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In his first U.S. television interview since the latest news broke of the government's surveillance program, #Google's chief legal officer David Drummond told #PBS #NewsHour senior correspondent Jeffrey Brown on Tuesday that the company has given the U.S. #government information on only a "tiny fraction" of its hundreds of millions of users.

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They obviously did give the government access into their database to spy on everybody. I am not listening to that controlled media type bull shit.
+john splater No we are not. These corporations wait till they are caught red-handed then decide to talk about transparency.
This guy was on England's Channel 4 news yattering this same corporo-babble. It's like listening to one of the adults in a Charlie Brown cartoon.
Assuming only a small fraction, like 1%, of Google's roughly 1 billion users, had their records turned over to the NSA means over 10 million people may have had their records snooped. 10% is still a relatively small fraction, and that would represent nearly 1/3 of the US population. 
The thing is, if Google were lying they must be pretty confident that the truth would not be explicitly laid out, because the resulting PR backlash would sting even harder than it is now. 
+William Tatum  - throw in Facebook's users, Twitter's users, Apple's users, Skype's users .... <>
+Rachelle Greene - I disagree with the first half of your first paragraph (taking what they're saying at face value) but agree with the latter half. I completely agree with your last two paragraphs. That people have the gall to make this an "Obama thing" is utterly appalling to me. That's just plain willful ignorance. 
Wait a second +Rachelle Greene I think you're confusing race with party affiliation. Democrats (mostly) care about violations of civil liberties when a Republican is the one doing the violating, but not so much when their guy is doing it. Republicans (mostly) care about violations of civil liberties when a Democrat is the one doing the violating, but not so much when their guy is doing it.
+Rachelle Greene Who brought up Obama? I surely didn't, I bitched and protested about this under Bush just like I am bitching and protesting about it now. 

How about you stop with the Hero worship. So what if some racists only hate this program because its being implemented by Obama. 

The fact of the matters remains that this program(under Bush and Obama), and its siblings, represent a gross violation of the fourth and fifth amendments, will chill speech, potentially prevent future whistleblowers, and most importantly #PRISM is a major security risk.

No database is 100% secure, having a database with data spanning that many people makes for a very tempting target for cybercriminals and adversarial states. 

I don't believe that Google is lying to us, but their version of reality is not mutually exclusive to a world where the NSA has direct access. It is comlpetely possible that management was never made fully aware, think plausible deniability and a simple calculus that Sergey might whistleblow themselves. 

Google, FB, are huge companies with hundreds to thousands of employees, many of whom could have been sent NSLs requiring them to instal malware or even hardware and not inform anyone of it. 

There is also the real possibility that ISPs have been sent NSLs demanding the raw data going over their lines, meaning they could have de facto direct access by virtue of being able to listen in because they have access to the "pipes". 

Either of those could be true and the Google statements could be true. Until we bring transparency to these programs we can never know just how much has been recorded for future use. 
Please stop with the party politics.. two sides, same coin.. and we need change.
+William Tatum  - some very good points and information. I don't think she's saying everybody is bringing up Obama but if you look  around at a lot of the posts, his name is the face of the affair. You are, as far as I've been tracking this, in a minority of seeing the longer picture. It seems a lot of people, because this story broke under Obama's watch, equate it with his actions. This displays a complete ignorance of how the machinations of government agencies operate. 

North Americans (by which I mean Americans and Canadians) are pathetically passive. We should be taking the lead of the brave demonstrators in Istanbul and taking to the streets by the millions. 
+Rachelle Greene so basically you're saying that any criticism of the Obama administration is motivated by racism?
LOL +Rachelle Greene that's fine, enjoy! You said that people are OK with any amount of lunacy so long as "the guy in The Oval is not Black, and is a rethuglican." I suggested this has nothing to do with race and everything to do with partisan politics. If you look at the polls that have been released recently by Pew and the NYT and possibly others, these clearly demonstrate that when dubya was in office, Republicans were OK with the surveillance apparatus but Democrats were outraged. Change the party occupying the White House, and now all of a sudden the Democrats and Republicans have reversed course, so that Democrats are overwhelmingly OK with the surveillance apparatus and Republicans are not. Both parties love authoritarianism when they are the ones wielding power and hate it when they are not. That some people may be racist doesn't deny the basic premise that I'm just echoing from these various polls. 

And stop presenting false choices...I'm BOTH a troll AND a moron!
+Rachelle Greene  - I feel your pain. You should become a refugee in Canada. ;) You'd find the politics here much closer to your liking. Even our extreme right wing is still far left of the GOP gangs. 
+Rachelle Greene So what assumptions did I make, aside from you voting for Obama? I never called you any names, nor did I say you were a Democrat.

According to the FISA courts own reporting to congress over 15,000 NSL's were issued last year. It is completely reasonable to suppose that some of those letters were sent to important sys admins.

What aspertions am I casting that aren't warranted by the leaks from the NSA?
+Rachelle Greene - boy, you are a sore thumb in Texas. ;) 

I'm from Vancouver. It's the most expensive city in which to live in N. America. Take Ottawa. ;)

Don't get me started on Canadian immigration policy. It's nuts. We feel free to let a "brain drain" flow south but we make it impossible for Americans to move north. I'm not opposed to the rich fabric of cultures we have from all over the world, but it is weighted far too much to Asian and southeast Asian countries. The investor immigrant program is not a bad one but the bar is not only set too high but the criteria is far too simple. There should be more accounting for people of your education and abilities. 
+Rachelle Greene - I hear ya. I have another online friend who lives in some little Buttf**k, Texas town. Total weird hair, weird dressing tattooed liberal in a redneck town. She hates it too. She's used to living in NYC and Mexico. Her only saving grace is that she speaks fluent Spanish and gets along well with the Latino community. She had to return there though to take care of her mom . 

Hhhhmmm, I'm single and looking. Maybe I should offer myself as a source of a CDN passport. I'll have to rent Green card and see how it works. ;)
+Rachelle Greene Todd was right, you openly accused people of being angry with the Obama administration due to racism.

Block people all you like, but it's your own cognitive dissonance that's to blame. 
In Texas, they whip progressives like yard ducks....we have no hope. There are 3 democrats left here and they are all hiding in a geodesic dome in Austin. In Texas you mow your yard and find a Republican. There are more dumbass redneck Republicans here than hogs and fireants.
Texas is also home to the most racially diverse and accepting city in the country according to an NPR report this morning (Houston).

But yeah, I can see how ad hominem might be your only argument, as your "data" on Democrats is quite wrong.

The governor before Perry was a multi-term Democrat. The mayor of Houston and the previous mayor of Houston, Democrats. Mayor of Dallas, Democrat. Mayor of San Antonio, Democrat.

So if you two don't mind, please stop spewing less than factual information and ad hominem and maybe get back on topic. 
they are fine with any amount of lunacy, so long as the guy in The Oval is not Black

+Rachelle Greene your words, no?

And you're correct. Ann Richards was two governors before Perry.

I notice you ignored the rest of my comment though. I'm not surprised. 
Hmm, she blocked me too. Maybe one day cognitive dissonance can be treated. 
Now Jeffrey, all I ask is you read the news in Texas the last 4 years. Its been rough here since the GOP took over. From stripping $5 billion from my childs schools to rampant and open gun sales, unregulated builders screwing consumers and illegals, to medicaid dental scams, to abolishing planned parenthood for poor women, to the governor's goofy presidential run. There are some real tea party crazies running this state now and this state is a mess because if it.
+Mitch Stokely cuts were needed, and anywhere they were made, someone was going to be unhappy. The state was running up debt, and thankfully now has a small surplus.

How exactly does the state screw illegals? And why can't you people stay on topic? 
+Rachelle Greene
It never fails to be George's fault. You statement was worth reading right up till then. Speaking for myself, I was very much opposed to "The patriot act" as where most of the people I spoke to at the time. I did not vote for Obama...... or Romney ..... or McCain and yes I vote. That being said I saw some hope in Mr Obama because of his proposed liberal views. I presumed he would loosen the grip on our personal liberties. Sadly that has not been the case. It is sad indeed that his regime has been so successful because they count success as their ability to CONTROL the population. Turn on your TV, your instructions on what to say, what to do and most importantly what to think about it all.... are forthcoming.
+Jeffrey Hamby
Cuts are needed in every state but if we dont stop cutting education we will end up with a bunch of dumb asses who don't know enough to care that the government is stripping them of their liberties and stealing their labor...... OOPS! Too Late!
+nunya bznss that's the rhetoric, but the numbers say otherwise.

Education spending had increased way beyond the cpi since the advent of the federal Department of Education in the late 70s with no measurable gain in the education provided.

There is no correlation between spending (abs massive increases in spending) and quality of education. 
Rich Republicans in Texas cut public education telling us money doesn't buy a better education, then turn around and send their kids to the richest, most exclusive private schools money can buy! Its called hypocrisy!
Reread my last statement... I dont think you caught the meaning. If you say you believe that money doesnt matter in education then surely white conservatives would all be ok sending their kids to poor inner city schools in Texas.
+Jeffrey Hamby
I would agree with you that the federal department of education is part of the problem not the solution. I would agree that money is being spent poorly and that control of how money is spent on education needs to go back to the state / local level. I do not know what "cpi" is. I do no that in public school today (I have some fairly close ties) the focus is sports and fashion. Public school has much more to do with popularity than education. Throwing huge sums of cash at it is not the answer. Neither is starving it.
We are teaching children how to play ball how to look and act a particular way and how to pass a test. It is truly sad.
+Rachelle Greene Not so. I am more informed than most. I live next door to the Jr high. My GF of 3 years works there as an educator, we are friends with the coach (next door neighbor) Best friend up the road 1.5 miles owns a private school.  GF's best friend of 25 years is a retired educator on the school board. School functions and meetings? We are there. Discussions about public and private school? Daily with the people involved at ground level. I don't live in Texas and maybe things a different there. Who knows but you are incorrect as far as Mo and AR go. I do "know" that. The quality of "public education" has went down hill since the onset of federal government control and it continues to do so. 
I disagreed so I am guessing I am blocked now...... to funny.
Lol +nunya bznss cognitive dissonance again. She can't stand to see an argument that doesn't totally agree with her. 
+Rachelle Greene  Miss you are factually incorrect... but pretty good at copy and paste
. I think Im gonna block you
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