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Reworked "Porgy and Bess" opera wins best musical revival at this year's Tony Awards.

(Here's a WGBH story from Sept. 2011)

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Interesting article about an interesting musical. I appreciate the approach to improve this piece.

Sort of interested in +cedric okito's comment, though...
to think you can improve on the work of an artist.
That's like grafitti making architecture better.
Her interview on NPR Fresh air with Terry Gross is really good.

Sounds like you are presuming that architecture is better than graffiti? +R. Harlan Smith I'm not sure what axe you're grinding, but directors constantly change their works (and the works of others), as a part of their craft and art. If you don't find it an improvement, that's fine. It's the artist's view and the spectator's opinion. It isn't, however, science or absolute.
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