion no science. A pure bond made of love. 
+William Trevino blue eyes is a mutation which only survived because it was found very attractive. It's a recessive trait as you know. Since we have so many blue eyed people that means that many found it attractive, so we kept this mutation alive and it didn't die out.
+Jane Flowers perhaps I wrote it wrong :). I meant if they didn't breed they woudln't die out but also I think I'm doing +William Trevino a disservice because I wandered away from his original point (largely because I'm having a very similar discussion elsewhere at the same time)
Personally I believe gay marriage is fine. If it's the way you prefer to live your life then so be it. If homosexuality is considered a sin, it is no more a sin than lying and envy, for example. People lie and are envious everyday.
If you read Leviticus it's almost impossible not to sin
Nadira. People kill all the time but it is a bigger sin than lying which also happens all the time. No religion on marriage. Just a deceleration of love. That is what it should be legally defined as. 
So being gay can be considered a bigger sin no matter the occurrence. 
mitt has sometin 2 s@y bout this issue likke listen to that fine man LOL
my cousin used to be married and had two kids but this man made him turn gay
Actually, loads of greek commanders used to be gay... How is air conditioning unnatural? only an idiot will reject air conditiong. "HOW DARE YOU KEEP ME COOL IN THE SUMMER?!"
So? crazy behaviour like our beloved biblical figure King Xerxes who was a party maniac and had 6 month long parties
Blacks cant marry whites and divorce is still illegal... im not american, but im pretty damn sure that noone got arrested cause of a divorce, or for getting married to a black person.
The sanctity of britney spears`s 55 hour fun marriage, interesting were talking about how gay marriage is against our religion, ain`t it, cause im pretty damn sure thats against our religion aswell.
Really? we can have more children? cause im pretty damn sure our planet is running out of resources, big time, and that the planet is overpopulating.
obviously gay parents will raise gay children? really? how did the first gay child ever come then? im pretty sure that person, had straight parents
America hasnt been living that Amish/ puritan life style since ever, so dont give us that bullshit
children can never succeed without a male and a female role model at home? Halle Berry, Eric Clapton, Bill Clinton, Tom Cruise, thats just a few
Gay marriage will change the foundation of society- havent adapted to cars? without cars, and computers, wed all be fucked if they all disappeared over night. I ain`t gay, but i dont think its right to ban Gay Marriage, how would you feel if you couldnt marry the person you loved? Its in their genes, so live with it.
As I see it you are free to believe whatever you want, as long as you don't try to justify plain unexcusable behavior with it. Discrimination and lower the life quality of one/many groups is one of them.

Just focus on the message of love one another is my point of view and you are all fine.

Oh, also.
+Zaigham Abbas
While there is no proof for Gods nonexistance it doesn't really say anything. It's like saying there is a invisible flying spaghetti monster flying around. There is no proof of that beings nonexistance as well. The burden of proof lies on proving something does exist, not to proof it doesn't exist. Because honestly, how can you prove that something does not exist?

So, what proof is there for Gods existans that really are proofs? No, I don't accept old bibel texts, because with that kind of proof we can prove just about anything.
+James Lopez Luckily, regardless of whether or not your point has any truth to it, it also has nothing to do with whether or not two people should be allowed to get married. I might also argue really old people don't "naturally fit" inside anything, but we still allow them to marry. I believe who you marry should be about love and commitment, and not about how awesome you are at having sex with each other.
"gay marriage" is oxymoron.
Wikipedia: "An oxymoron (plural oxymorons or oxymora) (from Greek ὀξύμωρον, "sharp dull") is a figure of speech that combines contradictory terms."
+Edwin Avila True although I was not suggesting that lying and envy were "on the same level" only that they are both sins which are regularly commited.
+James Lopez you don't have to fit in a person for it to be natural as many have stated above me that some animals have indeed been gay and are gay. So if animals of the same sex can be attracted to each then it seems pretty natural to me.
Marriage is arguably not natural anyways as it is an idea that was made by man. Therefore the idea can evolve. There is also the right given to us by life, god, and government to be attracted to anyone. 
I think, we reached the point, where this is the only possible way to determine, if god does exist:
+Stephen Archer
Problem with that kind of reasoning and old way thinking is that you don't do that anymore in basically any other area. Do you still stone people for wearing garments of two different fabrics (Lev 24 6-10)? Do you still think that you should kill people working on the sabbath (Exo 35:2)? Is it considered to be an abomination to eat shellfish (Lev 11:10)?

Stop using just the convienient parts that coincide with your human prejudice. Because fact is, the overall message is to love and get along, or am I wrong? Petty details change over time as you clearly must see, understand and admit.
sorry for that i didn't pay attention none of you guys are jerks i take it all back i should pay attention next time to what i read sorry.
I really don't care what you think about how sexuality works, if you deny other people the right to marrage baised upon their genders, that is discrimination baised upon race. I believe discrimination was outlawed by an ammendment the the constitution. I believe the constitution and its ammendment have more power than state or even national laws.

Also, 100th comment! I feel so special. 
+Josh Maleszewski
"if you deny other people the right to marrage baised upon their genders, that is discrimination baised upon race"

Dude, that's too deep, how did you connect gender and race into one discrimination? And then another one, even deeper: "...constitution... have more power...than... national laws". Another words, constitution has more power than itself.
Fun reading, write some more:)))
+Niki Bethel
"people need to learn to let them live and stop making such a big deal about THEIR lives..."

The problem is - THEY make a huge deal when people don't accept their families as married, and THEY start calling these people bigots and bullies, and they "fighting for the rights" with majority of the people, who grew up with traditional definition of marriage and who sincerely don't understand why all of the sudden they have to change their views.
THEY demand RECOGNITION NOW, but when people refuse to give it (each one has own reasons), THEY become aggressive, call them names and cry "discrimination!" not realizing, that their aggression makes bullies and bigots out of themselves. And people usually don't like bullies and starting to make a big deal.
It's that simple.
Identical to how blacks were first treated when they began speaking up for their rights to be treated as equal human beings. Whites who had grown up with the traditional, comfortable view of blacks as lesser humans had to change their views, and found it damned uncomfortable.
I always think it's interesting how Pro-traditional marriage groups are labeled as "intolerant" and "hate-mongers". I've seen way more hate speech and intolerance for differing opinions from gay-activists than anyone else.
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