24 August 2016
Media Interview with President Rodrigo Roa Duterte
Taytay ,Rizal

PRESIDENT DUTERTE:... the people, official visits. For example, visiting camps of the military or going to the provinces and cities outside of Manila, in order not to disturb the traffic, nag-helicopter ho ako, kasi mas nakakatipid ang bayan. But then, in my going in and out of Davao, sa residence ko, whenever I go home, I do not spend a single centavo sa gobyerno ha. Wala... gastos ko po iyon.

I do not use government money when I go home and back to Manila for work. But for my outside visits to the military camps, and to be here, to pay my respects sa fallen hero. Lalo na sa anti-drug campaign.
Alam mo I lose about two policemen a day, nationwide. Nag-aaverage ako ng dalawang patay na pulis. And I’m really very sad because I... whether we like it or not, we have to die and we have to fight the menace of drug, the drug crisis in this country. There will be no let-up. Walang genocide, genocide. We do not go for [inaudible] of men, women, and children. The criminals who are dying, not us. ‘Wag kayo maniwala diyan sa UN, UN na ‘yan. Puro ka-torpehan ‘yan.
Wala man akong pinatay na reporter kasing ganda mo. So any questions? I am flying out. I’m going home at 7, catching up with the last flight sa PAL.

Q: Hi, sir. Mia Reyes po from TV 5. Sir, I’d like to make a follow-up on the matrix you’ve mentioned yesterday sir on the matrix on how—Ilan po sila sir, from what provinces and you’ve mentioned a governor?
PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes, maybe I’m going to. I think I have the, I brought home with me some documents to work on during extra time sa Davao. I’m busy but sa gabi, I still have enough time to, a little energy to work on the state papers, mga dokumento sa gobyerno to... make the marginal notes, “okay” “not okay” “approve” “disapprove.”

I think I have with me the matrix and there’s only one governor there and si De Lima kasali, ‘yung operation ng, ‘yung how it was so, how it came about that people were enjoying privileges when they’re supposed to be inside the prison, having night clubs there inside, Jacuzzi, women going in and out, and itong mga baril.

Ang problema is the question really of the moment is why were they enjoying such privileges as if they are not prisoners? So ‘yun ang sagot. Meron talagang nagbigay ng go-signal diyan. And it could not have come from any other person except the head of government. Imposible rin isang warden lang diyan, isang guardya mag“O, sige, mag-happy happy kayo. Mag-inom kayo. Sige, ‘yung mga babae, papasukin natin.”
[inaudible] impossible to do that unless you have the go-signal of the highest, and the highest was really the connect of the driver of De Lima, pati ‘yung ano niya, si Dayan.

But I would like to know, tanungin mo si De Lima kung meron ba siyang bagong boyfriend. Kasi kung ayaw niyang magbigay ng bagong boyfriend ng pangalan niya, ako ang magbigay sa inyo. She has a new boyfriend.

Q: Sir, how many are there on your list sir and--?


Q: No, sir--

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ewan ko, you ask De Lima.

Q: No sir, on the matrix sir, and matrix--

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: One, two, three, there’s a police superintendent there in the middle then the governor pati ‘yung boyfriend. One, two, three, four, five, six or seven.

This governor was already convicted for the crime sa ganyan. Ano na ito, papuntang prison na ito. But, I think he won this time. Anyway, just wait for the matrix, I’ll distribute it with an explanation to the public.

Q: Sir, can you confirm if Baraan and Dayan would be one of those--?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes, Baraan would be a key player there.

Q: State witness sir?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Baraan was a key player diyan and ‘yung si Dayan. All others that came out of this [inaudible] De Lima, I refuse to answer at saka wala akong pakialaman diyan sa mga bagay na ‘yan. Hindi ako lumalaro ng ganoon.

Q: Good afternoon, Mr. President, Evelyn Quiros from Manila Bulletin/Balita. Sir, ‘yung governor po ba na tinutukoy niyo na convicted, may kapatid po ba siyang congressman or mayor?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Bakit mo alam? Chismosa ka. You get a [inaudible]...

Q: Isa nalang po, Mr. President. May letter ‘U’ po ‘yung apelyido niya? May letter ‘U’?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I don’t know about the other guy. ‘Yung bagong boyfriend [inaudible]?

Q: No, Mr. President, ‘yung governor po.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ano? ‘Yung governor? ‘Wag na. Tutal, lalabas na ‘yan bukas. I know you have your correspondent there. Akala ko ba sa Davao kayo na-assign?

Q: [off mic]

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I’ll wait for you. Be there at-- but I’ll be back on Sunday because I have to go to-- I was invited by Presidente Arroyo to be present during her I think birthday celebration.

So by the way, I’m going there using a private chopper ha. For the social, ‘yung personal ko na imbitasyon, be a guest of baptismal, ‘yung birthday, I do not use government assets.

Q: Mr. President, on a lighter note, ‘yun pong mga earlier pronouncement niyo na ang PAGCOR and PCSO income po ay gagamitin sa --?

[interrupted by the sound of a passing motorcycle]

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Alam mo, kung sa Davao ‘to, pinalo ko na ng tubo ‘yan. [laughter] We do not have it in Davao. Pati ako nag-momotor ng big bike, binilhan ko talaga ng bagong-- pinagbabawal ko ‘yang ganoon. Nakakagising ng patay ang mga ulol.

‘Yung totoo. I do not have that kind of, hindi naman ako nang ano but I do not allow it there in my place during my mayorship. I don’t know about now, it’s my daughter.

Q: Mr. President, gong back to my question. ‘Yun pong income ng PAGCOR and PCSO, ang sabi niyo po ay pupunta sa health services--?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No, let me explain, pag na-late ako sa ano, i-book mo ako ng next available flight. Itong PAGCOR, itong lahat ng earnings ng PAGCOR, which is about 30 to 35 billion, will be used exclusively para sa mga medicines ng lahat ng Pilipino.

So pagtanong nila sa City Health… and I hope it would be utilized correctly. Ayaw ko ‘yung... wala na akong ibig sabihin pero sinasabi ko na ‘yung totoo, ayaw ko yang nakawan ng medisina, bakuna, cutting dito, cutting doon, but these will be used for and I will revive the Botika ng Bayan near the places where the government centers are and itong 30 to 35 billion, gagamitin lang ito para sa medisina ng tao so para walang mag-uwi nang hindi makabili ng medisina.

Now, itong online, galit ako kasi nag sprout everywhere. It started with diyan sa PAGCOR where the gambling head office is located then it started to sprout all over Dewey Boulevard pati na ‘yung mga barangay sa likod sa Pasay. Kaya ako nagalit kasi pati ‘yung mga bata naglalaro na pati kanino-kanino at there was no way of collecting the proper taxes.

Kaya ako nagalit because there are these persons who own it, ‘yun bang mga oligarchs. Ito ‘yung nakukuha ng mga privileges, concessions, franchise, ang capital nila laway lang. Kasi malalakas sila sa gobyerno, pati mayayaman. This has to stop. This has to stop. Hindi na nila panahon ngayon.

So ‘yun, ibababa, ibabalik ko ‘yung online provided, taxes are correctly collected, and they are situated or placed in the districts where gambling is allowed, which means to say, not within the church distance, schools, papayag ako.

Pay the correct taxes, you gamble your debt until you die, I do not really care. Magbayad ka ng taxes, and this will add to the fund, special trust fund for the medicines of the poor Filipinos. Am I clear there?
Q: Good afternoon, sir. I’m Ina from CNN Philippines. My question is on your anti-drug drive. Some urban poor groups are complaining that your efforts to go after the drug suspects are too focused on poor communities. Majority of the alleged drug suspects being killed are poor. What are your directives, if any, regarding efforts to go after drug suspects from the more well-off sectors?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I have been telling everybody, itong mga poor bleeding hearts kunwari para maging heroes sila sa in front of gullible people.

I am telling you time and again, that the drug lords are not here, they are outside directing the traffic of drugs by cellphones, satellite cellphones and they have this big picture of the Philippines where they can zero in on a particular-- maski dito itong sa punerarya ngayon, mazo-zoom nila ‘yan real time and they can hear us, itong mga gagong ito nakikinig itong--

And itong nasa baba po, mga lieautenants na ‘yan. Mga tinyente... ang sa baba niyan kasali, sad to say, ang mga pulis. Kaya itong may pulis namamatayan ako, I’m losing two policemen a day on the average.

Itong mga pulis na namatay in the line of duty, in the performance of duty, I go out of my way to visit, my last respect and give them a smart salute for the service of the country.

Itong mga ano, wala akong nakitang nag-distribute diyan sa Forbes Park. Nagbabantay rin ako kasi ang mga tao diyan hindi shabu ang hinihirit niyan. ‘Yung mga mayaman, cocaine pati heroine.
But cocaine and heroine is not as destructive as shabu because itong cocaine at heroine are manufactured out of the derivatives of a poppy. Tanim ‘yan pareho ng marijuana, so it is not as destructive to the mind as the meth, which is just really a combination of a deadly mix of chemicals. Sabi ko nga, ang tubig ginagamit diyan, tubig sa baterya.

Q: But sir, cocaine and heroine--?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Teka muna. Ito pa lang mayaman. Wala namang nagpapasyal doon. Kasi ang mga tao doon akala lang nila, intsik style ‘yan eh, paramihan. At the end of the day, kung ma-contaminate mo the whole of Tondo, isang milyon ‘yan gabi-gabi kasi halos gumagamit na lahat.

Kayong mga urban poor diyan, instead of forever-- Huwag ninyo akong bolahin ke galing ako diyan. Ang pamilya ko galing urban poor, kami pamilya ko sa Mindanao. Migrants lang kami.

Huwag ninyo akong bolahin sa kahirapan, dumaan ako niyan. Soon’t, don’t... huwag mo akong i-sentimental-sentimental ka diyan, hindi ko tatanggapin ‘yan. Just because you are poor, you are supposed to be excused from what? Apprehension? At ikaw kung lumaban ka diyan, bakit? Ang pulis ba na pumatay ito kay... mayaman? Was he a millionaire? Tell me who killed him? Ito ba ay negosyante? Mahirap, pa-drama drama na ‘yan, rich or poor, I do not give a shit.

My orders to the police not only to kill, whatever. Destroy. Just like the orders that I’ve been giving to the Armed Forces, pati Police -- Abu Sayyaf you destroy them.

Six... 3,600,000 confirmed addicts. Hundreds of thousands? How do I take care of that?

Ang budget natin every year ‘yun lang, hindi pa kasali na pag ka pumasok si Duterte maraming mamamatay, maraming gastos dito because you and I never knew how widespread.

We never realized the dimensional hugeness because only when ‘nong na-Presidente ako’t inipit ko lahat, nalaman ng buong Pilipinas ganon pala karami ang tinamaan.

Akala ko sa Davao... Sa Davao, wala talaga. Ako, pranka-pranka. Sa Davao, sabi ko: “Umalis kayo dito kung ‘di, papatayin ko kayo.” ‘Yung umalis, buhay.
Lumipat ng Tondo para magbenta. ‘Yung nagpaiwan, patay. And so, what could? Ano pa bang gusto ninyong aminin ko?

Q: Sir, but nonetheless cocaine and heroine are illegal. Are you saying that you are focusing more on shabu and you’re--?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Because it’s hard. And besides-- pero mga mayaman, that’s the data. Sasakay ‘yan ng eroplano.

Q: So you’re being less aggressive towards them?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I cannot be aggressive, I just cannot afford them and the fighter planes. Dadalawa na nga ‘yung jet ko dito sa Philippine Air Force eh, gastusan ko pa ng gasolina. Hintayin ko na lang pagbaba.

Q: So what can we expect from your government sir? And as far as going after drug suspects from the rich, let’s say – I mean, aren’t there maybe dealers from their--

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Hindi, tsaka hindi ‘yan sila. If they do it outside of... just before the boundary, you cannot do anything at all. Ito ‘yung Philippine skies, ito ‘yung boundary natin. You draw a straight line up, that is our space kung dito ‘yan sa international airspace, international waters, you can hardly do anything because crime is jurisdictional.
It must be committed within the territory of the Philippines. If it is out of airspace, out in the international sea. Kaya ‘yang mga big time ginagawa nila ang shabu nila sa boat, while in international waters, just before nearing the boundary, itatapon nila ‘yan, lagyan nila ng GPS so ma-locate ngayon ‘yan ng mga durugista kung saan naka-parking.

Stop this sense about the poor and the rich. Kasi kung sabihin kong mayaman lang ang hulihin ko, ang mahirap hindi, this country will go down as fast as… Ang pinakamarami dito, unfortunately though, hindi ako nag-iinsulto ng Pilipino, ‘yung mga mahirap, because they are the easy target. Magbenta ka diyan sa San Lorenzo Village, makita ka ng mga tao diyan babarilin ka.

Parang sa kanina, ako ang tatay, ‘yung anak ko malulong sa droga, barilin kita. Tapos bayaran ko ‘yang pamilya mo, o tabla na tayo. Dinamay mo ang anak ko, ni-rape mo ‘yung anak ko? Barilin kita.

Tapos sabihin kita: Okay pasok. Ilan bang milyon ka, kaya mong gastusin na mag-kaso tayo? Ang sinasabi ko ganyan po ang buhay ng Pilipinas, that’s the reality. ‘Yan ang katotohanan dito sa mundong ito.

Q: Mr. President, Susan Enriquez po from GMA 7. Sir can you, can you give us the name of the governor or from what region? Is he from Luzon, Visayas or--?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Again, again please. Can you, can you--?

Q: Can you name the governor sir?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No, I cannot now. Nandoon na sa ano, nandoon ‘yun sa matrix. Kasi kung may kilala talaga diyan: "Mayor, sabi ni Duterte dito nandiyan ka raw sa matrix, abangan mo na sa airport aalis 'yun maya, patayin mo na lang para makatabla ka." No more Duterte.

Q: So pero sir, Mr. President, the name will come out within this week or--?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: It will... I will call for a conference before I go back here--

Q: Okay sir. Last question Mr. President. Ano po 'yung binigay niyong mensahe sa family ni Senior Inspector Garcia?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well. Sa aking social fund, hindi kasali iyong, hindi kasali iyong sa police 'yung mga pension, I give her 250,000. Lahat ng pulis, lahat ng pulis. Tapos 20,000 immediate cash. Iyong cheke tapos 'yung para sa pang-gastos. I really commiserate with the family. Basta 'yung tinamaan, pulis o sundalo. Sundalo may eight wounded, two dead, Cotabato. Kanina may nabalitaan ako. Basta dalawang pulis ako araw-araw. Either pulis or sundalo.

Q: Thank you Mr. President.

Q: Mr. President, may we ask what exactly is the involvement of Senator De Lima in the drug trade in Bilibid? Because you mentioned in previous interviews that she benefitted or she may have benefitted from the money that was collected by her driver. Now that she’s--

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: She was on the tape. She could not have allowed those things to happen without a... for nothing. You must be kidding. We were awash with shabu at that time. Everyone was using it and they were enjoying the trappings of a wealthy man. Pinakamaganda pa kasi maraming Intsik diyan na nakulong eh. One of the best putahe nandiyan na 'yan sa loob ng Muntinlupa.

Q: But Mr. President, when you said that she's of the drug matrix? Is that a suggestion that she's actively involved in the whole drug trade?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: What is really very -- how will I term it? -- What is really sad for this country: Here is a woman, posturing to be a crusader for good government. But because hindi niya mapigilan ang immorality niya... sabagay to the credit of De Lima, she's legally annulled. Kagaya ko rin sa asawa ko. Pareho kaming dalawa. Annulled. Sabagay dalaga siya. But her sex escapades led her to commit several serious violations of law.

Q: Mr. President last. There was a suggestion from the Commission on Human Rights yesterday in the Senate hearing that if the state of killings in the country will continue, the International Criminal Court might have reason to investigate the cases here in the Philippines. Your reaction to that Mr. President?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Kasi bugok ‘yan sila. May abogado naman ‘yan, walang utak. Pumasa siguro sa bar... Mahirap magbili ng grade na...

You know genocide is when you go in just like in Africa. You [inaudible] you kill people for no reason at all. You massacre women. In the Middle East, you burn women for refusing to have sex. ‘Yan ang dapat patayin. Hindi na sila kailangan magpermiso sa akin 'yung Human Rights.
In the Philippines, walang namatay dito, there was no wanton killing of civilians. Either lumaban sa pulis, and we are ready, I said to prepare to answer for it. O ‘yung pinatay na sinalvage, sabi ko 'yung ako 'yung tatay, taga-San Gabriel sundalo. Nag-seserbisyo ako sa bayan natin doon sa Basilan. Only to find out pagdating ko dito, may tumawag: Umuwi ka dito, may nangyari. Pagdating dito. ‘Yung anak niya na babae ni-rape.

At ‘yung, kaya napunta ‘yung mga barkada doon sa bahay nila kasi ‘yung, the youngest grandchild, nagsha-shabu. Anong gawin mo? Sabihin ko: Barilin mo 'yung Human Rights. [inaudible]. Ba't mo i-charge sa amin 'yan? ‘Yan galit ‘yan. ‘Yan binabalot ng plastik.

Kasi kami before we went in, nag-intriga kayo, huli kami dito, maghuli ka diyan. Sabay turo mo 'yung isang drug pusher. Tapos pag-huli niyan, patayin mo. Sabihin mo utos 'yan doon sa isang grupo na ‘yan. So initially sila ‘yun. Binabalot ng plastik, tino-torture. Sabi ng pulis, bakit man gawin-- We in government, why should we do that? Sabi mo, kung gusto mo, patayin, patayin, isang balang, barilin mo isang beses ulo. Why do you, ba’t mo balut-balutin ng plastik 'yang putang inang 'yan? Ibigay mo sa punerarya. Mahirapan pa sila mag-tanggal ng...

Hindi kasi iniisip nitong Human Righs... Pati si De Lima kasi galit. Galit kasi nahuli ko siya. Lumabas na dati, o pati 'yung kalokohan niya sa kasama, lahat na. O, hindi photoshop 'yan. Sinadya talaga ng lalaki 'yan at pumayag ‘yan siya. Nakita mo 'yung angle? Camera... mag-plant ka ng camera diyan, isang direction lang. Kita mo 'yung mga angle na ano. Eh pinaasa siya... Pagtulog mo, i-on ‘yan tapos kunan ng picture. Eh wala naman siyang tinanggal doon. Because, na-in love. Ngayon may bago siya. The first name is Warren.

Ang trabaho ni Warren walang apelyido, nagmomotor ahead, ‘yung haggard na escort niya. MMDA. Sino may sabi sa akin? Kung saan siya nag-report. Noon pa, kaya namin... pero tapos na 'yung, nalaman ko ‘yun pero... Si Tolentino ang MMDA Chairman kasi may sulat si De Lima sa kanya, binigay ni Tolentino.

Q: Mr. President, Sweden from PTV-4.


Q: Sir, I'm from PTV-4.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Magka-alyado tayo.

Q: Yes. Mr. President, the Warren that you mentioned, does he also have involvement in illegal drug activities?


Q: 'Yung Warren po.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Wala. And even De Lima, hindi. I would be also careless. She facilitated everything for money but was never into “sige mag-pabili ka ng ganon.” I would be lying if I do that. And I would not be as honest as I can ever be with you, ecause of her pitfalls. ‘Yung hindi niya mapa-ibig eh. Alam mo na ‘yung init ng. They call it [chuk-chak? chak-chok?] siguro sa inyo.

Q: Sir, follow-up lang po doon sa--?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: What is there to say? Ano man sabihin ko and I have to explain it in the dictionary na it is an act relating to the... [chuk-chak, chak-chok, chuk chak, chak chuk] She never denied it. All lies...[inaudible] But she never said: ‘Yung kami ni... Putang ina 'to. She never admitted it. She never came out with the denial now na lumabas na lahat. It's one coming up. Papaano si Warren? nakalimutan sa istorya.

Q: Sir, follow-up on our ongoing peace talks. Sir are you satisfied so far with the results of our peace talks in Oslo?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: They're starting now. I think it's today. Yesterday, today. Nauna tayo eh. Yes. They have started to talk seriously. I heard substantial matters are taken up today. But I am not, I have as yet to call for a ceasefire.
Nauna na ako noon just to show my good faith even without consulting the Armed Forces or the Police, gusto ko lang talagang ipakita ko na I'm dealing with them in utmost good faith. Ano ang nangyari? Inambush pati 'yung pulis pati 'yung sundalo kaya ako nagalit.
So winidraw (withdraw) ko 'yung aking declaration ng ceasefire, unilateral 'yung akin, akin lang ‘yun. They have theirs already but I have to think. But I have already consulted with the commanding generals of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Army, Navy pati Police. And they are of the opinion that it would be good to declare a ceasefire. When? Tingnan ko muna. I decide when I'm ready.
Okay? Uwi na kayo? Mag-uwi kayo sa Davao, hindi? Sabay na lang tayo. Bilhan ko kayo ticket, tara.

Nakalimutan ko, automatically enrolled sila sa 4Ps. Siguro mga 4,000 plus one sack of rice. Automatic sila pag ka namatay ‘yung sundalo, pulis, automatically enrolled sila sa 4Ps. That’s my order.

Tinamaan ‘yung isang pulis ngayon, one is seriously wounded in Samar. Yes. Patay ako ng isa. Sabi ko, dadalawang patay ako ng pulis araw-araw e, serving a warrant for drugs.

Q: Mr. President, ano pong involvement ni Warren? ‘Yung sinasabi niyong bagong boyfriend ni De Lima?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Wala. Involvement in the heart. Ano ka man. Wala kang ano diyan... Bakit ninyo alam? Alam ninyo ang pangalan? Did you know beforehand na--?

Q: Is the guy married?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I really do not know. I would not be a fair guy siguro pag I will jump to conclusion. Pero, sabi ko, galit ako dalawang patay na pulis kasi [inaudible].

Q: Thank you sir.
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