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If Washington, D.C. were a nation in Africa, it would rank 23rd out of 54 countries in percentage of people with HIV.

What is D.C. learning from Africa in the fight against AIDS?

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We don't need to learn from others,,we have our people over here....that need lot of help..when we do that ,then we're on the right side of helping one another.Let's help America first.
Mr..Benjamin .it's my opinion ..not a joke...i see ,u don't care..
Ms. Velez, the point of this post is not to garner US aid for the fight against AIDS in Africa, it is to point out that there are other nations handling the crisis better than our nation's Capitol, and as much pride as we have, we still need to know when to admit others are doing something better than we are and learn from their example.
Thanks...Mr.Cory, i do understand ,but over here we have to fight more strongly for a better living .Helping our family that have Aids.Thanks .
Proves nothing is filthier than politicians.
Do these stats show us who is better at treating AIDs, or who is better at spreading it around?
man, DC has no idea on HIV/AIDS and Africa. Those guys need to take closer look at the action on ground, it's messier than research shows. To see this reach out to AFENET, they have this amazing board game called the MUTANT. It's super, it gives you the reality on ground, from places that most research firms haven't even been. You guys need to check it out.
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