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PHPTRAVELS v5.3 Release Note.
The good news is here! today we are releasing PHPTRAVELS v5.3 with better features fast, secure and almost all sources optimized. this time we have worked more hard to bring ever better solution. we have gone through all customers requirements and implemented all the stuff you need for today's online booking and travel industry.
Online Demo :
Checkout Changlog :
Change Log v5.3:
Security patchs
Hotels details page now showing full address + map view
URL optimized for SEO performance
Theme system optimized from multiple files to single file
Functions.php confliction resolved for theming option
Added WOW Js to auto animated on scrolling
Default theme re-designed and improved all elements
New installation process with few clicks installation feature
Featured tours now showing with multiple locations on homepage
Backend visitors counter database table moved to json file
Countries moved from database to json json file
Suppliers registration page modified with better design
Order booking invoice [payment_gateway] wrong veribiable removed
Dohop flights active class bug resolved for main navigation
Responsive logo now upload with any size height or width
Main flights dohop search one way and round trip feature added
Invoice page refined with better look and feel
Inlcuded angular to show tours on homepage with responsive layout
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Upgrade instructions :
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