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Everything you need to know about high-deductible health plans.

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These plans are the beginning of the end for employer sponsored health care. Which is a good thing. There is too much un-quantifiable risk in the employer sponsored model.
We will see. In Europe (my native Belgium, most other European countries), and in Canada too, it's affordable, it's free or low-cost, no questions asked if you don't have your papers, the insurance pays for everything. I'm glad I still have my Medicaid, when I make enough $, I will get off Medicaid, I never had SSI.
Betsy M
people need to know about charges and quality outcomes to make good care choices its the wild west where providers charges are hidden and only when you get a bill will you know what care costs.
+Betsy M You're correct. Our current system encourages unethical behavior on the part of doctors and service providers because patients are forced to agree in writing, before treatment begins, to pay whatever the doctor decides to put on the bill. There is no recourse for the consumer who receives poor service or is charged exorbitant fees for rudimentary services.
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