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Protesting Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy's opposition to same-sex unions, gay rights activists planned a nationwide Same Sex Kiss Day Friday. Here are some early encounters of the kiss-in from the Web.

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WoW! I had never heard of a Chick-Fil-A before this issue. Now this image will invariably be burned into my head when I actually do see one.
What about covering the Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day? Doesn't THAT count as news?
just another way for chick-a-flik to make money
I can't say I approve of the graffiti. The photo ops are fine, but destruction of property is going a bit far.
Greg B
Equality for Barbies... That's what we want..
The LGBTQBI community should have equal rights as others...just not special rights.
I am confused by the entire equal rights question. Where is the equality when a man has to surrender his belief to please the other side. This is not in any way sarcastic, I am sincerely confused. The CEO has no right to believe in his biblical principles? Yet the LGBT has every right to believe in their own principles? 
The CEO has every right to believe what he wants. Beliefs are not the issue here. The problem is that his corporate moneys are going to fund organizations that actively work to block or remove the rights of others to live their own lives.

Why do conservatives have the right to tell other people how to live? A private relationship is private business, how about we all just stay the hell out of it? Why do conservatives want to keep government out of businesses, but want to install government all up in peoples' bedrooms? Maybe gay people should just start a business together, then conservatives would insist that government stay out of it, amirght?
God made Adam AND Steve, and Adam and Steve love each other, and their love is just as valid as anyone elses. God don't make no junk.
+Kassie Wolford I read The New Testament, where Jesus said "Love one another as I have loved you," or where he said "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone," and countless other instances of Jesus telling people not to be shitty to each other. That's the part I believe in. I don't care about when I should avoid mixing fibers, or what seafood to avoid eating.
Please show me in the New Testament where Jesus instructs his desciples to hate gay people. I prefer to live my life based on the teaches of Jesus Christ, not the faulty interpretation of the men that came before or after. If Jesus hated gay people, then clearly he would have 1.) Not made gay people and 2.) Told us how to properly hate gay people in his teachings. Since neither is true, then I prefer to follow every other teaching of Jesus and "love one another as (He) has loved." - Tell me how that is wrong.
+Kassie Wolford please read a book before you jump into serious conversations. I know what it feels like to be discriminated against for being younger. But I can hold my own in a conversation. Educate yourself and then educate others.
Gay people are chosing LOVE. What a silly thing to say that LOVE is wrong! For all the killing that is done in God's Name, could we at least accept the little bit of LOVE that people are capable of, even if it comes in strange forms?
Then I insist you show me where God's words spell out why I am wrong. I'm willing to listen.
+Kassie Wolford Im 18 and I still get knocked for being a freshman in college. How about you just go out and read more about the subject. We have all heard these tired arguments that you are bringing to the table. 
Leviticus is a book of laws created and for a tribe of people who lived very differently than we do in this modern age. They believed women were property, and any line that references "do not lie with a man the way one lies with a woman" can be interpreted to "do not treat another man like a bitch" in today's language.  Those laws may have worked well for an ancient society that had no regard for womens rights, but they really should not be applied to our society today. The teachings of Jesus are much more applicable, but unfortunately, most Christians do not live very "Christlike," and are all too willing to cast stones, even when they are with sin. 
Goodnight Kassie. I am glad you have a good life and lots of good people in it. It is my hope that nobody ever tries to tell you who you can love, or how you should lead your own life. I encourage you to reflect on the teachings of Jesus, and to learn to love and respect all people regardless of who they are, or who they choose to love.
+Kassie Wolford Ohhhhh noooo not the Sodom and Gomorrah argument. You have opened yourself up to people saying your god is not a loving god because he decimated two entire cities...
+Kassie Wolford You are using God's love as an instrument of torment. 
+Jeremy Tregler Is the definition of hate: When someone's belief is different than yours? Your biblical reference are ironic, in the sense that you labeled me a conservative simply base on a question of equality. You cast a stone even though I clearly indicated that my stance was that both sides have a right to their beliefs. It is disturbing to me that the focus is always on Christians vs LGBT. Yet when I see hideous crimes against members of the LGBT community the perpetrators are far from Christian.   
+Kassie Wolford actually God did make Adam and Steve and everyone else in his image. To say he didn't is to deny God. He make everything and asked us to care for and love our fellow man. He didn't say to discriminate or to hate or to deny them...he said to love them. If you don't agree with them fine, they aren't trying to recruit you but why do they have to be treated like anything other than what they are..people created by God to be who they are?
+Karin Hall You're right, those crimes are far from Christian. I'm sorry if it looked like my earlier comment was aimed at you, or labeling you a conservative - that would have been rude! The first part was a response, the second part was a rant: the "you" was not YOU, but meant to be more general. Sorry for the confusion. I edited my original post for clarification.
+Kassie Wolford God created people to be who they are. How would that be considered "worldly" to be who you are? He created you to be who you are and he created gay people to be who they are. Is either type of person "wrong"? I don't think so. I think God created people to be different and we are supposed to learn to understand and tolerate that difference. Maybe even love others in spite of that difference. What do you think about that?
He's legally entitled to his opinion. Ever hear of freedom of speech???
The opinion, while draconian, is not the issue. The issue has to do with the use of corporate profits to fund anti-equality causes. Though thanks to Citizen United, and money now equaling speech, and corporations now being people, than I guess the person that is Mr. Chick-Fil-A Inc. can use his money-speech however he/it wants.
+Joyce LY You are right. He has a constitutional right to say what he likes. He even has a constitutional right to spend his own money on any cause he chooses. He used corporate money to fund anti-gay groups. That is what people are complaining about (well that and the fact he hates gays being able to get married which has nothing to do with him) but mostly the corporate donations he made.
Boring. Stale. Over Chick Fil A. "Mute this post"
Chick-Fil-A can do whatever they want. But they'll have to live with the consequences. It is the nice thing about a free country.
Awww, that's cute +Rose Rose . Just like all religious people, you don't think you have to defend your position.
There are two issues in play here.   First, the 1st Amendment rights of everyone on both sides to speak their minds and spend their money as they see fit.  Public debate and protest of contentious. political and religious issues is the very thing the 1st Amendment was written to protect. 

The Second, and more important in my mind, is the action of Govt with respect to this issues.  When an elected official, using the power of the Government to deny a company or a person whose ONLY offense is offensive speech or support thereof the legal exercise of their business within that Official's jurisdiction, then you get into the realm of 1st Amendment violation. 

People are cheering because a politician told a company he would deny them their permits and licenses in his town because he doesn't like what they say or support.   If he'd told a LGBT book store the same thing, do you think the same people would be cheering? 

Do I support Chick-Fil-A?  No.  Beyond my dislike for their products in general, I have not engaged in commerce with them for years.  I dislike their owner's politics and what he does with the profits from that commerce.    That is my right.  When appropriate, I engage in dialogues with others about my decision.  That is also my Right.  However I have never supported anyone attempting to take away the Cathy's rights to support their causes.  That is their right. 

A larger discussion about the organizations the Cathys support and the actions of those organizations on the local, national and global scale needs to happen.   What's going on with Chick-Fil-A is a distraction and smoke-screen to the much larger issues of discrimination, criminalization and legislation of a biological function and personal life choice.
I vote with my wallet. It's what speaks the loudest and is heard by both corporations and governments. Don't spend your money at places you don't like...for whatever reason and let them know why you don't spend there.
+Rose Rose and +Kassie Wolford You two are, apparently, unfamiliar with the work of Aquinas. As one of the most brilliant minds in church history, he blatantly says in his Summa Theologica that God created all things in nature, and all those things which are natural are pleasing to him. Augustine, who predates Aquinas, said that our interpretation of scripture is meant to change in the face of scientific progress, science being a gift from God himself. Science has proven that homosexuality is genetic. Genetics is a part of nature. Ergo, homosexuality is natural. All things natural are pleasing to God. Therefore, homosexuality is pleasing to God.
Somehow the picture looks faked or Photoshopped.
A world basking in Sin and we are so proud :) yeah
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