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Today, I did it. I finally completely deleted all of my Facebook accounts, including my author and book pages. Why? Facebook's support of CISPA threw me over the edge finally and completely. I kno...
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Many of these social networks are a time drain. I find myself now timing how long I'm reading articles, browsing G+, and the like. Having a good schedule as a writer is imperative to get rid of the stimuli. Good luck with your novel, and keep on writing. :)
FYI: According to a number of sources, Google hasn't taken a public stance on CISPA, but has reportedly been working with the government behind the scenes "to make the bill palatable to tech companies." So I am warily watching Google to see where they go with this, and will continue to use G+ until I see some actual facts.
I know, I've just never really gotten into Twitter.
We do need a way to regular traffic in illegal materials, even online (think pedophiles and terrorists), but CISPA is overkill.
oh crap, guess I need to drop Verizon now...
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