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Kale is making a comeback in the culinary world. This nutrient-dense green might be the right addition to your dinner plans. Try PBS Food's kale salad with almonds recipe.
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I love kale!  Our Costco sells a bag of "Baby Kale" for a handful of dollars and we love adding it to salads.  It's got a bit of a strong taste but it's GREAT for you.
Mom's chicken noodle soup has kale in it... Wouldn't be the same without it.
Tear kale leaves onto cookie sheet, drizzle with oil and spices to taste, bake for 15-18minutes - healthy substitute for the 'crunch' of potato chips!
"Kale isn't just for hipsters"? You can do better, PBS.
Kale, garbanzos, garlic, pasta, and thou...
Eating kale and getting it caught in my throat induces the gag reflex and reminds me of that episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm where Larry gets pubic hair caught in his throat. Just sayin...Healthy? Yes. Worth the gag reflex and unfortunate similarity to pubic hair? No.
I love it when white people discover something black people have been eating for centuries and then the price of it goes up...
Hipsters? Hipsters solely eat Kale? Why does it matter what a hipster eats? Greens are greens - I prefer kale to spinach, that's for sure!
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