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"I am a Muslim and a woman...It's my duty and my passion to show another facet of Arab women, the real Arab women to the Western world and the world in general. We are very strong, we're human beings and we have our own personality on our own. We want to be seen like that. We don't want this projection of the Western world or Islamic culture on us from both sides. We just want to be seen as human beings."

- Lalla Essaydi, who photographs women in fabric and henna to challenge Muslim and gender stereotypes

More on her work:
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Blind leading the blind. Wouldn't it be a feat if she could also encourage Muslim women to go around half naked. [sarcasm]
I like the illusion and camouflage like a chameleon. Everywhere in the world there are men view women as property or possessions.
Human rights is about living it and regaining that freedom if it has been snatched away.
It is not about showing how you are living with that freedom (if really so) to the Western World or any world, for that matter.
She does not want to have other views pushed on Her but feels she can speak for all Muslim Women, interesting.
Yes, she probably doesn't speak for all Muslim women
+Michael Durwin As if Fashion Weeks and all that stuff we "civilized westerners" fill our TVs and magazines of really isn't just objectualization...
Don't even get me started on porn
I am a Muslim and I can tell you that there are many Muslim women she does not represent, not to mention that Morocco is the least conservative part of the Muslim world along with a couple of other countries.
kadın kendini özgür kılmalı erkekten bunu beklememeli çünkü erkek ona özgürlüğü hiç bir zaman vermeyecektir.
I thought they were not suppose to show people in art?
its great to see you devoid of the western stereotype
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