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indieBRAG has a cover contest and I'd love your vote.

The inspiration for my book came from a blog post in October 2012 for Domestic Violence Awareness month.

If you'd like to read the initial blog post, the link is

A short excerpt for the inspiration, although the book is about having a successful marriage...

"I DIDN’T HAVE a childhood filled with innocence or a doting father whom I could wrap around my little finger. He didn’t tell me how beautiful I was, and he didn’t shield me from the world; in fact, he was the world from which I needed to be shielded, but wasn’t.
My father was an alcoholic who sometimes beat my mother. Anger was the first emotion to surface in our family because we lived in a household founded on fights. I didn’t learn to express my emotions with maturity because I didn’t grow up in a loving, calm and nurturing environment. And because my parents fought first, and sometimes apologized later, I learned to argue rather than discuss disagreements.
This disturbing family dynamic made me distrust men to the point that I’d planned my escape route long before I had a serious boyfriend or fiancé. I had dreams of happily ever after, but that was all they were: Dreams. I thought they were a fairy tale, not reality.
But when my mom left my dad and married my step-father, I saw a couple where respect, admiration and love were the key ingredients. Through watching their love grow, I learned that relationships could be happy, and marriages could last. I began to believe “and they lived happily ever after” wasn’t just a fairy tale ending after all.
I began to open up to the idea that not all men were bad, but my dad’s inappropriate behavior was the yardstick in which I measured the characteristics of the men I dated. I didn’t date bad boys. Guys had to kind and respectful before I would date them. If they reminded me of my dad in any way, I didn’t date them. "

Amazon link:

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Comforting thought...

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Cute children's book series...
#FREE #kidlit #kindle
🌟🌟🎃Please join us this Halloween for our New Book Launch!🎃🌟🌟

Our new Autumn / Fall-themed Rhyming Picture eBook (for ages 3-6) will be FREE from Sat 29th October to Tues 1st November.

We will also be giving away Halloween and book-related printables, and offering you the chance to see just how messy it can get if Odd Sock "helps" me to carve a pumpkin! The Top of the Wardrobe Gang have all got their Halloween costumes on ready...

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Cute Craft!

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Dragons are Real Book Blast   BeachBoundBooks is  pleased to coordinate the Dragons are Real Book Blast for the delightful children’s book written by Valarie Budayr and llustrated by Michael Welply. The blast will run May  2 – 4, 2016.     About the Book…

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