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Think before you type.... wonderful idea.... irrigate with salt water. Should have paid attention in school.
@ Colin Wallis, If water can be purified from the sewer systems, I am certain sea water could be purified for drinking/ irrigation. Think before you bash.
These farmers don't have money to buy the water that is for sale for their crops - what makes you think they can pay for desalinated ocean water to be pumped to them? These towns are not located on the coast where water is plentiful. These towns are so far away it would disrupt neighborhood/cities/roads/millions of existing structures to put in pipeline. There is so much more to think about than the TYPE of water getting to these farmers. Without the a crop to sell last season, they don't have money to buy seeds to plant this season. Without water for a crop this year, they cannot get financing from the banks for a crop because the banks won't give them money - all a farmer has is his farm (which is dirt without water) Are you guys seeing a pattern here. This is a big deal. This breaks my heart for these farmers who have done this all their lives and know of no other way to provide for their families. Sure they could sell the family farm and move, but who is going to buy land that gets no rain.
No, I'm not a farmer/rancher but yes I'm from Texas.
Follow your own advice -- research before you reply. Desalination of water is much more expensive than municipal sewage treatment. Getting fresh water to farmland in Texas and California isn't cheap.

You misunderstand the purpose of most sewage treatment. Sewage treatment is usually designed to avoid poisoning the environment with our waste -- NOT to make waste water potable again. Most water processed as treated sewage eventually flows to the ocean (streams and rivers), where mother nature makes it potable again (rain and lakes).

Fresh water isn't a simple matter. Sure, a salt-water distiller may seem simple, but when you figure the amount of water necessary to irrigate farmland you quickly realize that it's much cheaper to let mother nature do the work for you with that enormous salt-water distiller known at the sky (rain) and fresh-water storage vessels known as lakes and dams.
I never stated what the costs would be to get the water to them, just stating it could be done. As for the farmers not having the money to pay for the pipeline, I am sure there is enough wasted tax dollars going to useless expenditures like a memorial in a sewer (that happened) that could be used in better situations like ensuring the production of crops and other renewable assets to the world.
I am the one who mentioned costs. I completely agree this country would have enough money to fund such a thing but it is a matter of getting enough people that know this to come together and make the government stop throwing the money at stupid programs/projects/departments. I am honestly ashamed of the things the government decides to spend money on.
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