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In case you missed it, you can stream the American Masters documentary about Johnny Carson.

Did you see it? Let those who didn't know what you thought.
Carson was seen by more people on more occasions than anyone else in American history.
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I didn't see it, thanks for sharing. RIP Johnny Carson.
I saw it last night. It was really great to see! It was interesting to learn about the man and to watch all the wonderful moments of his show. I use to stay up at night as a kid with my Mom and watch the Tonight Show-great memories for me!
it was great. my husband is from the uk and not as familiar with johnny carson as we are in the states. the special helped him to understand why we still talk about and miss johnny today.
Great show. Still makes me sad that he and the show are gone.
wonderful documentary; brought back many, many great memories of him and his show; will watch this again! Thanks for sharing.....
It was very, very good.Missed the first half hour.When does it play again? Nice work to the biographer.Johnny was the consummate pro
Carlos: you'll need to check your local listings for that. Each PBS station will have different repeat schedules for this show. Enjoy!
I watched most of it and enjoyed it very much.
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