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You're what gives America a bad name, Irwin.
Let's get the rope and have a hanging party. Right, Steve?
You're an idiot. This have everything to do with racism. Try looking past what Fox News reports. Or are you busy with your KKK meetings?
I feel terrible for what happened to Trayvon Martin, and hope that there is a full investigation, and final justice. Breaking the rules of the house is probably not the best way to go about it.
Listen to the 911 call. Tell me that's not racist. Jesus Christ, it's 1960 all over again.
Naveed M
+1 for Rep. Bobby Rush
Exactly +Keyvan Oskooi . It is against House rules to have a hat or head covering on the floor. I get what he was trying to do but you have to know the rules and operate within them when trying to make a point.
Maybe not Keyvan, but no one seems to really care and as such, drastic methods for drastic times.
Oh, so that makes it okay to shoot a teenager in cold blood? I hope you're not a parent.
+Matt Rodgers I care about what happened to Trayvon as much as everybody else that wants to see a fair outcome. I am just asking for a little patience, and trust in our system.
Stop Kony, and while you're at it, Stop Kanye!
Nice to see that both conservative and liberal media outlets are united on this issue!
Hmmm. White man gets off without punishment for killing a black man? UNHEARD OF!
+Matt Rodgers Racism is the belief that one race is genetically superior to another. I don't think the 911 call was racist - bigoted, maybe.

What I don't understand is why the media insists on using his middle school picture instead of his more recent Twitter picture. Or, why do so many people who weren't there pretend to know the details of the situation? There are bigots among us - no doubt about it. But, I think people are jumping to conclusions here.

What if Trayvon had been white, or asian, or hispanic? Would the fight and ensuing shooting still have occurred? Maybe, but we can't really judge that. I keep seeing people saying that if you're black, wearing a hoodie, and holding an iced tea and skittles that you'd better watch your back. But, who's to say that if you're white, wearing loafers, and holding a coke and M&Ms that you shouldn't watch your back? I think it would just be better to say that everyone should watch their back.

I don't pretend to know what happened on that fateful night - how people can pretend to know the details while the district attorney is still trying to decipher the details is beyond me. What I do know is that if the shooter was racially profiling he should be punished to the fullest extend of the law, but if he was protecting himself, he should be protected from public persecution. Unfortunately, the only people that likely know the truth are Zimmerman, Martin and God. Not anyone else, despite what they claim.

If it is found that he is a bigot and that he provoked and killed that poor boy in cold blood, he should spend the rest of his life in a cage, but even if that is the case, it doesn't mean that we're back to the 60s. Let not one bad apple cast doubt on the rest of us. I stopped seeing color years ago, but some people are stuck in their ways. And, I don't mean just white people - I'd submit that every race has some among them who are bigoted towards some other race.
Look who's talking about sheep, Scott. I'm honestly shocked by this response. I was under the impression that we were moving past this kind of racism. I guess i'm just naive.
"Yes, I think he's black. I'm going to follow him."
"We don't need you to do that."

Then he proceeds to chase and shoot him.

No racism there at all.
ZIMMERMAN: He's a (bleep). They always get away.

Nope, still not rascist?

You want to play semantics, we can do that. Just because you don't understand that definition of racism, doesn't make it not racist.
Point set match, Casey wins that one.

No, I completely understand Scott. There's no point in solidarity. That never solves anything. Are you a member of any club or group? If so, you're a Sheep yourself.
Are you serious? What is so wrong for him to support Trayvon Martin i tell m=you man some people are just so mean... They didnt have to kick him out...!
Now that all policestate measures are in place we will need a good reason to deploy them. A new racial infight would fulfill that purpose quite well thank you.
Well done sir, well done. You are a great role model and I applaud your standing up for Trayvon Martin.
+Steve Sauls In my opinion, we're at war in Afghanistan and went to war in Iraq for a reason very similar to the issue you pointed out here.

In all likelihood, +Matt Rodgers means well, but he has twisted the story to meet his expectations. Similarly, Bush wanted to go to war with Iraq, so he twisted the evidence to suit his needs. The media and government have us so scared of those scary brown people over there - it is pathetic. While we're watching on CNN, the government is dropping bombs on cities where women and children are sleeping.

We have to eradicate racism and bigotry - not feed it.
Really why because he put his hood up which makes him a criminal all of a sudden right???
Hey Steve when the hell did a hood become a hat???? I stand behind his move
You know what? This is pointless. You're all racist. That wont change. You've obviously made your choices. I can face myself in a mirror, and know that I believe all people are equal. I'm not sure you can say the same thing.
+Andrew Lieffring That is a very good point. However, the Speaker is the ruler in that hall, and if he tells someone that they have to wear their shoes on their hands in order to address the House, then they have to do it or risk being thrown out. Of course, he may have trouble explaining that to his constituents.

I'd venture to say that the good congressman knew he would get thrown out and did it for that very purpose. It will definitely make the news back home and probably help him solidify his run for reelection.
Wow, the level of discourse on G+ is going down fast. +Steve Sauls if the victim had been white and the assailant was black, there would have at least been an arrest made. There would have at least been a trial. There would have at least been an attempt made for justice.
I agree .... And so people out here in g plus do not???? Are you kidding me???
+Steve Sauls, you are so right, if this was a white kid it would be over in 2 secs. Whoever shot him would already BE in cuffs, and then an routine investigation would have then kick off to make sure whoever got pinned with the act actually did it. Okay that was jab, but seriously dude what kind denial are you living in?!?!
+Darth Azimuth actually, it is a provable fact that the justice system does not treat people of color the same as whites. There are plenty of statistics that show that colored people get longer sentences than whites for the exact same crime. If Zimmerman had been black, he would have at the very least been arrested.
Why isn't there an outcry over other violence? Over the one weekend on Saint Patrick's Day, 49 people were shot in Chicago. In ONE weekend...why are their no protests over that?
+Darth Azimuth stop with racism, huh? okay what is the RIGHT way to look at the Traybon Martinn case?
+Cory Kent maybe because there was an attempt to actually arrest the killer in that case?
Why is this about white and black when George Zimmerman is Latino?
How come no one cares this much when people random people are killed in a drive by, or when white kids get beat down by groups of black kids in Chicago schools?
Maybe his ears are just cold. I wear one when my ears get cold.
sue w
i think he could have gotten his point across without pulling this stunt.i agree the killing of the teenager was wrong, the police told the man not to follow, to stop, yet the man ignored the police, he killed the boy, he will pay the price for it no doubt. but the congressman, he could have done this in a more professional manner.
Black on black murders happen several times each day with barely any mention. Kinda sad it takes someone of a different race committing this crime to get all this attention.
He is a former member of the black panthers.
My take on the whole thing is why if there is not outstanding info on this man that did the Alleged )shooting is he not in jail, Why? Because there is. Its a shame that people guilty or not get tried on TV and in the press. There is no trial by and impartial (not biased:) jury after the media gets onto their rants. Yes, this clown in the hoodie needs to be taken to the woodshed as one our old dead presidents use to say.
sue w
dont think he put that he was a former black panther on his resume
Zimmerman is latino not white and latinos are of native American decent not white! If he had shoot a white kid,it more than likely wouldn't have made it past the local news.
I see a lot of racially charged conversations. Life is important, not skin color or ethnicity.
Crazy, hoodies have been around like forever.
A lot of different police have looked at it and re-looked at it. I find it strange that people are jumping for action based on, at best, clearly partial information, and at worst false information. Some people are jumping to wild conclusions like "he was profiled for wearing a hoody" , Zimmerman clearly states on the call that the person he sees is acting strangely and he thinks he is on drugs. With Congressmen acting this way furthering the issue, how would Zimmerman get a fair trial if he is arrested? There is no point in this kind of act in congress. If he wants to make statements outside of the work place were they do not appear to be sanctioned by all congress, ok.
Why arent the Black Panthers and Rush making a big to do about all the other gang bangers in the hood that pull the trigger, hide out in the hood, and threaten to take out anyone that snitches on them? Seems their time and efforts would be more fruitful combating those types of issues. Oh wait, they wouldnt be able to play the race card then, nevermind.
Why don't we hear about the black panthers and their million dollar bounty on the white guy. Black panthers gave out a a false address of a retired couple and they have fled their home. Where is the justice dept.? Is this not terrorism? Has not the black panthers put up a million dollars to insight terrorism? Another Obama failure.
boy this really went to shit quickly with only a handful of respectful posts.
Would Obama have commented on the shooting if the kid was white?You can tell this is a election year. I don't think he would have. In my opinion,sometimes it takes two to tango.
Uhm. The guy who shot Trayvon Martin wasn't white, he was Mexican. Just saying.
Though I don't feel strongly about the representative wearing a hoody on the House floor (they have done things that are way more upsetting than this), there is a reason that people are outraged over this issue. Getting murdered (yes, I know exactly which word I am using) for failing to obey a security officer should be an outrage. The fact that this happened in the South makes racism an automatic. Y'all have to live with your history or do a much better job of changing your present for it not to be.
So true Patrick Phillips. I wish they would wait for all the facts to come out before another soul is persecuted. Stay calm people, please.
Something about this whole bit doesn't make sense. We know Martin was chased by Zimmerman, with a gun. We know Martin lost Zimmerman, but they came into contact again. We know Martin had a cell phone. What we don't know is why Martin never bothered to call 911.
that was his way of supporting trayvon martain because the guy probly killed him just because he was wearing a hoody i support u
+Michael Maloney Seriously stop with the pity party, Mr Malony, I never I stating that no other judicial injustice do not exist for every race except for blacks?! However to try spin it as that we all have the same share of injustices is BS, now do I believe that black or any race should receive preferred treatment due to race? Hell no, however I'm tired of people trying to make it seem that its 2012 and suddenly we as humans have evolved past our shortcoming has a species and we are no longer plagued with the subtle errs of human nature.

And this my problem with the Martin case, its not so much of the act as horrible at it was, its because mentality of the law enforcement individuals like your own to want to try avert and downplay another "excuse for people cry racism" and avoid any firebrand for racial unrest.

Do I think that all white people are racist NO, do I think that black people can be racist HELL YEAH do I believe that we havent made strides in racial inequalities, YES, do I believe that we live in a color blind society NO I DO NOT. If this happened to a white kid in a black neighborhood, I would have felt sorry for the dude and if I felt that cops were trying to downplay the incident to avoid racial tension, trust I wouldnt try to sell "well blacks have had had this and that done to them", I would be looking for the petition to have justice for that white kid.

Lets call a spade a spade and stop pretending cause we trying to live in denial isnt doing anything for either one of us.
abby c
+Robert Quick I live in a middle class neighborhood and I wear hoodies regularly. They're sweaters, but with built in hats. Why wouldn't you wear them?
wow....what idiots.
+Kevin Burger "Chased"? following and chased are the same? How do you know any of that. you suspect it. we also suspect that Martin approached Zimmerman (his girlfriend, eye witnesses, & Zimmerman ), that Zimmerman had a broken nose, bloody back of head, and that Martin was shot at very close range.... We don't KNOW what happened between Marting and Zimmerman other than Martin was shot by Zimmerman.
One of my favorite things about G+ is discovering that racists are stupid enough to publicly publish their bigotry using their real names.
The other day it was raining and I put my hood up while walking to my car. It felt good to support Trayvon.
+Richard Deal You're getting hung up on the wrong part of what I was trying to say. Martin had the means, motive, and opportunity to call 911. I find it odd that he didn't. If you felt you were in danger, and could call 911, why wouldn't you?
+Michael Maloney also you said "here are literally thousands cases where whites have been attacked, murdered, raped, molested, robbed, and worse by blacks. These stories rarely make it past local media." So not to try to downplay the infractions of misfortunate that fell upon white at the hands of blacks, but I kinda I think that the conviction rates of blacks or hispanics towards white victims kinda say otherwise.
I have listened to the 911 tape and didn't here what you think you herd, It all depends on what you want to here.
you weren't there, so you can't say that. If someone is rushing at you(not saying that's the case), you never know what runs through your mind and what you can do. There have been situations where I have been in and I have made rushed decisions and I look back and say, 'dag, i should have did x or y instead of what i did'
The Constitution has the Fourteenth amendment and the equal protection clause says we are all entitled to equal protection under the law. Both parties, so let our justice system handle it!
This chat has become what we "think" is false...
we ourselves have become racist by assuming others and convicting others and judging others.... yeah, its a shame to what happened...but look around and see the reality....we all are living on an iceberg that's slowly melting underneath stop and think about it.
+Kevin Burger I agree with you, he should have. He also should have left like his girlfriend told him to and not come back. I also agree that Zimmerman shouldn't have gotten out of his car.
Rush should have worn a black glove and given the raised fist for Black Power sign, that really would have gotten people riled up..
+Jeff Cookson Dude, where the hell do you live that the news doesn't comment on acts of violence towards whites?! Compton? South Central LA? Harlem? Really dude?!
40% of murder victims are young black men. Most are murdered by other young black men. Why isn't this over the top news coverage covering all the other murder victims equally? Eye witness reports say that Trayvon (young strong and over 6 feet tall) was on top beating the guard. The media won't report this. The media is trying to stir up racism, and class envy.
The black panthers has a million dollar bounty on the security guard. Where is Eric Holder on this high level of terrorism?
No such thing as free speech or expression in America When it regards a Black citizen.....SMH
Yes, lets support the guy who attacked first and condemn the man who was getting beat that defended himslef. No doubt, if Trayvon was white this guy would not be protesting his killing. I don't see anyone out protesting about the 13yr old white kid who got set on fire by two black guys because he was white. Sharpton, Obama, Jackson and Bobby Rush are all Hypocrites.
Another theory I'm going to throw out there, the reason George Zimmerman is not under arrest right now has less to do with the color of his skin, and more to do with the fact that his father is a retired Orange County Magistrate. Having a father who's a retired judge has a few advantages.
And it goes on and On and On and On... Finally one person gets a fair judgment and the other doesn't, at the end we are all animals caged in our own mental problems.. ill stay as the sheep!!
You know, stripped of all descriptive language, it boils down to:

A man killed a teenager and got away with it.

This is pathetic. We live in America, supposedly the greatest, most powerful, most prosperous nation on Earth EVER. Yet, we have failed miserably in this situation. In no other developed nation could someone take another's life, for any reason, without a detailed, thorough, serious investigation. Is this the state of America now?
As a "Fiscal Conservative" and "Social Liberal" I must say that this little speech and demonstration should have been tolerated by the House without interruption. Some rules are meant to be, at minimum, bent. This is one of those times, in respect to the deceased.

As a ardent supporter of the right to bear arms, there is no reason that Zimmerman could not have exercised better judgement, and his ass should be in jail for at minimum involuntary manslaughter.
From Taki Magzine: "As I write this, the name 'Trayvon Martin' yields over 15 million results on Google, up from about 11 million yesterday. In contrast, the name 'Allen Coon' coughs up fewer than 8,000 hits. The unfortunately named Coon was the 13-year-old white kid in Kansas City who was doused in gasoline and set ablaze by two black teenagers as they told him, 'You get what you deserve, white boy.'

"This gruesome attack happened more than a week after the Trayvon Martin killing. Why haven’t you heard about it? Because it doesn’t fit the script. You’ve probably never heard of the Knoxville Five or the Wichita Massacre. Don’t blame yourself—they aren’t in the script, either."
Bad judgment. THAT'S ALL. Probably. But for goodness' sake, drop all this hoody nonsense. I don't care if he was wearing an "I like to kill members of the Zimmerman family" t-shirt, shooting an unarmed person is almost always not ok.

Now if that 17-year old was high as a kite and genuinely threatening at a lethal level, then I'd shoot too.

Don't read into that; I'm playing devil's advocate.

Truth is, we just don't know what happened. But BOY have we--as a nation--run with the nasty little tidbits of news that we do have.

Can we please start asking questions instead of screaming like idiots?

As for the senator... he acted childishly, and then Mr. Gavel acted more childishly. This is what happens when a media blitz whets our appetites: we act like children and we allow ourselves to be lead around by the nose.

We need to grow up.
matt why don't you get a job. the Rep is an idiot
+Freddy Lu no it comes down to
"a teenager was shot, police are investigating, congressman is protesting"

what happened to innocent till proven guilty? there is no statue of limitations.
and +Bill Saunders regardless of poor judgement before the fact, IF Zimmerman was behing assaulted as one set of evidence indicates, are you suggesting that that is "involuntary manslaughter"?

And what if the address that so many have tweeted as Zimmermans actually was his, shouldn't those people be held accountable for their role in any actions that result from such "inciting" actions?
Not surprised, after all, Obama got elected.
He should have known, it's almost common sense. Maybe he did know and was trying to just push limits. It's not about racism in any way. Anyone going up there dressed like a fool would have been thrown out, no questions asked. There is a dress code when appealing in that type of scenario.
+Jordan Clark I think he did know it was going to happen, but chose to do it anyway, for media attention, both for awareness and for himself.
+Steve Sauls : and how many of those "self-defense" cases have gone unnoticed?

And trust me, breaking the "house rules" as you call them, IS the only way to make those idiot lobbyist reps understand once and for all that their choosing to be blind to such repeated disgraceful failures at "keeping order" can't continue.

So much for the land of the free...
i think he is mad person
Great idea. Let's protest any expression of racism, chauvinism, homophobia, nationalism ....ism, ism by staging a show in the House. That's the way to do it. For every crime let's have someone to protest in the Senate, or is it only reserved for racism, we don't care much about other issues? Ah? Ain't this case in court? Was there already an indictment? Really, who cares about presumption of innocence when we so much want to express our personal opinion about the guy … Pretty pathetic ...
abby c
+Robert Quick "In today's world, wearing a hoodie only means one thing for me.. you wanna look "bad" and want to make sure no one sees you being bad." <-- Ok, well, just accept that when it comes to me you'd be wrong. Or, hey, what about this chick -- -- do you think she's trying to look "bad" and get away with something? "So let me ask you in your middle class neighborhood.. you saw two people walking towards you. One wearing a Tshirt and the other dark hoodie obscuring face which one would you walk towards?" <-- I wouldn't walk towards or away from either of them, I would just keep walking the way I'd already been going.
I love trouble-makers, and notwithstanding the rules, I love what this man did. He has balls. :)

The cold enforcement of the asinine rule is a perfect example of how they missed the point - give me a break! Everyone knew who this was, he didn't walk to the mic in disguise, which is most likely what the "spirit" of the rule was getting at.

@Jeremy Andre Richie Barton you mean the half white and half Latino man that was jumped by a 17 year boy for being followed?

Yeah I guess that is not racial profiling, that you leave out he isn't fully white and the kid attacked Zimmerman. You did not actually read the police reports did you?
Why cant you listen to what he is saying..Mr. speaker?? stupid idiot...
i think it said that all he had to do was take the hood off, but he could keep the hoodie on. Now that simple thing could of avoided this entirely, however he was showing support for something he believed in and i have no right to judge, i repect that. as for the racism stuff the phone call to me didnt sound racist however zimmerman has called the police on seeing black males a couple of times and plenty of other sstuff that made no sense to me at all , but this is just my opinion
+Jasmine Callaham he is on the neighborhood watch so over time you would expect him to have called the police a few times ...
Waste of time! It's a publicity stunt, as is most rhetoric on the House floor, and they should have let it go. To have stopped it affirms everyone that thinks this is a problem. It's not. I wear hoodies. C'mon, they're just an article of clothing!
i think i was really unfair that that man who killed that kid wasnt errested. it was pure racisiom wat he did.
He was removed because he was "out of order."
I think want happened was tragic, but this Rep.... is an stupid for encouring you people to dress in a manor that helped cause the shotting of this young man.... Just sayin...
+Steve Sauls Irrelevant. Nobody should be allowed to kill someone, even in self defense, without having their actions examined. You should be able to see how if this was not the case, the potential for serious problems arise.
Following Rules != Making a Stand.

I'm not sure he really minded being thrown out. After all if he'd taken the hood off he wouldn't be in the what's hot list right now!
Oh come on you all. It a Darwinian selection. If you dress as a thug, act as a thug and try to jump a man with a gun you probably be shut. It does not meter if you are White, Black, Latino, or Conehead once you are trying to create an image of yourself as a criminal you should be also painting a target on your back.
For all you people making a big deal that it was a "white" guy that shot Treyvon: the guy who shot him was hispanic, but the news/newspapers are saying it was a "white hispanic american". is it just me, or is that impossible?
there has to be a better way to get the true facts ,has been alot of here say,they say. the law was appiled wrongly to the case,to start off with. this is about wrong and right.not black and white.the media has help to inflame a image of this case that can start a social takes one match to start a forest fire of hate.the youth of america ,big ups to your for taking a stand for rights of a young teen killed.while some many older ones are pushing the race card.alot has to do with the past and somethings of today.the youth are the seeds of the mlk.dream,that are growing into strong trees,trying to help america be one nation under god,for the,white and yellow,under the red,white and blue flag.what they are during is for today and for kids yet to be born.this case is showing we still have aways to go .the path is narrow ,we have made steps.but we have many more steps to go.we have to keep faith and let the scale of hope work for right to be an american.there is good and bad in every race. miami poet terry fernando newton. peace and one love for all
wow. in the highest form of execution, US politics are TRULY! non-corrupt. amazing expression here.
i think thatwas good to stand up for trayvon!! that was very brave!
TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN, every one needs to get a grip on justice because where is justice when you make the law and abuse it to your advantage?
What a moron ... He must have a (D) in his title.
As a white man, I had a sudden, nearly irresistible urge to shoot the man when the hoodie came up. Now I don't know if I'm a racist or if I just hate inane douchebaggery and impropriety.
The only thing I can add is a very simple rule.. INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY
abby c
+Yan Portnoy Dear god you're right! If this woman -- -- should ever happen to buy some snacks and then defend herself when an armed man comes after her, she would have just gotten what was coming to her. For dressing like a thug, acting like a thug, and jumping a man with a gun, just like Trayvon. I assume you'd blame her for her death just like you're blaming him, right?
All im gonna say stupidity doesnt have a race it comes in all colors
ARE U SERIOUS!?!??! ARE U SERIOUS!?!??!?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE DUDE WITH THE GAVEL!??!?! bobby rush was making a statement. this is exactly why i h8 politicians. LIGHTEN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Im gonna start a campain (Back to the basics) u know when there was a time we focused on makin thus country great instead of being so damn up in personal biz and so darn drama about peoples comments
Wow really steve cause im wearing one up now cause it keeps my damn head an ears warm cause its COLD
you dont go around wearing a hoodie at night? Did you really just write that? repeat that and listen to yourself. So anyone wearing a hoodie nowadays is a criminal?
God be with the Martin family...I can appreciate were the congress man is coming from; however, this tragedy is not about us...we as a society should learn from this unnecessary tragedy and not attempt to gain any type of spotlight on Trayvons behalf.
Trayvon finally made it to What's Hot? I'm amazed.

I hope I live to see justice done in this case.
Steve I think its best u start lookin in the mirror in the morning an look at urself cause to me u look trully ignorent u say a hoodie no matter age like my grandmother wearing one is a thug
It doesn't really matter if they were white or black, you don't shoot an unarmed kid and just get away with it. Zimmerman should not of followed Trayvon Martin, plain and simple, everything that took place after that was due to him profiling Trayvon as a criminal, and I'm not saying it because he was black but because of the way he was dressed and that is wrong. Also, if you're a grown man getting your a** kicked by a teenage then you need to take your a** whopping like a man. You followed him and probably tried to detain him so man up to it...why shoot him?
I agree that when things happen like this people usually jump on sides to whatever their race is. I remember when the white woman accused a black man of carjacking her car with her kids in it. All the white people were on her side and all the black people like that chick is lying. Same with the Duke case. However what makes this case different is that Zimmerman basically hunted him down and then shot him. Didn't the police tell him not to follow Trayvon? Another thing Trayvon's body was in the morgue for three days before the police told the family what happened. So, we have what seems to be a racist killing and shoddy good ole boy police work. When black kids kill black kids we're just as pissed but the only difference is the black shooter would be arrested. That's for you racist white folk who claim we don't care when it's black on black crime. Secondly we're just as pissed when a white person doesn't get justice. Ask Casey Antony. Again that's for you racist white folks who claim we only care when it happens to us. Last but not least racism will always be around because most white folks act like it doesn't exist.
Oh now wait I am white and I personally have a profiling case againt my police department
Color has nothing to do with ignorance and stupidity
Why wouldn't Mr. Rush dress up in a gangsta clothing? Pants hanging below the butt, bandana on the head - that would be quite an anti-racial statement, there is high percentage of boys from the hood, dressed like that shot by police, definitely there should be some rasism in that.
meh. This is retarded. this isn't a tragedy. They should have removed him the minute that jacket came off.
Wow, this thread.

To everyone with the "these people got shot and killed by these people, where is the news for them?!" argument:

Please point to me where someone shot and killed someone else without being arrested for it (assuming the killing didn't happen because of robbery or some such) and I'll happily raise a stink with you.

I'll repeat, so nobody misses the important part of this post and why people are in uproar about this killing.

killed someone else without being arrested for it
killed someone else without being arrested for it
killed someone else without being arrested for it
killed someone else without being arrested for it
killed someone else without being arrested for it
killed someone else without being arrested for it
killed someone else without being arrested for it
killed someone else without being arrested for it
killed someone else without being arrested for it

Indeed people are murdered all the time in this country, which is a travesty in and of itself. However for one man to shoot another human being, black, white, brown, yellow, purple, pink, whatever, then not be arrested for said killing, not be brought to trial, not even have charges pressed? That is where we run into problems and have to begin questioning motivations. We have the lead detective in the case saying he wanted to charge Zimmerman with manslaughter yet the State Attorney's office wouldn't allow it:

If someone can give a good reason why George Zimmerman should not have been arrested, based on the evidence we've seen in this case, please share it.
+Erica Joy It's not exactly a good reason, but George Zimmerman's father is a retired magistrate of Orange County. I'd say there's a pretty good chance he has something to do with his son not being arrested.
I think that was a good thing to do. I think they're letting the guy get away with it cuz the kid was black. Even if the kid wasn't black, and all the police was, and I was still black, I would think it was wrong. How bout someone follows him and shoots him? It was an innocent kid and whoever wants revenge, give it to him, he deserves it.
Try reading the police report before you add your ignorant opinion. Zimmerman had turned around and was walking to his truck when the "kid" attacked him from behind and was beating Zimmerms ass. The "kid" (kid my ass) poor innocent little child had been kicked out of school for drugs. So he was far from the little angel the media is portraying! !!!! Zimmerman shit in self defense. one shot in the CHEST while the "kid" was straddling Zimmerman's chest! !!!!!! So all these "reverends" who are as racist as some hood wearing redneck are calling for "justice" these people have NO IDEA what justice is. Dudes mom is trying to make a $ off of her sons death. REALLLLLLLLY classy.
let some skinheads call for the head of a black guy and the National Guard would be called out yet the Black Panthers can out a bounty out and it's no big deal! !!!!! So when the racial divide grows over this, you can thank the bigots who demand double standards! !!!!
"if a white_ man, if_a white man_" ....... god, if i have to read that stupid fkn ignorant asz sentence one more time, imma throw my computer at the next white man. A FUKN LITTLE BOY WAS SHOT MURDERED, AND ALL THE WHITE BOYS CAN COME UP WITH IS: " _ ..WELL_ IF IT WAS A WHITE MALE....! fkn stupid.
I believe the speaker is a complete Ass ! OK the rules of the house are dumb...still ...let the man finish..what harm can it bring?
+rosie hecker von danzig you need to do some research before you rant about whatever you're ranting about. This has nothing to do with a white man. The man was hispanic and the boy was black so white people have nothing to do with this. Were you marching for the 2 little boys that were doused in gasoline and caught on fire less than 2 months ago by 2 other boys? Probably not since Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton wasn't there to report it to the media. In this case it has nothing to do with race but the white people in the democratic party continue to make minorities into their own personal political slaves as they have for generations. Democrats fought for slavery. Republicans fought to abolish slavery. Martin Luther King was a conservative Republican yet you didn't know any of that. Please educate yourself on the real problems other than white man this or black man that. There's a deeper problem in this country than race.
I would have to say that the guy was denying the rights of a law abiding citizen. We pay our tax dollars, and we have the right to speak freely. That man was wearing a hoodie to speak his mind about the current case.
i think it's probably the underline, as to why a (black?) unarmed teenager was murdered in this fashion, because the armed security guard KNEW! he IS GOING TO!! get away with it. BY LAW. LEGALLY. that is in actuality, where the most heinous crime has taken place.
+Steve Sauls really? martin is not innocent here? was he engaged in ANY! criminal activity when he was KILLED!? yah, go celebrate your loner victory with your pack of 'auto-plussers'. you and your ignorant pack have got to be the worst fkn trash imaginable.
What's Interesting is when the speaker says, "The Member is no longer recognized" , so why don't you just pull out your gun and shoot him? Isn't that the point ! It's amazing what comes out of our elected officials mouths. It truly shows, all the BS starts at the top and flows down hill. Simply put..the speaker is not an intelligent man !
What's this I hear above? "Sure it's tragic that a young man was murdered. But god forbid we break the dress code - that's barbaric!"
you proud white males have got to be kidding me, right...? so now i have to read 'the whole transcript' or go digging in some teenagers 'dark shady past' to justify his murder, because i am soooooo ignorant, that i have no actual logic to correctly assess this situation. that 'mastah mind' in the white male is clearly still alive and fkn well. especially towards potentially 'white' women and females. gfy. thanks.
"He was wearing a hoodie and baggy pants! That a sure sign that he..." ...shops at Old Navy?
M Alice
Trayvon was anything but innocent. Read the actual police report. The only racists are the accusitory antagonists on here.
I just finished the video. My response: WHAAAAAT!!!!!!!
+rosie hecker von danzig you are making all kinds of assumptions and accusations with little to know information. I guess your user description is quite accurat... Troll.
What an idiot! He just don't want be receiving his fair share of the ultr-violence when this race war kicks off.
You know what the best part of this thread is? The fact that all of the people supporting Zimmerman are implicitly agreeing with the murder of unarmed children without legal punishment. Even better is the guy who's calling me racist. How, exactly, do you people function in modern society? Do you lock your doors every time you see a black man? Cross the street? How do you people live in the year 2012? I'm honestly shocked by a thread that defends a murder by saying "well, the guy who shot him wasn't 100% percent white, so that's different." It isn't. I'm honestly ashamed to even share the same land mass with you sick, twisted, insane "human beings."
+Yan Portnoy that's not a picture of Trayvon Martin. This has already been debunked by many media outlets. That is a picture being spread around by racists to scare white people. Please stop.
Some racist goes and kills a teenager then does NOT go to jail after ho did NOT follow orders from police AND I believe that Treyvon Martin had alot to live for. Why do there have to be so many racist bastards around here!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!
+Steve Sauls Do you know what a mallet is? It is the "hammer" that judges use in court or in this case in the congress so... Don't hate OK go troll some where else. 
I have nothing against you but you do against me +Steve Sauls 
This whole thing is a complete joke.....& +Matt Rodgers ....Im going to have to disagree with the whole comment you made in refrence to the 911 blip..."These a*holes always get away," how is that racism?Maybe its because I dont look for every opportunity to pull a race card, but I took the "a*holes" that he was refering to, to be the people that kept breaking into the homes in the neighborhood and not getting caught. Im glad that our society is showing interest in our justice system and what not, but how ignorant does this make our society seem when people jump to conclusions so quickly.This is just the moral panic epidemic all over again. Personally, I havent seen/heard enough evidence to prove one account or another.
I agree Jennifer, the whole this is nothing but a race baiting issue, Treyvon is being displayed by the Media as an innocent fresh faced 12 year old kid, nothing could be further from the truth, Martin was a 17 year old Gangster thug. Martin was in a gated community that he didn't live in, at night, There was NO Racist comments on the 911 tape, so the race baiters like Jesse Jackson like to make up racial issues where there was none. Take Race out of the equation, and all you have is that an Unarmed teen was shot and killed by a male Mobile Watch volunteer. one the race issue is taken out, THEN we can get down to the bare Facts of the case, The Case is simply about an adult male shooting an unarmed teenager, the whole race thing is just fluff for Media and Militant sound bytes
So Steve Oscroft, what astounds me about you conservatives today is that you don't believe racism exist anymore, that the only true racism left in this country is reverse racism, which often takes the form of anybody who complains that a particular situation could be racist.
I see both sides point of view but my personal opinion is that George Zimmerman should be arrested & The rep did not follow the rules but he did what he had to do to prove his point.
+Daniel Finkelstein

The surveillance video, which was obtained exclusively by ABC News, shows Zimmerman arriving in a police cruiser. As he exits the car, his hands are cuffed behind his back. Zimmerman is frisked and then led down a series of hallways, still cuffed.

Zimmerman, 28, is wearing a red and black fleece and his face and head are cleanly shaven. He appears well built, hardly the portly young man depicted in a 2005 mug shot that until a two days ago was the single image the media had of Zimmerman.

The initial police report noted that Zimmerman was bleeding from the back of the head and nose, and after medical attention it was decided that he was in good enough condition to travel in a police cruiser to the Sanford, Fla., police station for questioning.

His lawyer later insisted that Zimmerman's nose had been broken in his scuffle with 17-year-old Martin.

In the video an officer is seen pausing to look at the back of Zimmerman's head, but no abrasions or blood can be seen in the video and he did not check into the emergency room following the police questioning.
I am so fucking sick of hearing about this shit. Here's an idea for everyone, not matter where you stand: Shut the fuck up and tend your business.
Oh no, the racists are getting annoyed. Everyone quiet down.
Right on, YOUR HONOUR!!! Am proud of U Rep.Bobby Rush n luuuv that 'panther' spirit of Urs!!!At last the 99%ers got their MAN!!!
+Steven Oscroft "Martin was a 17 year old Gangster thug" Really, Dude? Can you please share with the class in your vast expertise regarding "Gangsta Thugs", how Trayvon Martin is a typical G case "Gangster Thug"

Was it that he may have had minor offenses with the law? was extremely difficult at school that he may have suspensions or expulsions? dabbled in soft drugs like marijuana? Yup you definitely got the genuine hood definition of Gangster Thug, sad thing that also describes the typical teenage kid in the US.

Race Card? Race Baiting? Reverse Racism? These are just terms that people want to use to try to explain the f*'up'd occurrences which possibly may genuinely be overblown by those that desire to exploits these events for their own gain however it does not make the root of the issue less irrelevant. Its another way for people to try to desensitize themselve by saying that nothing is wrong in the world, and people have no issues and we are so far beyond such trivial issues such as race. It would be so much easier just to admit that in your lives those issuesjust dont affect you directly and you dont care for for them cause they dont effect you...that would be such a more HONEST statement to make it seem that all is well in the world and human race is not prone to err and we are now the epitome of PERFECTION...and everyone else just want for us continue to dwell on the bad and refuse for us all to "JUST GET ALONG".

Yeah that must be it...
+Jennifer Kiser-Hendrick Hmmm, you say "how is that racism"? then you follow up with "Maybe its because I dont look for every opportunity to pull a race card". Well fine, let's throw racism out the door, why dont you give us a couple of motives outside of a "sentiment towards race" which could explain why Zimmerman could have thought Travyon could "be the people that kept breaking into the homes in the neighborhood and not getting caught"?

Now within your statement I definitely acknowledge an attempt not to pull the race card and that fine, however in your self restraint do you think that just want to throw the race card out of the deck so that we can call the incident anything and everything but what it possibility MAY JUST BE? I understand we should not be quick to judge, however do you have to pretend that certain possibilities don't still exist and it would be ridiculous to even conceive their possibilities.

So for who's benefit is that really for?
What a great example of how such a little thing as clothing can automatically label someone as a lower class regardless of anything else... Shame on the senate for not let him finishing his relevent point before enforcing/reminding the rules.
+T. Osinubi Dude, I'm so following you now! There is definitely a lot I could learn from you. :)

I wasn't aware of Rep. Rush at all. This gentleman is what, 65 years old? What a shame that the greatest generation must still bear the burdens of our past...

Yes, the rules of the house are what they are.
Yes, Rep. Rush knew exactly what he was doing.
Yes, he knows this will hurt him with "conservative" voters in 2012.
Yes, he hoped this would get media attention.

No, he should not have done this, because he should not have to!
Not at this point in the recorded history of our species.
Not after over 200 years of shared history and culture in the melting pot of the world - The first, and only nation in the history of our planet to be based on an ideal.
No, this gentleman who has served his country long past any obligation he may feel as an American just trying to due their part, should not have to put himself through this stress, not at his age.

Rep. Rush has given enough already. Perhaps, there is hope yet, that the next generation can overcome the ism's of the previous generation.
+Karen Burnat how would you feel if your very sweet white nephew was shot in the chest and killed, and you heard someone say, "how someone presents themselves matters in how others treat you"? How would you feel if a girl you cared about was raped while wearing a short skirt and someone said "how someone presents themselves matters in how others treat you"?
+Naveed Massjouni and +Antti Brax I think that you are both missing my point. I am not saying it is right. But you are both wrong if you think people don't judge others by how they dress. People do. Whether it's bikers in leather, girls in very short skirts, someone in very conservative religious wear, etc. People should be able to dress as they choose, but kids also need to be aware that society does judge others by how they present themselves. I'm not even saying I do. But much of society does and if you don't think that then you are both naive. We always tell my nephew that he better stay on the straight and narrow because he likes to put out an image that probably attracts attention for the wrong reasons. I would be devastated if anything happened to my nephew or any other child. No matter what they were wearing. This situation is not OK and it extremely upsetting. Trayvon Martin is a perfect example of my point. He was unfairly targeted, in part, because of what he was wearing. It's NOT right. It's not right to rape, period. It's not right to kill, period. But a kid is dead and it's very sad.
yes we do judge people too much on what they wear or what they look like.the man that shot Trayvon should be in jail and why did this man have a gun in the first place ? we live in the good old usa we should be able to walk to the store and come home without any probs' come on people someone is dead .
+Robin Jones The fact that he had a gun is the main problem. We do not live in the wild west anymore and I'm pretty sure he wasn't out hunting deer. The fact that most anyone can get a gun at the local Walmart is pretty scary
This is really happening, this is the truth and its ugly, the point is racism is broader than just two races and ages. Look people this is bigger than the death of young Trayvon Martin RIP. This about the ETHICS of our hole government system, its 2012 and kids of all color in our country now is seeing and joing in on this, sad.
I just don't like how he involved the bible. That same book says it's ok to have slaves you know. :/ Other than that, good move!
The Bible is our history, present and future LOL. The Bible is God speaking to's invaluable. Won't you open yours ?
Blacks are their own worst enemy. Black males are 80% of all murder victims. 90% of all black males murdered were murdered males.

Where's all the outrage by these numbers? Where's the NAACP when a black kid is gunned down because another black kid shot him for his shoes. Could it be the gangsta rap that they proudly listen to 24 hours a day? Could it be that black fathers tend to bolt on their kids? Could it be that blacks don't have respect for themselves consider they call one another the "N word"..Could it be that when a black don't act like a typical black and he makes something of himself he's labeled an uncle tom?

Black people have been pointing the finger at the white man for over a hundred years now! I don't hate you!

When will you come together as a people and raise yourselves out of the gutter. You have no one anymore to blame but yourselves...Sad but true...
BTW...We all have President Obama to thank for all of this division.
I always thought murderers were murder victims' worst enemies.
Wait, I have an idea! All of you people who support Zimmerman- wear a button that says "I support Zimmerman!" and wear it in public. You won't. You only say this garbage because you're on the internet, or with your close racist friends. Notice a difference between sides? We are willing to show our support in public, while you realize that your archaic viewpoints aren't accepted by rational people.
@Matt Rodgers

You are the racist in this thread. Please someone show me where this white on black crime is happening on a consistent basis..It don't! Black on white & Black on much so that the media hardly even reports it anymore..
+Steve Sauls Come on, Stevie Boy, you already already have a couple of groups that fill that bill, here's a couple the KKK, Skinheads-NeoNazis, GOP, and the Tea Party. These groups work to hard to champion the hardship plight of the white people...and everybody else too ;)

Joking at the last two (GOP & Tea Party), I consider myself a conservative however I couldnt resist after you made the NAAWP comment.
to those who say things about him wearing a hoodie and so on, there should hardly be any men or boys left in America if wearing a hoodie and baggy pants is a reason to be shot
Ok, Trey. I'm racist. Whatever, man. That doesn't even make sense, however, nothing you've said has so.... if you honestly believe that white on black crime doesn't happen, you're insane.
I'll just be over here, waiting for your reasons why these killings were justified too.
Yeah, T. Lighten up, man. It's not like someone die...oh yeah.
Also, where'd you go Trey? Nothing to say now that you've found out "it do" happen? It's Shocking that when presented with evidence, you've got nothing to say. Well, not really. Most people like you stop talking when they get proven wrong by someone and can't spin it with lies anymore.
+Michael Maloney That's beautiful Mikey, really heart wrenching, dig deep for that one did you now? So there's evolve and in my opinion wanting to believe you have evolved when in reality, you are still the same person that you always were, you are just in more denial or better at hiding what you believe you "evolved" past. Its up there with vanity, self righteous and good ol reliable denial. Now you say that "2012 isn't far enough in the future to be done with the "entitlements" you believe some individuals need" I never said that in any of my previous statements that I believe that entitlements need to be given to certain individuals, I believe that why accept something really want to give you anyway?! Never accept something thats not from the heart...

Also the so called entitlements that are provide are a fools three card monty game, they don't truly help change the situation of some but they sure allow people like you Mike Maloney believe that its too much to ask for to take a second from your self proclaimed utopia (which you're doing awesome at arriving at) and try to explore all reasons (including racism...I know such a bad word) of why this 17 kid who lost his life and not try to dismiss certain possibilities cause you HOPE people are evolved enough that they are past their previous shortcomings. So rather than trying dismiss the situations which arise that actually the proof of whether or not we have actually EVOLVED, next time try to addressing the issues head rather than avoiding them so maybe you wont miss the opportunity to get practice at EVOLVING. Maybe just maybe then the utopia that you want so bad will be a lot closer than just "pretending" that it is closer cause you actually DID something to build it.
+Trey Manus Ahhh Mr Manus, well said! Another reason why conservatives should just consider being independents, and why I cant get down with the Republican Party. Yup you sure dont hate Black People (rolling my eyes) but its obvious you sure dont care for them either...cause if everything that you said is all that makes up black people as a race, if its all you have see them as or seen them for then you never saw them at "all" in the first place.

The great thing about it all is that it doesn't matter what you think, cause I know that within the little that you have said obviously you dont know sh*t about black people cause you never cared to know more.
Sorry Matt, I actually have to work for a living to feed my own family...You know, I have a JOB and can't just sit on the computer all day inciting hate. I don't support Zimmerman. I support only the facts and truth. If Zimmerman truly did wrong he should be punished for doing so. I haven't picked sides as you (Black folk) have based on skin color alone. If Zimmerman was black and the kid was white would you be out raged?? No didn't think so...

T. Osinubi--So tell me...Where are the role models for young black men? Where are the black men that are saying pull your fucking pants up, quit listening to that negative rap music, go to school and get an education and make something of yourself!!! Who is the average young black man looking up to? Come on man tell me!! Are they looking up to a business man, MKL, or a bad influence? I'm not a racists but I do have issues with the mind-set of alot of black people. I could care less about the color of your skin. If you respect me as a person, I will show you the same. The point I'm trying to get to is that black people put themselves in these types of situations by having a follower type of mentality that if I'm different and don't like rap, dress nice, and like different things than the majority of other blacks then I'm made fun of and labeled uncle tom.

rosie hecker von danzig--Are you illiterate!? Wow If can't even follow what the hell you trying to say...but I can smell ignorance!

All of you know what I'm saying is true it's just alot of people are too politically correct to say it. The truth hurts but it will set you free. I hope that the real truth comes and justice is served and hopefully no one else gets hurt.
Oh Matt as for your links..I didn't have time to look at all four of these incidents..Forget white on black crime. Let's seriously take a look at black on black crime. Does this not bother you to your core? Where's Al sharpton on this?

The democratic party has held the blacks down for far to long and I can't believe that blacks continue to support them. We know why they do though..Food stamps, welfare, medicaid, tax credits for not working and they'll give you unemoployment for 3 yrs. But hey just vote for us and we'll provide all of your needs.

Another question. Do black people still think that the NAACP is really needed? Does Jessie & Al think blacks are a bunch of retards that can't think for themselves or take up for themselves?
Trey, I never claimed black on black crime didn't happen. You claimed that white on black crime didn't. Your argument, logic, and quite honestly, everything you've said is faulty. As to jobs, I didn't know that I had been fired from mine. Oh well. Forget white on black crime? Why, because it happens? You didn't check the links because you don't want to admit you're wrong. Simple as that. Jesus, at least have the balls to admit you're racist, your statements show that quite clearly. Everything you've said is so stereotypical of racist bigots, you're a cliche.

And your statements to the contrary just prove that.
You obviously know nothing about the history of this country if you honestly think the Democrats are keeping black people down. Whatever, sir. Sorry you can't accept reality, but really, try reading a book that wasn't recommended by the New Republic forum, or the Aryan brotherhood list-serv. I bet reading is one of those liberal plots to destroy America. I love that you say things like, "black people are on welfare, get all these tax credits not working." and then have the audacity to claim that's not racist. Do you even know anyone who isn't white?
Where in the hell do you live? Inside a Norman Rockwell painting? Honestly, that is about the only excuse for being as ignorant as you are.
p.s. Why do all conservative republicans assume that people who don't agree with their lies don't have jobs? That's really strange, and it's a constant thing.
Trey, if you haven't caught on yet; the more you respond, the more I can prove you wrong. It's hilarious to me that you think that your Glenn Beck soundbites mean anything to anybody else. It's pretty obvious that I'm more knowledgeable about America then you'll ever be, but keep it up. You can't hide stupidity sir, no matter how hard you try.
That NAAWP line....Wow. I can't shake that one.
+Steve Sauls I just happened to look at your Google+ page. The fact that you consider "jesus your lord and savior" doesn't surprise me at all. It always seems to be the religious who are the most intolerant.

And before you try to use the Old Testament as a basis for your intolerance, keep in mind that's not the book the christian religion uses. That would be the Jewish faith.
+Trey Manus Now I understand that we not should just jump to conclusions about things and not pick sides regarding the Zimmerman-Martin case, but with everything that you have relayed do you really want me to believe that you haven’t picked actually side or you don’t have a pre-existing sentiment based on you preexisting beliefs and convictions? That there is no possibility that this unfortunately act may racial or prejudicial sentiment? I think you do, and that’s why fine if you do, everyone does and its fine that we may not agree because that’s life not everyone agrees with everyone to certain extent that probably how its supposed to be so that we have to work thru some things in the mist of varying opinions.

However it sounds like you want us Black folk as you call us, not to apply own sentiments based on our own beliefs, convictions, and experiences and make our opinion of this case and while you with your sentiments of “pull your fucking pants up, quit listening to that negative rap music, go to school and get an education and make something of yourself “ can credibly thought as “unbiased” cause you’re just a great guy?! I would be quite hard pressed to think you are so objective that even in the an event of lack of evidence no credible reason of Zimmerman to focus on Martin other than type or clothes or skin tone, how could you believe that the punishment is warranted when what you have a fairly negative mindset of others? Maybe Zimmerman had similar thoughts or sentiments that were running thru his head fateful day when he saw Martin? Maybe that’s all he saw too, “pull your fucking pants up, quit listening to that negative rap music, go to school and get an education and make something of yourself”?
+Trey Manus Let me give you a lil truth about your “If Zimmerman was black and the kid was white would you be out raged” statement, cause it would take too long to get into it all the other stuff you cause I have a JOB too…

It doesn’t and shouldn’t whether Zimmerman was black, white, hispanic, asian, pokadot if this whole Zimmerman-Martin situation came about cause he took focused on Martin cause of any skin color or the way he dressed then I have a problem with it, doesn’t matter whether Zimmerman was black cop, to Martin as a black kid, or Zimmerman as every race under the sun, and Martin as a white kid, nor does it matter to me how many food stamps the Martins may or may not have accepted, nor whether if Martin was blasting hip hop music with his sagging pants while he was angrily walking to thru the gated community because he was the one black kid who actually had a father in his life so that killed his chances of joining his favorite gangsta rapper’s fan club. Doesn’t matter to me more or less if he was a white kid.

All of that is irrelevant, cause bottom line if there was nothing else can be see or taken to heart, flaws included or excluded we’re talking about a KID.
+Trey Manus Just as you would hope that someone would read your statement and hope that there was more to you than some of your statements (some I do find ignorant), I hope that you would actually look deeper beyond your preconceived notions of the undesired aspects of other people and see that people tend to be MORE than what they may appear to be. A person should not have to FIT your desired impression your personal opinion of what or who they should be for you to RELATE or UNDERSTAND their situation, (notice I didn’t say AGREE). Only someone that truly is devoid of the concept of being a human being, and only cares about their little bubble of a life would have that attitude to others.

So tell me Trey what kind of someone are you?
+Matt Rodgers Matt, rather than seem biased I wanted to touch on the whole comment regarding Democats, there are some truths that democrats arent really helping the plight of people of color overall, though I commend them for at pretending either pretending to do so or doing it from standpoint of naivety. Yes, I believe that a good number of them try to buy the votes of minorities at times by tell them what they want to to hear with scare tactics but what I see is that unfortunately when you add librel outlook with minorities they kinda give a false outlook on life and then people start to develop a live for today attitude, something that would be nice but unfortunately being a minority in this country we cannot afford until we are able to solve some of our own problems.

However Republicans don't seem to give a damn about minorities as much as they will deny and as much I consider myself a conservative on a lot of issues, I do see that that their agendas do not really benefit the people as a whole, and they tend to solicit the predominately white base vote with their own scare tactics and tend to tell their members that its the poor & minorities stealing food out their children mouths and ruining this country.

Bottom line they are all politicians so be wary regardless of the party of whatever they try to sell or tell you.
the House is hilarious. clause 5 of rule 17. hilarious!!!
+T. Osinubi < I believe that racism is still evident today within every race. Whether race is an issue with this case I don't know, in fact I believe only one person knows, & that is George Zimmerman. I just disagree strongly with how the media portrays events & crimes. To me, it doesnt matter what race the victim is or what race the suspect is.....I just wish that all involved get their due respect. To address the question you brought up about why Zimmerman would think that this kid could be involved with the burglaries....the fact that he was in a gated community he didnt live in and it was dark out would be enough to make me suspicious. If someone was walking through my neighborhood at night, wearing a hoodie(heck wearing anything), & I knew he didnt live around there Im pretty sure Id go inside & make sure my doors were locked. Im just tired of people jumping to conclusions and using race as the reason for every little thing. I think it takes credibility out of an issue when race really is the cause....kinda like the little boy who cried wolf. I just havent heard or seen anything that makes me say, "Yep hes racist." I just hope this can be quickly resolved so that the healing process for all involved may begin.
Let him Talk he is sayin nothing but the truth
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